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How Attitude Works!

No one is week, no one is less powerful... But the victory is out come of only "Attitude"

Recently I have seen a Bollywood movie "Sankat City". In this movie their is character "Philip Fattu" he is portraying the role of a driver of a devious kingpin but he is known for his fearful behavior. Story goes like... he losses some money of his master for which he have to payback failing which his girlfraind have to suffer the painful circumsantces. He is known for his week heart and hence no one cares his burning desire to take rvenge from his mighty mater for all that pain he gives to his girlfirend. He secretly plans out a mission to kill him and for that he takes some of money lenders into his confidence who were sick of that kinghpins repeated demands of money hires a shooter who is right hand of this kingpin and finaly hammers the last nail in the kingpins coffin by leting him know that this 'Philip Fattu' bought his death to gift …

A lamp post at the end of sight

"For me life is not bitter, it is just a delicious taste of chili n spice which pours tears into my eyes."RememberThe only thing you can not get back is the second you lost to live.Read a lot about the philosopher's point of view about this bulge of loath attached with our soul for around 60 years which is otherwise "life" but I go by my own hands on experience about it i.e. "If you really have dare to live life, it have all the colors stored for you" Those who claim about not getting enough opportunities are actually dead or they consider they are dead because world is full of opportunities till you are searching for it. Yes there are too many factors affecting you in which only a few are in your control, but that certainly doesn't means the end of opportunities. No one have tasted victory without licking sequences of defeats, these defeats would have tried hard to shake them from their paths... But that is what they had never done. They have nev…

Mumbai, Attack and It's Objectives

I haven't ever been the victim of such attacks; hence I can not feel what those who underwent to such a monstrous attempt of humiliating humanity are feeling. I have no right to comment upon the bravery or the meekness of the people who lost there loved ones in this war against humanity. I may not be able to (or want to) advise anyone about what we should do to curb terrorism. I read other people advised Indian Army and politics to take action against those who were the planner and executor of this war against Mumbai. I read some one said "Kill every one in Pakistan". I have no such advice; rather I want to let every one see into the reason behind the attack.

I just want to express my observation about the root cause of this strange question “Why kill those who have nothing to do with Jihad, Religion and those who just want there family live happily?”

Centuries ago when not even the ten percent of the population was literate, less then ten percent of world had any IQ leve…