How Attitude Works!

No one is week, no one is less powerful... But the victory is out come of only "Attitude"

Recently I have seen a Bollywood movie "Sankat City". In this movie their is character "Philip Fattu" he is portraying the role of a driver of a devious kingpin but he is known for his fearful behavior. Story goes like... he losses some money of his master for which he have to payback failing which his girlfraind have to suffer the painful circumsantces. He is known for his week heart and hence no one cares his burning desire to take rvenge from his mighty mater for all that pain he gives to his girlfirend.
He secretly plans out a mission to kill him and for that he takes some of money lenders into his confidence who were sick of that kinghpins repeated demands of money hires a shooter who is right hand of this kingpin and finaly hammers the last nail in the kingpins coffin by leting him know that this 'Philip Fattu' bought his death to gift him.

Take an example from epics. In Mahabharatha Shikhandi was the reason of Pitaamahas death, not because of her might but because she had promised to the world that 'whatsoever may happen to this world I don't care but I will be the reason for the death of Pitamaahas' this 'whatsoever' is the seed of attitude...

I do rather believe that a person which do not have materialistc capabilities is mightier then those who posses all that. because a person who is far behind the line of zero and is willing to chase out a competitor who is too much ahead of it can do so because he runs with that "Extra courage" which is required to fill the gap... and once he attains equality he becomes habitual to fuse in that amount energy even for the minimum of it is also not required... Cruising ahead from your psheduo limit makes you habitual of chalanging your own capabilites and this is what is the acutal requirement to develop a wining attitide.

Think of the state at which Kapil Dev had kissed the world cup trophy, think when Neal armstrong had put his feet on moon... try to feel what they were feeling at that point of time.... What would had been going on inside thier brain, soul and heart....

Freinds! the beautiest part of the victory is... It refuses to be the slave of you wills, it makes you the master of your own wills. and if you really want to taste the vicotry you can choose the reverse attitude i.e. Master your wills in order to master your dreams.

Victory is about the state at which you are at the place you were been dreaming of to be... the thorne, the sword, the canon is all your dream... just make up your attitude to rule your dream.

Best Of luck

A lamp post at the end of sight

"For me life is not bitter, it is just a delicious taste of chili n spice which pours tears into my eyes."


The only thing you can not get back is the second you lost to live.

Read a lot about the philosopher's point of view about this bulge of loath attached with our soul for around 60 years which is otherwise "life" but I go by my own hands on experience about it i.e. "If you really have dare to live life, it have all the colors stored for you"

Those who claim about not getting enough opportunities are actually dead or they consider they are dead because world is full of opportunities till you are searching for it. Yes there are too many factors affecting you in which only a few are in your control, but that certainly doesn't means the end of opportunities. No one have tasted victory without licking sequences of defeats, these defeats would have tried hard to shake them from their paths... But that is what they had never done. They have never distracted from their way... Consistency which comes only with blind faith on what you think and do. It is the only one thing that does not come by merely dreaming big but also by executing a strong action plan of ways you could think is worth trying in order to achieve this. This feeling is too strong and too against to get shattered. Life takes the cruel examination when you are about to reach to your destination and you became reluctant in a fluke that you have done it and now no one can bar you achieve this. This is where you have to be most cautious even if your all senses are tired and can not sustain for even a second but this is the time you have to compel your senses to hold on… because this is the time you have been waiting for from quite a long time and now when it is almost in your reach your senses can not stop working, even you heart! by no means is allowed to stop beating. Just a few more seconds and then switching off all the body parts will worth doing so because by then they will have been done with their very purpose of existence and by then the whole world will salute of their being... by then happiness will no longer be a nectar soup but will just be a property owned by all those who participated in this course of successful run.

A journey of a wired way… called ‘Success’
Stage one 1.
You think of doing something, uncertain about its possibility but very certain about its end results. You plan how you will do, you mentally search for the possible and required resources, you mentally construct and action plan and think of the day when you will achieve it... the glory, the sense of possession and luxury of wining it by your own way of movements. The proud of this victory keeps your heart pumping more then usual.
Stage two 2
You share your thoughts with some one very close to you, you get his/her approval with a slight suggestions of changes required and then you share it with others... out in public… with those… you know just in journal. They criticize you to make you realize that all you thought were a Childs dream and will be a big mistake to execute. You feel sad, broken and all those low feeling which drops your shoulders down and face lull. Then you go back alone, rub off your thoughts and pile on to bed. a sense of rag take on in to your mind and all that your criticizer had said is becoming visual on the screen of your bed roof as if their word were gods forecasting. But then again your soul pumps in some counter ideas, you start countering your criticizers words..... You regain the momentum of thoughts and again you re-chant the action plan. That is where you defeat the 'week you' within you and climb up to the third stage....
Stage three 3
you have a mix feeling, excited because you know you are doing some thing new and different and scared because you know that only you are doing it and you are not known for your wisdom as much as those who are doing the things which assures security of life

You start materializing your plan of action, you start looking for the resources... you have a mix feeling, excited because you know you are doing some thing new and different and scared because you know that only you are doing it and you are not known for your wisdom as much as those who are doing the things which assures security of life. After sourcing every new bolt you rethink about what you are doing. You recall the criticism of those who are against you. This thought cycle clings your nerve and holds your pace down. then a voice rises, which may not be yours but very much looks like coming from your within and carries a charge with lets you feel that all you are doing is worthy and have sure shot rewards... that is where you land into the fourth stage..
Stage four 4
All ground work is done, you tried to keep it secrete till you succeed but quite a few friends and foes around you get the rumor of you being rebellion. This doesn’t affect your courage because by now you are bold and stood tall against all the criticism... no external factors affects your job... You are assembling the resources at the required places and reciting the job of tomorrow... suddenly a resource fails to perform up till your expectations. You recall the amount of expenditure and energy you wasted to own that recourse but it simply refused to perform. You again engulfed in the thoughts of those who claimed the surety of your failure. A sense of disgust for yourself compels you to quit and turn back to the way of security and surety. Suddenly an under expected poor resource of yours, attracts your attention and shows you that it is not as bad as you thought of.... it works as a mirror reflecting all your rays of hopes back to you and synergies your dreams baseline and you graduate to stage four....
Stage five 5
A Peak, at which you are now, is quite high and many of those who had criticized your job are now far low beneath their security net living with all security and surety. You are happy that you have almost done and about to taste that drop of water which kept you thirsty for a long time... A drop of water which was far away asking you to walk and chase... a drop which constantly magnetized your sight when others have tried a lot to offer you a peg of whisky and other thirst quenchers considered to be the nectar soup. A mirage you refused to believe it exists and you continuously stared to get that drop of water... which is cold enough to quench your thrust and warm enough keep your desire of owning it… burning... you can see there is really a very less population in this fourth stage of success. All of them are happy and are proud to be the rebellion... you also can see some of them have started falling suddenly... You have started noticing that those who are falling have distracted from their plan and started interfering with others... or simply because they have loosed the bastion and become the victim of fluke that now no one can stop them to achieve what they want to .. some of them are falling because they have surrendered in front of the pain they are bearing from the day one they have started but now they can't because they are tired of bearing it any more... because they are not able to calculate the bliss beyond that red tape which is far bigger then this pain which is temporary... but you learnt a lesson form them and you kept strong hold, firm feet on the path you developed for yourself with all courage to negate the pain you are into and here you cross on to be in the final stage...
Stage five final....
Suddenly all you can see is blurred, all you can hear is cacophony, all you can breath seems is a last breath.... their is simply no pain, no time to implement any new strategy, no nerves are any longer effective... but heart is beating with all that energy which it had never carried before.... sight is blurred but still you can figure out your goal.... you can't see any competitor because for that moment you are not competing, your are just alone with the target which you are about to bang.... you have no thirst remain, you have no thoughts of what will happen there after, you have no idea of the glory, luxury and fame beyond that target... all you can see is just that target and all you have is just a few counted seconds to bang... any moments can throw you away forever from our path... but you have no energy even to think of all that bad, all that failure,.... even a smallest drop of blood is remained with you, you just want to use it to hit your goal... from which you are just a seconds away... the more you are approaching the more determination is fitting in your feet. Now you have no heart beats left... no energy left... All that you have is that determination of holding it for one more seconds... one more... One more... and you have done it.... now it is your possession... the destiny is saved beneath your cleavage forever... a history is created.....
You can not here but still a roaring sound of crowd is seeking your attention.... you can not identify correctly but yes this what you had dreamt of when you was in stage one... this is what for which thousands around you had forecasted you will never achieve it...
But all that you dreamt of… is under your feet now.... you can see all around.... the bliss is raining like it will flood into your life… and a voice within you... silently whispers in your ears "Buddy you have done it....."

Mumbai, Attack and It's Objectives

I haven't ever been the victim of such attacks; hence I can not feel what those who underwent to such a monstrous attempt of humiliating humanity are feeling. I have no right to comment upon the bravery or the meekness of the people who lost there loved ones in this war against humanity. I may not be able to (or want to) advise anyone about what we should do to curb terrorism. I read other people advised Indian Army and politics to take action against those who were the planner and executor of this war against Mumbai. I read some one said "Kill every one in Pakistan". I have no such advice; rather I want to let every one see into the reason behind the attack.

I just want to express my observation about the root cause of this strange question “Why kill those who have nothing to do with Jihad, Religion and those who just want there family live happily?”

Centuries ago when not even the ten percent of the population was literate, less then ten percent of world had any IQ level to understand things the way we do it today. There was no riots, no blind killings for the cause like what exists today. It had happened that army of some king killed the farmers or peasants, women & children. Such massacres were also had, certainly not viable but, a defined cause to kill and that cause was somehow related to the people they were killing. Today terrorists kills innocents, they certainly have cause to kill but to Innocents? In this world where “survival of the fittest” is the fittest theory to translate the objective of everyone’s existence anyone can claim to fight and kill. But… one have to have a defined enemy-enemy short of relationship unlike that of what a terrorist and layman has today. I think these hide and seek players should reconsider there “Bravery quotients”. They compel misguided or deprived youngsters by name of sacred contribution to almighty and send them to a mission which is as a secret planning of untold attack on benign people who have no arms to defend and no time to react. It is not bravery, it is a reaction of some kind of irritation against a system from which they have no power to fight and win.

What provokes them to do such a grave deed?
I firmly believe that no one lifts weapon just to earn livelihood, or to get paid heavily. Those who attacked Mumbai may have planed to escape after mission but they were aware of being killed. Most of them were less then twenty year old on the earth and was happily killing innocents!! Why to think of just about Mumbai attack? There are millions of people, other then defense personal, in this world having some kind of weapon in hand. This indicates that there is something for which they thing fighting is the only way to achieve it. A butcher kills goat because this job is his means of livelihood but he too have little guilt of doing so. Then what could be the reason that so young and immature people kills innocents?
There exist senses of rage beneath the cleavage of certain set of population in this world who believe that they were being castigated and belied from the leader ‘a so called system’ of the so called non-violent peace loving population of the world (Who are target of these people). This 'Rage' can be related to religion (Jihad) or nationality (LTTE). Although, there cause may not be significant to you or me but they are very particular about it.

Terrorism has three shields

The executer (Fore-Front of action)
The Planner (looks at own individual benefit).
The think tank (Have concrete reasons like anger against any Religion, Government or Community).

The executer: This can be further classified as a person who is emotionally challenged, brainwashed, mislead for a cause or a suicide attempter.
Many a times the corruption in governance, a family dispute or a community fight takes violent turns which ignite “take revenge by whatever means” instinct. This instinct then starves for recourses and end-up at the door of the planner.

Typically they are of neutral in mentality; they have a very dim soft corner for anything from which they had suffered long ago and think someone should do against it. In there spare time they start participating in some organizations which ‘they think’ will bring some changes for many other sufferers of the pain from which they suffered long ago. This organization senses the capability of this person and starts slow but effective psychological treatment to motivate them for such kind of missions.
There are people in the world who just want to become famous, want to solve every problem overnight and looking forward to the shortcuts to do the things right then and there. They are over excited and over flamed for even a small achievement. They are very poor and soft victim of such people.

‘Suicide’ a way of lament frustration by which anyone puts his feelings in front of the people (he thinks) he care. These people are very committed to commit suicide but not in hidden way; rather they want to let the world know about them, they want to attempt a very last kick to become famous. They want to plan our death in some creative and unique style by pretending ‘any way I am dying then why not do a little for these people.’

The Second shell is planner:
At this level the person is aware of what he is doing and what will be the impact of it to a country, a society or a religion but he may or may not bother about any thing but make money out of it. The person at this level just wants to show he is wealthy and powerful that is the only reason he works for such a mission. He thinks he is very strong orator and influential and is a living example for the vulnerable generation. His feeling is his satisfactory remark for which he takes this much pain to train and motivate young people for cruelty.

The Centre Bolt: Think Tank:
This is the group who think they are some prophet, saint or messiah of the world. They thing they are here to transform the way this world is going. They have deep feeling of whatever they are doing is the ultimate command of god and in favor of the humanity, so what if a small chunk of population is dying then it is a cost of establishing Gods virtue. They have action plan they are funded by the ill intentioned countries that have some kind of border dispute or other rivalry. They take charge and they bash.

In this whole circuit every one have an individual objective to kill those whom they don't know, what is saddest is that those who killed were not just killed mercilessly, worthlessly but they were killed as if they meant nothing to this world.