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Mumbai, Attack and It's Objectives

I haven't ever been the victim of such attacks; hence I can not feel what those who underwent to such a monstrous attempt of humiliating humanity are feeling. I have no right to comment upon the bravery or the meekness of the people who lost there loved ones in this war against humanity. I may not be able to (or want to) advise anyone about what we should do to curb terrorism. I read other people advised Indian Army and politics to take action against those who were the planner and executor of this war against Mumbai. I read some one said "Kill every one in Pakistan". I have no such advice; rather I want to let every one see into the reason behind the attack.

I just want to express my observation about the root cause of this strange question “Why kill those who have nothing to do with Jihad, Religion and those who just want there family live happily?”

Centuries ago when not even the ten percent of the population was literate, less then ten percent of world had any IQ level to understand things the way we do it today. There was no riots, no blind killings for the cause like what exists today. It had happened that army of some king killed the farmers or peasants, women & children. Such massacres were also had, certainly not viable but, a defined cause to kill and that cause was somehow related to the people they were killing. Today terrorists kills innocents, they certainly have cause to kill but to Innocents? In this world where “survival of the fittest” is the fittest theory to translate the objective of everyone’s existence anyone can claim to fight and kill. But… one have to have a defined enemy-enemy short of relationship unlike that of what a terrorist and layman has today. I think these hide and seek players should reconsider there “Bravery quotients”. They compel misguided or deprived youngsters by name of sacred contribution to almighty and send them to a mission which is as a secret planning of untold attack on benign people who have no arms to defend and no time to react. It is not bravery, it is a reaction of some kind of irritation against a system from which they have no power to fight and win.

What provokes them to do such a grave deed?
I firmly believe that no one lifts weapon just to earn livelihood, or to get paid heavily. Those who attacked Mumbai may have planed to escape after mission but they were aware of being killed. Most of them were less then twenty year old on the earth and was happily killing innocents!! Why to think of just about Mumbai attack? There are millions of people, other then defense personal, in this world having some kind of weapon in hand. This indicates that there is something for which they thing fighting is the only way to achieve it. A butcher kills goat because this job is his means of livelihood but he too have little guilt of doing so. Then what could be the reason that so young and immature people kills innocents?
There exist senses of rage beneath the cleavage of certain set of population in this world who believe that they were being castigated and belied from the leader ‘a so called system’ of the so called non-violent peace loving population of the world (Who are target of these people). This 'Rage' can be related to religion (Jihad) or nationality (LTTE). Although, there cause may not be significant to you or me but they are very particular about it.

Terrorism has three shields

The executer (Fore-Front of action)
The Planner (looks at own individual benefit).
The think tank (Have concrete reasons like anger against any Religion, Government or Community).

The executer: This can be further classified as a person who is emotionally challenged, brainwashed, mislead for a cause or a suicide attempter.
Many a times the corruption in governance, a family dispute or a community fight takes violent turns which ignite “take revenge by whatever means” instinct. This instinct then starves for recourses and end-up at the door of the planner.

Typically they are of neutral in mentality; they have a very dim soft corner for anything from which they had suffered long ago and think someone should do against it. In there spare time they start participating in some organizations which ‘they think’ will bring some changes for many other sufferers of the pain from which they suffered long ago. This organization senses the capability of this person and starts slow but effective psychological treatment to motivate them for such kind of missions.
There are people in the world who just want to become famous, want to solve every problem overnight and looking forward to the shortcuts to do the things right then and there. They are over excited and over flamed for even a small achievement. They are very poor and soft victim of such people.

‘Suicide’ a way of lament frustration by which anyone puts his feelings in front of the people (he thinks) he care. These people are very committed to commit suicide but not in hidden way; rather they want to let the world know about them, they want to attempt a very last kick to become famous. They want to plan our death in some creative and unique style by pretending ‘any way I am dying then why not do a little for these people.’

The Second shell is planner:
At this level the person is aware of what he is doing and what will be the impact of it to a country, a society or a religion but he may or may not bother about any thing but make money out of it. The person at this level just wants to show he is wealthy and powerful that is the only reason he works for such a mission. He thinks he is very strong orator and influential and is a living example for the vulnerable generation. His feeling is his satisfactory remark for which he takes this much pain to train and motivate young people for cruelty.

The Centre Bolt: Think Tank:
This is the group who think they are some prophet, saint or messiah of the world. They thing they are here to transform the way this world is going. They have deep feeling of whatever they are doing is the ultimate command of god and in favor of the humanity, so what if a small chunk of population is dying then it is a cost of establishing Gods virtue. They have action plan they are funded by the ill intentioned countries that have some kind of border dispute or other rivalry. They take charge and they bash.

In this whole circuit every one have an individual objective to kill those whom they don't know, what is saddest is that those who killed were not just killed mercilessly, worthlessly but they were killed as if they meant nothing to this world.


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