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The Double Digit of 21st Century

Revolved 26 times around the sun and knowing the life since last 20 years, I am quite lucky to see the most critical phases of the development of the human race.

I started noticing the world from the day I listen in the radio about the assassination of the Rajeev Gandhi, the Youngest Prime Minister of India. It is during those Days I listened first time about the brainy machines called computer which works much faster then the fasted human brain on the earth. Which by the great attempt of the assassinated PM Late Rajeev Gandhi was about to come to India....

During those days, India was considered as the booming burden for world in the form of most dense populated and economically poor country and so the campaign of wishful sterilization and 'we two ours two’ campaign was highly on the street side stall discussion. I was less able to understand the very objectives of the sterilization movement and by looking at the TV promotions of Indian Citizen Welfare department of India which was brutally more focused on Muslim population just to stop them becoming majority and get political hold of this so called secular country. Its blatant comparison with China as to how beautifully they have controlled the population growing rate of their country were been less comprehended but largely listened by me from the mouth of the grown ups.

It is the first time I was started trying understanding the flukes of Opposition in the hunger of power; they were criticizing the goods and favoring the bad steps of the GOI. Opposition claimed that in this large country bringing computer is a further attempt of the Congress to increase the unemployment and starvation and so the congress is not serious about the population control efforts.

I never had been the victim of any riot or the massacre in many religion extremism raised head in India. The First In my life time I heard about the Babari Masque demolition and the massacre, inhuman slaughters after it. The religion tensions were been grown up meanly raised in Indian subcontinent so strongly that not only in-country rather neighbors too were been in grave tension with us... Chiefly because of this reason, I had seen the deadliest war snapshots in TV during Kargil war in 1999 rather then this I used to read such wars in the History books. This is the year I got my first friend doing computer Course from some institute and so he was greatly recognized by my school teachers for being so much intelligent and from him only I got to know about the Y2K Bug which can kill the worlds computer at one go. The world was worried and excited about the coming year 2000.

Year 2000, I migrated from this very small town to a big city called Indore and this is again was the very critical phase of life of learning the blissful effects of 1991 liberalization of Indian economy in the fear of grave bankruptcy of the country as a whole. I had started understanding the world much better then the day I had started noticing it, I got the God gift of creativity of debating skills and so every defeat in my, in-friend circle, debate competition looped me back to the learning phase and so I kept on collecting jaw breaking knowledge of the world.

By being poor mark sheet owner but relatively good in English language, I have been advised by many of friends to join the booming call centre and ITES companies and stop studying to earn good money. This was the time I got know sufficiently about the importance of computer and so gather enough knowledge to counter the oppositions who had cursed Rajeev Gandhi for bring computer in the country of laltens.... I solemnly refused the advise of my so called well wishers and continued with he MBA (A big post graduation degree with a tagged ‘I don't why I am doing this').

During the preparation of this I got to listen first time that, China didn’t realized its biggest mistake under the international pressure and now severely endangered with the single child family which will grow old soon and will en-burden this child and nation a whole. I thank fully sighed by understanding the most discrete law and order of India by virtue of which that forceful sterilization campaign of GOI didn’t implemented which were been highly criticized by the opposition of being so. It when WTC demolition by the al-Qaeda had jerked the jaw breaking slap on the face of the worlds most power full subcontinent and so it is the first time developed nations had accepted that Islamic Extremism is a big threat for the peace lovers of world. but this event rather turned out a big opportunity for the US to auction its expiring weapons in the live market and destroy a few more lives just to satisfy the greed by attacking Afghanistan and Iraq and hanging Saddam Hussain rather Osama Bin Laden, who fled away from Tora-Bora valley with the help of US army itself. Nevertheless this event did as little good as making terrorism in the worlds pin point, however a concrete efforts is yet due to be made from the world super powers.

A country not introduced to the qualitative telephones had virally accepted the Cell-phones and this master piece invention started with the Icon then Status Symbol then Emotional and Fashionable Device to the undeniable need of the larger population of India. A country which was satisfied with on telephone per village availability suddenly turned in the once cell-phone per members of a family or even more in most of the time. This attracted the world telecom industry to invest more in India and making India even greater country to live.

CAT 2004, A biggest blow of my life time dragged me into the fear of starvation and deification of being highly criticized in my parents respectful society. This is first time I dared to ensure my father that I will take care of my living cost at my own and will do something to bring back your lost fame in your community. This wasn't a mere commitment; it was a threat of being died of starvation because just in three days of job hunt I realized the world is a jungle of ruthless human race. but only the darkest sky tells that dawn is about to break.. and so I inserted with some great thinkers whom I admire in my life most... and bounced back in the economically socially with respect in full stretch... this is when I realized the dual intention of good people for the bad and bad for the good, I am still to learn this newly complex equation to solved in order the get to know about the allies, weather they are good or bad in advance so that I can fight back the forthcoming attack in much prepared way. Some of the most lovable personal relation had started turning bitter and so the excitement of becoming big man started dismissing... During MBA (‘The I Don’t why doing this’ Degree), I realized, tough I am still not knowing why MBA but doing it still as bad as I was thinking and got to know about the business and money more closely then I ever thought of will be able to do it. This knowledge helped me a little to settle with a good economic independence and some good hopes about the future.

Understanding Media, Mumbai Local Train Terror attack and repeated Kashmir valley bomb blasts news accompanied with Naxals miscreants news helped grow a bit rude then I was in my childhood.

Untouchability and racial discrimination is about to hit my very personal life and most important phase.. this event in my life further ignited a fire in me to join politics and dismantle all that ill thoughts from the mind of my countrymen... when I hared about a most realistic statement from the one of most admired man of life that "all these (Castes) were existed at times when I was young and I was thinking that this will be vanished by the time I will plan my children marriage, but it even went stronger and deeper by the time go by...." I had no further say but get ready to face even stronger force against my commitment to my countrymen.

I was about a kilometer away to not to became the live witness of the Bangalore series bomb blast it was the first time in a peace loving city became the pin point target of the world extremism. Extremism has always followed my shadow wherever I went in my life. Valentine day had always been discouraged by the extremists, but this year when Mangalore had witnessed the murder of a very young girl (A child I would say) just because she were been a friend of a Muslim guy and a daughters of and Hindu politician (An extremist in soft shadow of politics) followed by an attack in a modern pub where in young women were invited for a fun, this is second time I had seen youth power has mobilized their a power to revolt against such a narrow mentality so called moral police of India. First time I witnessed the extinguish of youth in 'youth for equality moment' from my naked eye (The very first banner poster requesting the youths to join the cause I had seen in the wall of a bear bar a very suitable place to find the right kind of crowed out there) and for the first time I realized that youths of India took this point seriously that corrupt people are invading Indian politics and their is an immediate need of vital blood to spark another revolution and reinstate the power in some visionaries hands. although nothing much happened after this propaganda but I got the good learning.... i.e. If you really want to curb the heads of younger population and dismantle the tension even if the youths are fighting for the good thing.... you just have to keep prolonging the matter and they will get diffused as soon as they will exhausted with their time limit. I think Indian politician have mastered this art of alluding youths. Indian do have tendency of forgetting all and just move on… this is tendency have several time been tried and tested by our newly born native called Pakistan. Weather it was the attack on the parliament or the Trident and Taj of Mumbai… kids of Kashmir are now used to of growing up on the ashes and bombshells thrown by our neighbor to whom world knows as ‘Indian Once upon a time’. Malegaon, Delhi, Surat and Ahemdabad blasts are not even in the counting memories of the world historians. It is state of big confusion among the upcoming Gen. Next people who will be taking the charge of India in this forthcoming decade. i.e. who will be their enemy? Those who had snatched power from the Britain in 1947 or who had re-established the British’s rules in independent India even after the 60 years of freedom?

It was 9th year of this millennium I dared to participate in the social and professional ultra modern organization. it took only six moths for me to come out of the door. This decade changed the world remarkably, world power are now more focused to the Asian countries, demand of the crude Oil nosed Dived in the great depression and Nuclear Deal with America along with many other countries by lifting the ban after our first Pokhran tests. From IT enabled Job revolution which poured enough liquidity in Indian tender hands that so that it invited the world market leaders to pay attention to us. India became the leader of third world nations in Doha submit and strongly opposed the anti-farmer policy of biggies. Uncle Sam first time felt that their policies are now can be best interpreted in terms of anti- world and self centered. Copenhagen submits ended with this disbelief of the oldies, that they know linger can impose any treaties on 3rd world nations under the cover of human welfare. China became stronger and closer with the developed nation (With US in particular) Dragon is now started been treated with greater respect in the Uncle Sams parties and heading to became the world biggest manufacturer and supplier. Africa is now becoming the new Asia in which Asians are now behaving like Europeans of 19th Centuries for Africa.

World is (Although very slowly) now developing into a single piece where in human race first time agreeing on the concept of the world leadership, world citizenship and uniting for the cause of mankind.

Two great learning from this decade:

1. It is US encouraged Al-Qaeda (To destroyer USSR) and now suffering and

2. It is India encouraged Naxalism (By not diffusing the evil power of the landlords) and now suffering…

Motives and Methods where indeed different but both had provided shelters to the most poisonous serpentine of this millennium…

Two great Achievement of this Decade:

1. IT revolution

2. 96 % Task achiever Chandrayaan of ISRO


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