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Red to Green!

9 Nov 1989, fall of the Berlin Wall symbolized the death of communism… The Flag Red!!
15 April 2010, Copanhagen Summit, A united effort to save our green mother Earth… Green Revolution
Communism was the neck pain for the countries thriving for free trade also it paralyzed the cognitive minds who otherwise could have invented something great fearing for livelihood. It took two decades to flourish the capitalism with worldwide acceptance. Entire pro-US nations have declared that capitalism is the realistic method of justified social system and not that of communistic which reaps the idle human resource and corrupt governance. Karl Marks ideated communism or discouraged imperialism and capitalism with full might. To analyze the capitalism, he derived a theory of ‘The Haves’ and ‘The Have Not’s’. This theory was so much real in his time that it is indeed a fact that in his time Europe was partitioned into two classes. First those who had big business and money to avail all amenities and lu…