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Kill 'Ism' Nurture 'Hood'

Keywords:- Political reviews, world leaders, objectives of religions.
Terrorism or Motherhood, Separatism or Brotherhood, Communism or Neighborhood, Naxalism or Nationhood, Hinduism or Robin Hood the choice is yours.
Things were never been tidy, it rather was much-much messy then today’s. Humanity always played its game in danger. From Jaws, Nails, Stones, Arrows, Spears, Swords, Guns, Canons, Rifles, AK 47, Suicide Bombers, Nuclear Bombs, Anthrax, Bio-Chemical weapons & now Cyber Wars.

Terrorism is just a kind of guerrilla warfare but this time not against the armies rather against poor armless citizens…
Violence has only one mother i.e. Hunger of power. It took ten thousands of years of humanity to endure and so much is the time brutality took birth. Assassinations, capital punishment, revenge, wars, counter wars were been more a kind of pride then a need to the politicians and rulers since the history known to us. Everything else is revolving around “Hunger of power” with an infini…