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Kill 'Ism' Nurture 'Hood'

Keywords:- Political reviews, world leaders, objectives of religions. 
Terrorism or Motherhood, Separatism or Brotherhood, Communism or Neighborhood, Naxalism or Nationhood, Hinduism or Robin Hood the choice is yours.

Things were never been tidy, it rather was much-much messy then today’s. Humanity always played its game in danger. From Jaws, Nails, Stones, Arrows, Spears, Swords, Guns, Canons, Rifles, AK 47, Suicide Bombers, Nuclear Bombs, Anthrax, Bio-Chemical weapons & now Cyber Wars.

Terrorism is just a kind of guerrilla warfare but this time not against the armies rather against poor armless citizens…

Violence has only one mother i.e. Hunger of power. It took ten thousands of years of humanity to endure and so much is the time brutality took birth. Assassinations, capital punishment, revenge, wars, counter wars were been more a kind of pride then a need to the politicians and rulers since the history known to us. Everything else is revolving around “Hunger of power” with an infinite centrifugal force. Religion, mythos, belief, epics all are more or less chanting the might of those who remain in power at that period of time. During the birth of Jesus Christ; Jewish and Islam was struggling for establishing their own might. This was the era when civilizations were turning to religions a very massive bloody and inhumane phase of humanity. It was close to the same era when Buddhism was revolting Vedic criminalities and preaching the path of non-violence. This was the era when almost all over the world development ceased to endure and only the hunger of power took over the cog-pit for almost five hundred years it went on and on… Islam invaded to Asia and Christianity invaded to Europe Africa and South America. Conversion by compulsion, by force and/or by violence anchored the sword of emperors, this lead to the enraged revenge of the domestic powers.
Post 1300 AD Europe stabilized to walk over the Dark Age and seeded the machine age, revolutionized the method of money making. An era when treasures took over the might of swords and Europe started the war of merchants.

Trough these years of human development; diplomacy, war and politics remain the back of the veil gamblers. Post 20th century it happened first time in the history of the world that so big chunk of world population got the education, for the first time maximum of the humanity got the opportunity to think and decide their fortune at their own and for the first time the blue bloods felt it is tough to negotiate with common man. So did they create the matrix of beyond the palace dangers for us? Terrorism is one of such matrix clayed by world leaders.    
The Idea is very simple; you just have to seed the dirt of futile egoism among those who had ever been the victim of extremism and rest is self rolling mechanics. Everyone is having an opinion about the events taking place around the world. When an individual or a group becomes sarcastically adamant and reacts with enraged emotions, it originates the fundamentalism or ism in short. Ism is an extra attitude or showbiz any group, society or religion. This is stage where in you are no longer bothered with your own profession and others personal happiness. You are just thriving for a cause which has been either diluted or dismissed in this new course of time. Understanding the psychology of such fundamentalist is a little tangle some because they become unrealistic and ideal at their point of view this forces them so much loneliness that they start believing that they will prove they are right and slowly they reach to a stage from where they can see they are indeed wrong but they can’t turn back i.e. their egoism forces them the feel that is too late to return… a stage known as extremism. Look at any terror network, they all are right in their fundamental demands but they are failing to understand that time has traveled a long voyage and those station they were expecting has gone much-much back times cannot be reversed and so the best they can do is the redefine their expectation. Their inability to understand this time concepts leads them to become a puppets of bluebloods which is happening around. All terror cell started with a marvelous determination but now they are just becoming more violent for the sake of maintaining their existence and identity.  
When a common man starts understanding the crucial significance of the circumstances and jeopardizes it with heroic efforts to avenge the game for common man, he becomes the Robin Hood. When someone compromises with thirst by determining that he will attain it little later and now it is more needful to a man next to him he practices brotherhood. When someone feels immensely satisfied by staying hungry and feed her child at the time of food scarcity, she practices motherhood.

It is not heroic or idealistic to practice Hood rather you just have to choose your work function (Career) in life which you deserve best and is your desire as well. This is the situation where in your profession and hobby coincides. This coincidence let you feel joy even if you are in high load of work and cheers you to crack newer and bigger challenges of your profession. It is at this situation when you are ready to go that extra mile which was not planned but became necessity of time. At this stage people starts recognizing you as the maestro of the job you are into and you often get appreciation of all your known ones. This is hood, when all your mantle processors are devoted to a task and you start doing it devotedly you are practicing hood. You are not violent, you are not jealous of others business, you’re not bothered about others wrong deeds you are just contributing to the humanity minimum or large, worthy or worthless, sufficient or insufficient shouldn’t be your criteria of measurement. You just have to be determined that is will not exploit the opportunity in excess. You will not burden your solders by forcibly attaining a power of which you are not capable or if ever capable, it is not your destiny. This is not idealism.


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