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A Flower on The Graveyard (Why relationships break!)

A flower on the Graveyard
What makes a relationship failure which mattered most in recent past?

One: Lovely prey!
My psychology teacher told me I am introvert. I felt depressed as I thought being introvert is crime because she was examining the reason of my low scores and bad mark-sheets. She then called in my mom and asked me to go out. Since that day afterward my mom stopped scolding me and I can notice that she had started inviting my friends in the weekend. She keeps my friends involved with me in one or the other games this helped her solving her concern of mine being introvert. I started playing out door games and fetched some medals and accolades to hang it on the walls of my drawing rooms. In ten such medals one was the reason me too felt a bit happy, the one which I won in spot poem writing competition. My psychology teacher told me that great poets and scientist were too introvert this helped my boost up my interests in writing and hail a little fame among my colleagues.
After m…

Obama, Wen Visits and its interpretation from Indo-Pak Perspective (The Dragon, Eagle visit to Elephants)

The Dragon, Eagle visit to Elephants 
Barrack Obama & Wen Xiabao Visits and its interpretation from Indo-Pak Perspective!
Note: During the last quarter of 2010, the Heads of Government of all the P-5 (Permanent Five in UN Security Council) will have visited India.

In this post-Wen visit and related developed story of OBAMA WEN Visit to Singh (Mr. PM of India), interpretation of new world order pertaining to Asian role is becoming more coherent to undress the ugly face of world leaders objectives.
Threads of wikileaks unveiled secrets, Chinas stand on unavoidable issues with neighboring countries and Pakistan's concern over the neglect of US and favor of China over the Indo-Pak relationship is clearly emboldens the mole of Indo-China miscreant plot against India... by tie-ups with Bangladesh, Sri-lanka's and support to Myanmar, China is gripping strong to against India to remain to superpower of Asia and eye world's supreme seat. 
Since the history known to…