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Last Installment of Loss

The final instalment of loss is death!! But what if the death comes in instalments... 
A series of losses reminds bunches of mistakes made in one life. Wise people renamed the mistake with experience perhaps because everyone repeats it in their life. 
'Everything gets counted and all dues will settle here in this life only' said the saint whose voice is audible to me at this early morning. I guess somewhere a holy gathering is on... I am alone in my balcony with my cigarettes to foil the first ray of Sun with smokes as soon as it mounts to the east. 'One must remain calm and happy to truly serve the almighty' extended the saint. 
'uhh..!' an obvious ridiculing reaction came out of my mouth with loath of smokes 'calm n happy...! Bullshit!' I murmured with the exact pace of bearing smoke and fire words. 'Are emotions controlled by human souls?' I wanted to ask from that saint. I withdrew my battle with sun and rushed into shower room.
Shower sprinkles…

Sachin & Us!

Sachin & Us
and the Sachin..... 
Recall those instances when you failed an exam! How many people show you their bad faces… your classmates, friends, and relatives?
Recall when you failed to get the IITs or IIMs and dirt of curse shame it brought for you.
Imagine those moments when you failed to get a visa stamped this quarter…, you missed a promotion almost due and certain…
How did it feel when your dad used to say in your early twenties that you are good for nothing…..and now your boss tells you the same...?
You doubt at yourself based on the others assumption about you. View’s of the people, who doesn’t matter a dime in your life, makes you feel low. Their criticism moderates your opinion about yourself! Those who back bite you or make fun of you are the reason you feel happy or sad. Because of others… you say ‘I am feeling low today’. Worst is, this happens to you almost daily!!!
Now here’s a man stands on the third man boundary of the cricket ground (usually). When he bat…

'Code Red' to 'Code Green' : Analysis

Beyond doubt this is a fact that "Ecological Balancing" should be the top order operation conducted by not one, two or three but the whole world but if USA got to lead this show! It will turn out to be that massala "Dirty Picture' for the human race!

Well, I heard once the prime minister of Egypt said to his US counter part "you ate all the main course, desert and soups and than while coffee you called us to split the whole bill" i.e. you used all the resources of he world to it's fullest and now you want us to participate in the carbon credit cut regime, this is unfair. Indeed, this is unfair but the question is "if my big brother have eaten all that my sick mom made for us that I indeed should not insist on my mom that she should make all that again for me too"  Though this is me who will decide wisely that mom should not get the pain of remaking all that again but my big brother still have no rights to command me for all that. US is doing …

Debating the Un-Debated

Debating the Un-Debated
Co-Author Mr. Abhishek Sharma | MBA Batch 2007, DAVV | Sr. Manger SBI Life | Indore

When I say education for all, people ask, what wonder will education do? I kept on replying that Education will make people realize the importance, responsibility and accountability of freedom. I had no example to demonstrate in support of my view till before I had this discussion with my best friend, real critic, and beloved admirer. We both are educated more or less under same circumstances and so we are the witness of the change education have brought in us. Below are the conversations on the topic of ‘Right of Freedom of Expression on internet Social Media’ with special reference to the UPA’s attempt to regulate it. Without any single temper, I just want my dear readers to enjoy the flow of our discussion.   

Abhishek Sharma: Sibbal bhi ab smart ho gaya..
Jitendra Rajaram Verma pehle handsome tha lol!!!

Abhishek Sharma obscene moephed photos should be blocked.. But not ideas a…

India or Group of Separatists

6000 Years of known history of Indian civilization! Integration, disintegration, attacks and change of thorns but remain existent... now I doubt at this very fact!

Match the following
1. Sonia Gandhi's Medical visit to USA                         1. Anna Hazare's unheard cry  2. Airbus CEO Thomas Enders Visit to PM of India      2. Jatropha Bio Fuel Project in Ganga Yamuna belt  3. Delhi High Court Blast                                               3. FDI, Walmart excess 4. Adjourning Parliament                                               4. Chinese threat to India on border Issues   5. UP states bifurcation                                                 5. Australia's U 235 supply to India without NPT 6. UBS list of bank account holders                              6. Adjourning Parliament 
Actually no one can match the above because everything is linked to everything :) Which is resulting to the composite failure of Indians (Not India mind you!) FDI on retail is succes…


Profession is great till you are treating it as a profession but when you begin treating it like the objective of your life it begins seeding insomnia in your brain. 

I am the chosen one form the God that my profession, hobby and mission is same! Though this is not easy, because it becomes both the responsibility and the accountability. I am trainer and more than this I am catalyzer... so many a times, I demand my trainees to act the way I want them to act. 
I often demand my trainees to be fearless, be in action and dream the kind of life they want to live. This sounds impractical to many and so many refuse to follow it but when I help them to ideate they begin accepting it. In my last training program, I was asking my audience about their feeling of earning the very first salary of their life. On an average it was around Rs.500/-. A sweet girl raised her hand, she began narrating her feeling of getting first salary of Rs.500/- some two years ago and the unbottleing happiness when sh…

Rural Urban Health of India

India is on the verse population explosion. Till a decade ago we were happy that our skilled population will drive business from outsourcing the global services and our cursed liability with turn into valuable asset! but with a 72% rural population with minimum or no education, who are actually not able to manage nutritional demand of their household, lack of education is further amounting the family size of rural ignorant families on the other hand educated urban families are firm with two child theory. This implies that burdened population is increasing more that shouldering population.
As per the data facts on 6% of the total young Indians are getting sufficient education to get respectful employment! This indeed does not guarantee the financial stability of their households. If such is the situation than India is going to be in deep trouble. 
Indians are second largest in the numbers of engineers and scientists but 10 largest in medical officers. A big gap that too about 75% of h…

Possible Solution to Tender Grownups of India

Possible Solution to Tender Grownups of India
With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

To very much an extent, I agree with Mr. Bhagat that students are not properly assessed to their studious capacity and the pressure of being an Indian student in conjunction with the biological development of growing from adolescent to teen (from teen to young) together plays a disastrous role on Indian young Brigade. Considering the fact that Indian social structure (as shown by the national statics too) is turning bold if not western. Autonomy of gender freedom is on verge of crossing critical limit of Indian Social Composition. Here the role of parents-teacher is contracting when it come deal with the teen-young aged (bio-logically tender grownups) population. I believe an effective solution should be suggested to this problem. We are no longer in a situation to ignore the problem of these teen age heart-broken population. Changes in Education Methods I use…

Women: I fail to understand

Women: I fail to understand With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

Every time I read any author talks about the human social behaviours by applying younger’s curiosity of Love Sex or Dhokha kind, I start thinking about ‘How a woman will react to it?’ Yesterday while reading Chetan’s book, where the possibility of reading Love, Sex and Dhokha by remaining a socially respected public animal is maximum, I become restless to know about a woman’s opinion about the character called ‘Aarti’. Mr. Bhagat tried his best negotiate with a sentiments of a women heart while narrating because his larger readership base are women indeed but somewhere I feel that the character ‘Aarti’ played a havoc in the life of Gopal (or macroscopically to Varanasi or Nation uh!). I indeed not made a wise comment or perhaps I am inclined towards my own experiences with women but indeed I am not getting any point rationalise her stand towards engaging two men at once for her w…

Revolution 2020: A Banal Review

Revolution 2020: A Banal Review With special reference to the fifth novel of Mr. Chetan Bhagat ‘Revoltion 2020’

Well! As like some psych-moron, I am turned to a maniac reader. I have completed Chetan Bhagat’s new creation Revolution 2020 in four hours. It is a wonderful narration which flames constant curiosity in the brain of reader about the personal relationship developed among the three childhood friends but fails to identify the very title objective of the fiction. I did not relate my expectation to his narration while I was buying his book. It is not only him, I am disappointed with, rather I disown those entire set of authors who talks about a national propaganda but then fail to cater the very basic curiosity of their readers or for that matter ‘me’ Even I refer to the Bollywood drama where a hero turns to national cause and becomes so much kind of super-hero that he kills 50 goons a single punch or any fiction of Indian author where a character makes a change as little as a r…

Dear Students!

My Dear Students,
Let me share how I feel being a teacher. Please read the narration till the end or if not than better don’t read it at all,
Remorse A while ago, I was listening to Nathu Vinayakram Ghodse on his stand about the assassination of Mr. Gandhi by him. I do not at all comply with Mr. Ghodse’s approach towards non-violence and his Idea of killing national father but I really admire his courage to remain standing at the site till police took him into the custody. He could have shot himself or eloped but he did neither and very bravely he spoke in judicial court about his deed without slightest remorse and repent. I am sad that such courage and ideology has been evaporated from India since last two generations. Young brigade of this country have lost their power of being truthful and abide by their values. Though, there is a lot blame to this second generation of India for this to happen as they never taught those lessons what they had seen their fathers used to practice but…


Physics tries to answer every damn thing which can be observed by the five senses poor human has. Functions of eyes, nose, throat, ears and skin can effectively measure the size of Universe. Science even can tell you why tears come, why heart beats raises, why love happens and how reproduction happens.
My complain with Science is, why all this happens without any physical resemblance often? i.e. why one cries when some loved one dies? Why one cries when love fails? How hormones trigger emotions? 

Biology says aging faster, slower or abnormally is possible but why death certain?Why Chemistry always has an exceptional in every damn theorems?Why cosmos is endless? or is it really endless? If not than how big it is?Why poems, songs, speeches have so strong emotion stimulation capacity?Does soul exists? does magic exists?What is desire? What is urge? If this Cosmos has rigid physical laws and who governs it?  If science cannot answer any of the above questions than also satisfaction becomes …

Dare to have Kashmir

कश्मीर भारत का हिस्सा है या नहीं? क्या भारत को कश्मीर पर से अपना दावा छोड़ देना चाहिए?  आखिर क्या वजह है की पाकिस्तान कश्मीर के मुद्दे को अभी तक उठाते आ रहा है? 
कश्मीर भारत का हिस्सा है| पर विश्व समुदाय में कोई भी (स्वयम भारत भी) नहीं चाहता की कश्मीर मुद्दे पर कोई फैसला हो पाए| 

कश्मीर भरता का हिस्सा है
रजा गुलाब सिंह ने जम्मू और कश्मीर की रियासत को वैसेरॉय ऑफ़ इंडिया की हुकूमत के अधीन करना स्वीकार किया था| उनके उपरांत रजा हरी सिंह जो 'प्रिंसे चेम्बर्स ऑफ़ इंडिया' के सदस्य भी रहे और पटियाला के रजा भूपिंदर सिंह से चांसलर पद को झपटने के प्रयास में वैसोरॉय से सांथ गाँठ भी लगते रहे..... ने 'इन्स्त्रुम्नेट ऑफ़ ऑकेस्स्सिओन ऑफ़ इंडिया एक्ट १९४५' में धरा ३५६ के तहत हस्ताख्षर भी कर दिया था| 
इस एक्ट के आधार पर जम्मू और कश्मीर भारत का अभिन्न्य हिस्सा तो बन गया लेकिन धरा ३५६ ने जम्मू और कश्मीर को कई विशाधिकार दे दिए| 
पाकिस्तान का दावा   कश्मीर एक मुस्लिम बाहुल्य राज्य था जिसका रजा एक हिन्दू था और प…

शक्तिशाली विश्वाश ही मानव की सफलता का रहस्य है|

जीवन कई संभावनावों में से एक का चुनाव करना और उसके लिए प्रयास रत हो जाने की कला है! मानव निर्मित इस सामाजिक जटिलता का दुष्परिणाम ये हो गया कि हमने चुनाव करना तो सीख लिया पर प्रयास करने में कमजोर होते गए! 
वास्तव में वर्तमान कि मानव सभ्यता में इच्छा शक्ति का कमजोर होना एक स्वाभाविक घटना है| सभ्यता के इस विकास में जो अभीम्काय परिवर्तन हुए वो करीबन १५०० वर्ष पहले तक ही हुए| आज का समाज उन १५०० वर्ष पुराणी मान्यताओं को नकारने लगा है| धर्म और धर्म से जुडी जटिलताओं को तकरीबन पुरे मानव वंश ने ही कटघरे में लाकर खड़ा कर दिया है| 
भारतीय सामाजिक संरचना पर केन्द्रित होकर विवेचना करू तो, इस देशज समाज के अति कमजोर हो जाने कर कारण इसके अति पौराणिक होने से है| करीबन ४००० वर्ष पहले लिखी गयी धार्मिक किताबों में जीवन शैली कि जो कल्पना कि गयी, वो इंसानी जाती के विलोपन तक भी सटीक बैठेंगी लेकिन उन किताबों में जो उदहारण पेश दिए गए है वो आज के वर्तमान से वास्ता नहीं रखते| 
मसलन, गीता उपदेश कि बात करते है| हलाकि मै अपने ज्ञान को इस पुस्तक कि विवेचना कर पाने के लायक नहीं समझता| या यूँ कहू कि, मेरे गुरु ने मुझे…