India The Youngest Country Of The World (Indian Corruption Analysis Cntd...)

"A half blood democracy is the one which has zero percent young citizen participation! unfortunately this is the bitter truth for the largest democracy of the world!"

Corruption is on this most ugly fearless dance, blood spilled by the terrorism is many fold more then it is stored in blood banks, bordering countries are ever more aggressive in engulfing our land into their boundaries. The youth of India Inc. can just not remain passionated with FDI and FII growth engines. Mafoi Consultancy have foretasted more jobs for Indian youths, Hindustan Times have observed less inclination of Youths towards political India. Folks, how will we be able to sustain economic growth without political stability? how long foreign companies will overlook the corrupt practices of Delhi and states? If not today then tomorrow they will turn their back! from where the hell will we bring jobs for so many educated and eligible young blood of our country??? 

Pals! if educated young Indian will ceased to get job then crime will increase, violence will increase, our enemies will take the maximum benefit of such a brutal future and we will end up getting few more partitions and get asleep into the dirt of darkness. this 5000 year old country will get burned to ashes.

We are the most youngest country of the world. 61% of Indian population belongs to 15-35 years of age in average. I don't know how you look at it but for me this is the second chance for India to retake its lost identity of being the global leadership after 2000 years. The rate at which mother earth is exhausting, probably this is going to be the last chance to prove our might! folks! We youngsters of India are so much in numbers that we can change any rule of law as per our choice for the whole world but if we remain idle and once this tender age get over... we can only pray for peaceful death for the self and for mother India both. 

According the a survey conducted by The Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper of India, published on 31st of January 2011, Indian youngsters do not want to cast their vote. 46% of young Indian do not have any political concern for this country and rest are not having any political agenda in their life. I once asked a young men that why not to vote? he replied "whom to vote? when all are equally corrupt." I then did not left with any option but to keep my mouth shut but sadly this tussle of dead lock can never be the solution.

'India of my dream' will never regret on its decision over the partition as the only tool of freedom but my motherland should and must regret its policies made in the house of parliament post her liberation... With due respect to the great visionary and our first prime minister of India, I must say that if Nehru Government had applied corrective measures for the internal security and forcefully implemented the education for all things could have been far Flowery and loving today. To the great disappointment, congress (and every other political leaders) took independence for granted. In Delhi, 15 August 1947 had been celebrated with utter most enthusiasm and happiness but in deep villages of Orrissa and Bihar it just had been understood as 'mere a transfer of crown'. 

Independent India failed to bring education for all, Independent democratic republic of India failed to secure civil security, peace and justice for the under privileged society of rural India. Debt duped the dumbs and dictators duped the democracy. This is how we young Indian got disrespect and hatred for the politician in heritage. 
I appeal to my dear young brothers and sisters! that due to many idiotic planning of our preceding political leaders 71% of our brethren are leaving in villages, without education and without basic amenities of life. this means every privileged young Indian have a responsibility or two young person. We have to bear this responsibly, folks just a job will not do.. 

1. Please ensure your contribution towards 'Education For All Schemes' 
2. Please spare yourself away from the Un-billed monetary transactions.
3. Please go around the world take the charge of every key positions of the world
4. Please start casting Vote, visionary leaders will emerge, have faith.
5. Start becoming more social and concerned about the public activities.
6. Learn, practice, demonstrate and promote civil discipline and hygienic lifestyle.

Indian Corruption Analysis

By Magnifying my observation I found!

A raja is free, happy and healthy, suresh kalmadi is in the bed with other then his wife, Nira Radia is busy in her money count, Modi is licking Sharad Pawars foot.

In India culprits of Bhopal Gas Tragedy are living in luxuries, Bofors Agents are out of bars, Coffin Scandlers  are  enjoying eve teasing, Lalu Yadav is still on ninth cloud! Kasab is enjoying chicken biryani, Afajal Guru is still alive, no verdict on Parliament Attack, No verdict on 26/11 attack, no verdict on Kandhar Hijack, No verdict on Mumbai serial blasts, no verdict on Mumbai Local Train Blasts, no solution to Kashmir Issue, no solution to Naxal issue, no revenge for Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, verdict on 1993 Ram Temple has been re-posted to supreme court.

My God! My Belove Mother India is really a land of miracle! Incredible is India that survived 4000 years of caste discrimination, 1000 years of Islamic rule, 250 years of British Rule and 65 years of corruption monarchy. I salute to my Swiss bank account holding brethren and give a pity to those idiots who sacrificed their lives for an idiotic 7th largest piece of lithosphere called 'Poor India'

Bloody ministers are busy in cat-dog fight of 'Kashmir Karnataka and Billary Miners'. Those pigs sitting in opposition are showing another dreadful might in Sri-Nagars Lal Chowk. That bastard CM of Kashmir is hiding beneath the skirt of his mother. that Italian Bitch is busy in sweeping claps and applauds for her Hindi speeches.
Media is on the verge of Nudity, even shameless then a prostitute!! the fourth pillar of Indian democracy is 'pol dancing' for TRP. every farmers suicide is their breaking news and every-time Rakhi Sawant sneezes they shows the video footage. Sucking Big boss and shameless realty shows are the pickles of prime time TV slots.    
Entire winter session went futile and coming budget session will spit only poison for this stupid common man!
those son of queers to whom we call our Army officers are busy in pocketing bribes by the smugglers...
Kashmir is not in our control, Nagaland is burning with Nagalims, East India is burning with Naxalists, entire country is burning with Saffron terror... and now the kerosence smugglers are burning alive red tape officers...

You all son of her highness mother India please accept my standing Salute!!! and poor Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev, Azaad and Bose all I can pay you is sympathy and a big sorry for being the brother of queers!!!
Nothing Nothing and Nothing can Prevent the collapse of India... you just keep your TV sets tuned because this will not be the breaking news!! Shamefully 'Jai Hind!'

Welcome to the Corruption Era

"Stone era, Copper Era, Iron Era, Modern Era, IT Era now welcome to Corruption Era" 

Bureaucracy has always been the safest land for red hands. Red tapes enjoyed the power game despite of insufficient ability and worthiness. The recent attack on one such government officer over the conflicts of kerosene trafficking issue seems full stop on such red tape story.
Corruption has now finally started showing its jaw and nail. Till before this brutal assassination of a senior grade officer of Indian Polity, corruption was biting only to the ‘stupid common man’ but now the fire is finally on the house of perpetrators.
From last few months (I should say post common wealth games) many things are on litmus test. Congress in the leadership of ‘most white PM’ is getting tainted like ever before. Ones again ‘stupid common man’ must be thinking of the alternatives of this ever disgusting congress. I am observing that congress is playing the games of snake and ‘nevla’ but this time perhaps not having all anti-toxin drugs in kitty. From saffron terror to 2G spectrum, from 26/11 revenge to Kashmir peace and even from farmer’s suicide to Adarsh scandal everywhere ‘stupid common man’ is witnessing the 80’s styled congress.
It is well said that while nuclear harvesting increases the chances of explosive incidents. Same applies while harvesting corruption. In the statement of late Mr. Jay Prakash Narayana “an alternate of congress is essential else corruption will put the final nail in the coffin of mother India’. I am visualizing his great forecasting.
Coming back to my red-tape module of bureaucracy, babus had never gave any chance to businessman, smugglers, crooks, goons or street-cheaters and also not even to the politicians or ‘stupid common man’ to fetch benefits without their share in the cake. This helped them in making money and enjoying powers. In the history of post Indian diplomacy, for the first time, any civil officer got burnt alive just because of his nexus with the mafia lords of his territory. Don’t get too confident about the 168 arrests in Maharashtra as I bet nothing will happen to them. This is a country where eve Kasab can enjoy chicken biriyani for years.
Now a days, reading news papers or going through any media reports does not satisfies me that the narrated story will be entirely true. At least not I am able to believe on the narration of these ‘half blue bloods’ called Media. Ranging from the 2G to this assassination of a Deputy collector in Maharashtra everything appears half cooked and half fact. At many a times, it becomes impossible to get the real behind the cover story. Earlier it was like ‘what sells comes in headlines but now it is like what fetches more political and strategic mileage becomes the headlines or breaking news. In such a scenario, understanding the true story becomes an alien thought. In the case of Mahatma Aseemanda and saffron terror, variety of story is coming out in internet.
Considering the double intentioned rolls of the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, I beg pardon in advance from the blood relatives of the officer assassinated in such a shameless attempt of ever fearless mafia gangs. Thus this indeed does not forces me to keep my mouth shut, as I am doubly sure that behind the screen story is different. Behind the screen there is no opposition, there is no jurisdiction, there is no journalism no democracy. Everyone is nude and dancing ….
In this surmounting corruption, after the modern and IT age now I must term it the corruption age. This is corruption only that killed the veteran civil officer, this is the corruption only our martyr’s widows are getting homeless, this is corruption only forcing the farmers ‘the bread earner’ committing suicide, and this is corruption only making education impossible for the ‘stupid common man’.
Corruption, corruption, corruption… My Young brothers and sisters, wait till our mother India will bleed and scream and breathe last…. My lip does not have enough courage to pronounce…. ‘Jai Hind’

Education is the only solution but it needs a revolution!

Illness of leadership brought the ‘veil of ignorance’
Education is the only solution which needs a revolution!
Like answers of many big questions lies in very simple thread of life sequence. Solution of Communal Terror too lies in very simple but yet heinous task i.e. education for all. This is a solution to short minded superstitions and ridiculous beliefs. ‘Superstitions’ are the consequence of the short minded leadership tool called ‘veil of ignorance’ and have been widely practiced by almost every patriarch of every religion. None of the leaders of the world (who are now known as God or Son of Gods) had ever thought of creating any religion. Neither had they had any ill-intention or quest of massive crowd followers, they just wanted to establish a social order so that the vast group of humanity can live with harmony and peace. This become obvious for them to lead the crowd with an agenda of “dos and don’ts” for the development of a healthy social order and so it become even more important to make the crowd realize the good and bad of society.
As today we can understand that an illiterate cannot understand the modern education terms, on those days too it was hard for the commoners to comprehend the need of rules and laws of being together to establish harmony and peace. This invited the unavoidable need of the largely controversial tool of leadership i.e. ‘veil of ignorance’. A curtain to let the mass feel that there is something powerful inside. A fear of ‘ill fate’, a fear of ‘post life sufferings’ or in totality ‘fear of the God’ a universal moderator and savior. It was not easy… making an ignorant chunk of civic understand the difference of ‘sin and virtue’ is not possible without threatening them about something called ‘almighty’. Story’s long and short about the self experience, self quittance with God and his message to the devotees etc… they finally had written books and processes of social habitation in one word, they had written ‘constitution’. At times when reading and writing was the skill of minority, they perched it in the thousands of campaigns. This turned out to be the ‘religion’.
Religion is a self defined autocracy of superstitious and superficial laws which often fails to comply with the occurrence of time and leads to the illusion of peace in community. Illustrated deeds or processions in any social institution are associated with some or other religion. It all developed slowly yet profoundly among the people of same origin. It was all peaceful until two communities started intersecting each other for their basic requirements.
Initially we fought, we snatched, we killed then we settled, we compromised and we defeated. These homogenous amalgamations of world population with a slow adjustment of their ego become the foundation of new world order. Then comes’ the fear of losing the long made self-identity of the religion. Here religious leaders took the reliable tool “veil of ignorance”. They preached their devotees that exhibiting and promoting our religion is your duty and virtue. This founded the laying pillar of extremism and quest of supremacy from one to another.
Fear of losing popularity of religion snatched the night’s sleep of their respective promoters. It then provoked conspiracy of conflicting each other’s viewpoint and sparked rivalry. All such claims of supremacy are based on superstition and unrealistic processions of social institutions that engage money, time and labor for almost no fruitful returns. It is so illusive that whole big stage drama of such processions becomes one more weapon of distracting the attention of masses from some other much chronic issues.
Education in other hand makes the pupil rational. This provokes him to question the viability of the anything unlawful to physics. Education makes them identify the complexities and drawbacks of all wrong doing in the name of religion and hence posses courage to refuse. Education does not only play the role of pre-curser or preventer but also acts as an agent of peace and harmony. If a person gets good education and employment, family concern and happiness of loved ones become more important than the riots or honor killing. Social demands of an educated group of people are far comprehensive and rightful then those who become the victim of blind bulls fight.
A good education brings good salary, a good salary assures good social status and social status assures honor, pride and happiness. Ignorance proceeds to hunger and hunger provoke violence. Violence seeks revenge and revenge settles with crime.
Taking the example of a Naxals dominated District of Chhattisgarh called Dantewada. This area is almost in the full control of Naxals extremists. Here red rules over the tri-color but this district have a government PSU called NMDC (National Minerals Development Corporation). A matter of that everyone knows here Naxals does not allow any governmental operations like ‘railway’ ‘post office’ ‘training camp’ etc but NMDC is working in full swing!! Reason??? Most of the blood relatives are employed there and sourcing their bread and butter from NMDC. This mega investments brought world class hospitals in Dantewada, schools like DPS and KV, sports clubs… telecommunication and what not. A kid schooled from DPS migrates to a good Graduate College and gets very good job in any metro city of India. Many years later when he looks back to his home town he finds a cousin of him is provoking him to join the cause of Naxals but that boy is having cohesive idea of where he and his family will get the peace, love, harmony, dignity and on top of it lifestyle of their desire. No burning speeches, no brutal past deviates him because he is educated to identify where lies the opportunity for himself and for his society both. This is the power of education. 

Why Terror? Why terrorist?

Why Terror? Why terrorist?

Second Word War actually ended with many questions. These question are now gaining momentum… from last two decades, Islam terror is on the nostrils of the global leaders to take revenge of the assassination of Turkey’s sultan. Two Gulf wars have just added the fuel on the feel of their betrayal. Provoking Anti-Russian sentiments, Vietnam War, Gulf war and support to Israel against Philistine have declared USA a mighty goon. The battle field of Israel and Philistine ‘Gaza-Patti’ is also recorded as the pilgrimage of Islam known as ‘Msjid-e-Aksa’. This intensely triggers the gun of rage and betrayal. Anti Jewish and Anti Christen become inevitable Anti-Hindu (if not Anti Buddhist, Anti Jainism), the geographical impact of desert (High Food Insecurity, Temperature) made them barbarian and violent. Post-Industrial Revolution and increased demand of after world war two, Importance of crude oil made Arabia or ‘middle east’ a golden land. Invasion of Kuwait, Iraq war, formation of OPEQ union everything extracted these poor Islamists away from the modern civilization. This laid down the landscape of war and to make it the war of justice they termed it ‘Jihad’ the holy war.               
Justification of violence adds one more strong point. Last decade were been largely dominated by the terror led by several terrorists group across the globe. This is not because of hatred but because of encouragement of hatred by those who advocate peace on world centre stage! Execution of Saddam Husain is no end of the tunnel for USA. Assassination of LTTE Chief Prabhakran is not an end of tunnel for Sri Lanka. These acts are fuel for the agony of those who lost more than the lives. Burning Afghanistan will surely rise one day. Chechnya will never lose the noose. Jihad can never be silenced. Whatever our global leaders are doing is like doing patch works in damaged road… single rain will not only wash it but make it more dangerous for future commuters. Wikileaks have courageously embarked a new dimension to the common mans thought process. Insights of are raising serious concern. Comment of Indian veteran leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi over Saffron Terror and USA’s stand on Afghanistan war and Indo-Pak diplomacy is something like opening eyes and washing it with acid. Recent violence in Kashmir valley, which has been brutally pressed off, is getting intense further. It will again erupt like massive volcano at somewhere in very near future which will be very-very crucial for the Indian diplomacy.

To be continued....

Anarchy of Discipline

Anarchy of Discipline
Turning RSS into Saffron Terror

Eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. This phrase can be challenged by those who have ever experienced the terror attacks. Mahatma Gandhi once said “It is accepted that only sufferer can feel the pain but still agony can never be a base of justice”. India like many other countries has faced repeated attacks of terror mostly by the religious extremism. Hindus have been the largest among all which severally affected by such attacks in direct correlation but yes its consequences have been equally severe for all other religions including Islam. Jihad led by Taliban and other Islamic extremists have made Islamic community appear synonymous of terror in almost every western countries. These repeated threats to the life of common man have got no remedial from the political theatres. So a conclusive revolt from other non-government groups becomes inevitable. An organization as old as the struggle of independence of India is feeling the compulsion of revolting such mischievous threats to the social structure. This attempt of such a prestigious group has been termed as ‘Saffron Terror ’.
RSS a group known for discipline and peace is now locking horn with something called ‘violence of inhumanity’. Acceptance of the sin by great saint Shri Aseemanand ji and some other clear evidences have confirmed the involvement of RSS into the so called ‘Saffron Terror ’. An inhumane deed of anarchy is to exhibit evil for anything equally evil. Such acts become further grave when theatres famous for disciple and social equality get traced in such activities.
A social segment advocating ‘eye for an eye’ concept of Saffron Terror for jihad is actually nosedived with short term benefits of violence. This does not only reflects the frustration but also triggers an unhealthy mobilization of attacks and counter attacks. This should also be examined under the importance of the factor that Jihad is too much stronger then Saffron Terror and have developed the worldwide network. Saffron terror in other way around is just a spontaneous reaction of a few acts of Islamic extremists. The people of Hindus community are largely peace loving and same is the true when it comes to fetch any political support in favor of saffron cause. Both of these are profoundly available for any other religious extremists having global networks including christen and Jewish terrors. How else the political opportunists succeeded to noose the Saffron Terror?
Violence led by many global social disorders are basically because of grave mistakes in the very peace making process of nations who won in world war two.  The Hasty, wired and cruel process of Partition of India is one of the reason which made ‘Saffron Terror’ a natural evolution.
Partition was not the will of Indian common people. It was a lust of power of Indian leaders and zero-sum game for the colonial rulers. A sincere thought which ultimately proved disaster that allowed Indian Islamic brethren to stay in India if they want so. This become the final nail in the coffin of ‘peace and brotherhood’ for this country. Several Border disputes between Indian and Pakistan entangled everything that can provoke Hindu-Islam extremism in Indian soil. “Jihad” to which India was not even remotely a culprit has become a prime enemy with the notion-of-war i.e. ‘enemies friend is enemy too’. Pakistan got the support from USA because USA felt it can be a strategic alliance against Russia. Taliban needed the extremists, where else but Pakistan ‘the ever boiling soil’ can arrange this form them? Anti-Tibet factor of China started hating India because India supported Dalia-Lama. This all created big blues for a peace loving country called India. Revolt of every such revelries and constant bloodsheds have charged ‘saffron terror'