Education is the only solution but it needs a revolution!

Illness of leadership brought the ‘veil of ignorance’
Education is the only solution which needs a revolution!
Like answers of many big questions lies in very simple thread of life sequence. Solution of Communal Terror too lies in very simple but yet heinous task i.e. education for all. This is a solution to short minded superstitions and ridiculous beliefs. ‘Superstitions’ are the consequence of the short minded leadership tool called ‘veil of ignorance’ and have been widely practiced by almost every patriarch of every religion. None of the leaders of the world (who are now known as God or Son of Gods) had ever thought of creating any religion. Neither had they had any ill-intention or quest of massive crowd followers, they just wanted to establish a social order so that the vast group of humanity can live with harmony and peace. This become obvious for them to lead the crowd with an agenda of “dos and don’ts” for the development of a healthy social order and so it become even more important to make the crowd realize the good and bad of society.
As today we can understand that an illiterate cannot understand the modern education terms, on those days too it was hard for the commoners to comprehend the need of rules and laws of being together to establish harmony and peace. This invited the unavoidable need of the largely controversial tool of leadership i.e. ‘veil of ignorance’. A curtain to let the mass feel that there is something powerful inside. A fear of ‘ill fate’, a fear of ‘post life sufferings’ or in totality ‘fear of the God’ a universal moderator and savior. It was not easy… making an ignorant chunk of civic understand the difference of ‘sin and virtue’ is not possible without threatening them about something called ‘almighty’. Story’s long and short about the self experience, self quittance with God and his message to the devotees etc… they finally had written books and processes of social habitation in one word, they had written ‘constitution’. At times when reading and writing was the skill of minority, they perched it in the thousands of campaigns. This turned out to be the ‘religion’.
Religion is a self defined autocracy of superstitious and superficial laws which often fails to comply with the occurrence of time and leads to the illusion of peace in community. Illustrated deeds or processions in any social institution are associated with some or other religion. It all developed slowly yet profoundly among the people of same origin. It was all peaceful until two communities started intersecting each other for their basic requirements.
Initially we fought, we snatched, we killed then we settled, we compromised and we defeated. These homogenous amalgamations of world population with a slow adjustment of their ego become the foundation of new world order. Then comes’ the fear of losing the long made self-identity of the religion. Here religious leaders took the reliable tool “veil of ignorance”. They preached their devotees that exhibiting and promoting our religion is your duty and virtue. This founded the laying pillar of extremism and quest of supremacy from one to another.
Fear of losing popularity of religion snatched the night’s sleep of their respective promoters. It then provoked conspiracy of conflicting each other’s viewpoint and sparked rivalry. All such claims of supremacy are based on superstition and unrealistic processions of social institutions that engage money, time and labor for almost no fruitful returns. It is so illusive that whole big stage drama of such processions becomes one more weapon of distracting the attention of masses from some other much chronic issues.
Education in other hand makes the pupil rational. This provokes him to question the viability of the anything unlawful to physics. Education makes them identify the complexities and drawbacks of all wrong doing in the name of religion and hence posses courage to refuse. Education does not only play the role of pre-curser or preventer but also acts as an agent of peace and harmony. If a person gets good education and employment, family concern and happiness of loved ones become more important than the riots or honor killing. Social demands of an educated group of people are far comprehensive and rightful then those who become the victim of blind bulls fight.
A good education brings good salary, a good salary assures good social status and social status assures honor, pride and happiness. Ignorance proceeds to hunger and hunger provoke violence. Violence seeks revenge and revenge settles with crime.
Taking the example of a Naxals dominated District of Chhattisgarh called Dantewada. This area is almost in the full control of Naxals extremists. Here red rules over the tri-color but this district have a government PSU called NMDC (National Minerals Development Corporation). A matter of that everyone knows here Naxals does not allow any governmental operations like ‘railway’ ‘post office’ ‘training camp’ etc but NMDC is working in full swing!! Reason??? Most of the blood relatives are employed there and sourcing their bread and butter from NMDC. This mega investments brought world class hospitals in Dantewada, schools like DPS and KV, sports clubs… telecommunication and what not. A kid schooled from DPS migrates to a good Graduate College and gets very good job in any metro city of India. Many years later when he looks back to his home town he finds a cousin of him is provoking him to join the cause of Naxals but that boy is having cohesive idea of where he and his family will get the peace, love, harmony, dignity and on top of it lifestyle of their desire. No burning speeches, no brutal past deviates him because he is educated to identify where lies the opportunity for himself and for his society both. This is the power of education. 


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