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India The Youngest Country Of The World (Indian Corruption Analysis Cntd...)

"A half blood democracy is the one which has zero percent young citizen participation! unfortunately this is the bitter truth for the largest democracy of the world!"

Corruption is on this most ugly fearless dance, blood spilled by the terrorism is many fold more then it is stored in blood banks, bordering countries are ever more aggressive in engulfing our land into their boundaries. The youth of India Inc. can just not remain passionated with FDI and FII growth engines. Mafoi Consultancy have foretasted more jobs for Indian youths, Hindustan Times have observed less inclination of Youths towards political India. Folks, how will we be able to sustain economic growth without political stability? how long foreign companies will overlook the corrupt practices of Delhi and states? If not today then tomorrow they will turn their back! from where the hell will we bring jobs for so many educated and eligible young blood of our country??? 

Pals! if educated young Indian will ceased to get job then crime will increase, violence will increase, our enemies will take the maximum benefit of such a brutal future and we will end up getting few more partitions and get asleep into the dirt of darkness. this 5000 year old country will get burned to ashes.

We are the most youngest country of the world. 61% of Indian population belongs to 15-35 years of age in average. I don't know how you look at it but for me this is the second chance for India to retake its lost identity of being the global leadership after 2000 years. The rate at which mother earth is exhausting, probably this is going to be the last chance to prove our might! folks! We youngsters of India are so much in numbers that we can change any rule of law as per our choice for the whole world but if we remain idle and once this tender age get over... we can only pray for peaceful death for the self and for mother India both. 

According the a survey conducted by The Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper of India, published on 31st of January 2011, Indian youngsters do not want to cast their vote. 46% of young Indian do not have any political concern for this country and rest are not having any political agenda in their life. I once asked a young men that why not to vote? he replied "whom to vote? when all are equally corrupt." I then did not left with any option but to keep my mouth shut but sadly this tussle of dead lock can never be the solution.

'India of my dream' will never regret on its decision over the partition as the only tool of freedom but my motherland should and must regret its policies made in the house of parliament post her liberation... With due respect to the great visionary and our first prime minister of India, I must say that if Nehru Government had applied corrective measures for the internal security and forcefully implemented the education for all things could have been far Flowery and loving today. To the great disappointment, congress (and every other political leaders) took independence for granted. In Delhi, 15 August 1947 had been celebrated with utter most enthusiasm and happiness but in deep villages of Orrissa and Bihar it just had been understood as 'mere a transfer of crown'. 

Independent India failed to bring education for all, Independent democratic republic of India failed to secure civil security, peace and justice for the under privileged society of rural India. Debt duped the dumbs and dictators duped the democracy. This is how we young Indian got disrespect and hatred for the politician in heritage. 
I appeal to my dear young brothers and sisters! that due to many idiotic planning of our preceding political leaders 71% of our brethren are leaving in villages, without education and without basic amenities of life. this means every privileged young Indian have a responsibility or two young person. We have to bear this responsibly, folks just a job will not do.. 

1. Please ensure your contribution towards 'Education For All Schemes' 
2. Please spare yourself away from the Un-billed monetary transactions.
3. Please go around the world take the charge of every key positions of the world
4. Please start casting Vote, visionary leaders will emerge, have faith.
5. Start becoming more social and concerned about the public activities.
6. Learn, practice, demonstrate and promote civil discipline and hygienic lifestyle.


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