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Indian Corruption Analysis

By Magnifying my observation I found!

A raja is free, happy and healthy, suresh kalmadi is in the bed with other then his wife, Nira Radia is busy in her money count, Modi is licking Sharad Pawars foot.

In India culprits of Bhopal Gas Tragedy are living in luxuries, Bofors Agents are out of bars, Coffin Scandlers  are  enjoying eve teasing, Lalu Yadav is still on ninth cloud! Kasab is enjoying chicken biryani, Afajal Guru is still alive, no verdict on Parliament Attack, No verdict on 26/11 attack, no verdict on Kandhar Hijack, No verdict on Mumbai serial blasts, no verdict on Mumbai Local Train Blasts, no solution to Kashmir Issue, no solution to Naxal issue, no revenge for Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, verdict on 1993 Ram Temple has been re-posted to supreme court.

My God! My Belove Mother India is really a land of miracle! Incredible is India that survived 4000 years of caste discrimination, 1000 years of Islamic rule, 250 years of British Rule and 65 years of corruption monarchy. I salute to my Swiss bank account holding brethren and give a pity to those idiots who sacrificed their lives for an idiotic 7th largest piece of lithosphere called 'Poor India'

Bloody ministers are busy in cat-dog fight of 'Kashmir Karnataka and Billary Miners'. Those pigs sitting in opposition are showing another dreadful might in Sri-Nagars Lal Chowk. That bastard CM of Kashmir is hiding beneath the skirt of his mother. that Italian Bitch is busy in sweeping claps and applauds for her Hindi speeches.
Media is on the verge of Nudity, even shameless then a prostitute!! the fourth pillar of Indian democracy is 'pol dancing' for TRP. every farmers suicide is their breaking news and every-time Rakhi Sawant sneezes they shows the video footage. Sucking Big boss and shameless realty shows are the pickles of prime time TV slots.    
Entire winter session went futile and coming budget session will spit only poison for this stupid common man!
those son of queers to whom we call our Army officers are busy in pocketing bribes by the smugglers...
Kashmir is not in our control, Nagaland is burning with Nagalims, East India is burning with Naxalists, entire country is burning with Saffron terror... and now the kerosence smugglers are burning alive red tape officers...

You all son of her highness mother India please accept my standing Salute!!! and poor Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukh Dev, Azaad and Bose all I can pay you is sympathy and a big sorry for being the brother of queers!!!
Nothing Nothing and Nothing can Prevent the collapse of India... you just keep your TV sets tuned because this will not be the breaking news!! Shamefully 'Jai Hind!'


The condition is even worst than we think, as the things will gone for an ARAJAKATA or for a RED REVOLUTION or may be our neighbors Pak and China will occupy some part of our Land and than our Leaders will open their eyes, the solution for the condition is only an awareness of YOUTH who can learn from others, the growing economic boom will help us and the POWER of vote can be use as a strong weapon to punish those bullshits. The thing we must understand is AB TO JAAGO.
Beena Mishra said…
Not even then u know after the panchsheel agreement in 1961 when china attacked India and violated the panchsheel agreement,china captured the kailash post then and was continuously moving forward even then the then prime minister of india Pt. jawahar lal nehru was not giving the permission to indian soilders on the border to fight even after lots of requests...The reason what he gave was that he doesn't want to violate the agreement(was there anything left to be violated?).......when the then general in command due to his love towards the country couldn't bear anymore the progress of the chinese in his country,he went against the Prime minister and atacked back,and won the war........u know what reward he got for his bravery?He was courtmartialed...If it was not for him china wud have been ruling over us today.....and till date the kailash part which has its mentions in our purans is in china.That was imediate after the freedom of the country...and today after 65 yrs of independence from british rule and dependence on coruption what do you expect???
Gaurav Gupta said…
Virendra, I agree to the present state of affairs in India, but do you know who is responsible for this ? Its nobody in general and everybody in particular. Yes, "We the People of India" are responsible for this. From beggars, rickshaw pullers to Engineers, Doctors to Ministers and Corporate Leaders. Its Me and You who are responsible for current state of affairs in one way or the other, at one time or the other. Almost everybody is corrupt and tries to loot as per his/her strength. Its just that the people you are alluding to had more "opportunities" to take our mother India to ruins.

We Indians are actually accustomed to be led instead of leading, thats why we quickly adapt to any sort of leadership without reckoning the aftermath. Its has always easy for us this way. But we have reached the threshold where if "We Adapt, We Perish".

Redemption lies in changing ourselves instead of pointing fingers and trying to influence as many people as possible around us with our high moral standards.

We have polluted our social system so much that even if we start believing in this today,it will take atleast a generation of planting morals values around us for denouement to be visible, but yes posterity will breath in fresh air and we will be proud to reincarnate on this holy land.

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