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Welcome to the Corruption Era

"Stone era, Copper Era, Iron Era, Modern Era, IT Era now welcome to Corruption Era" 

Bureaucracy has always been the safest land for red hands. Red tapes enjoyed the power game despite of insufficient ability and worthiness. The recent attack on one such government officer over the conflicts of kerosene trafficking issue seems full stop on such red tape story.
Corruption has now finally started showing its jaw and nail. Till before this brutal assassination of a senior grade officer of Indian Polity, corruption was biting only to the ‘stupid common man’ but now the fire is finally on the house of perpetrators.
From last few months (I should say post common wealth games) many things are on litmus test. Congress in the leadership of ‘most white PM’ is getting tainted like ever before. Ones again ‘stupid common man’ must be thinking of the alternatives of this ever disgusting congress. I am observing that congress is playing the games of snake and ‘nevla’ but this time perhaps not having all anti-toxin drugs in kitty. From saffron terror to 2G spectrum, from 26/11 revenge to Kashmir peace and even from farmer’s suicide to Adarsh scandal everywhere ‘stupid common man’ is witnessing the 80’s styled congress.
It is well said that while nuclear harvesting increases the chances of explosive incidents. Same applies while harvesting corruption. In the statement of late Mr. Jay Prakash Narayana “an alternate of congress is essential else corruption will put the final nail in the coffin of mother India’. I am visualizing his great forecasting.
Coming back to my red-tape module of bureaucracy, babus had never gave any chance to businessman, smugglers, crooks, goons or street-cheaters and also not even to the politicians or ‘stupid common man’ to fetch benefits without their share in the cake. This helped them in making money and enjoying powers. In the history of post Indian diplomacy, for the first time, any civil officer got burnt alive just because of his nexus with the mafia lords of his territory. Don’t get too confident about the 168 arrests in Maharashtra as I bet nothing will happen to them. This is a country where eve Kasab can enjoy chicken biriyani for years.
Now a days, reading news papers or going through any media reports does not satisfies me that the narrated story will be entirely true. At least not I am able to believe on the narration of these ‘half blue bloods’ called Media. Ranging from the 2G to this assassination of a Deputy collector in Maharashtra everything appears half cooked and half fact. At many a times, it becomes impossible to get the real behind the cover story. Earlier it was like ‘what sells comes in headlines but now it is like what fetches more political and strategic mileage becomes the headlines or breaking news. In such a scenario, understanding the true story becomes an alien thought. In the case of Mahatma Aseemanda and saffron terror, variety of story is coming out in internet.
Considering the double intentioned rolls of the fourth pillar of Indian democracy, I beg pardon in advance from the blood relatives of the officer assassinated in such a shameless attempt of ever fearless mafia gangs. Thus this indeed does not forces me to keep my mouth shut, as I am doubly sure that behind the screen story is different. Behind the screen there is no opposition, there is no jurisdiction, there is no journalism no democracy. Everyone is nude and dancing ….
In this surmounting corruption, after the modern and IT age now I must term it the corruption age. This is corruption only that killed the veteran civil officer, this is the corruption only our martyr’s widows are getting homeless, this is corruption only forcing the farmers ‘the bread earner’ committing suicide, and this is corruption only making education impossible for the ‘stupid common man’.
Corruption, corruption, corruption… My Young brothers and sisters, wait till our mother India will bleed and scream and breathe last…. My lip does not have enough courage to pronounce…. ‘Jai Hind’


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