Why Terror? Why terrorist?

Why Terror? Why terrorist?

Second Word War actually ended with many questions. These question are now gaining momentum… from last two decades, Islam terror is on the nostrils of the global leaders to take revenge of the assassination of Turkey’s sultan. Two Gulf wars have just added the fuel on the feel of their betrayal. Provoking Anti-Russian sentiments, Vietnam War, Gulf war and support to Israel against Philistine have declared USA a mighty goon. The battle field of Israel and Philistine ‘Gaza-Patti’ is also recorded as the pilgrimage of Islam known as ‘Msjid-e-Aksa’. This intensely triggers the gun of rage and betrayal. Anti Jewish and Anti Christen become inevitable Anti-Hindu (if not Anti Buddhist, Anti Jainism), the geographical impact of desert (High Food Insecurity, Temperature) made them barbarian and violent. Post-Industrial Revolution and increased demand of after world war two, Importance of crude oil made Arabia or ‘middle east’ a golden land. Invasion of Kuwait, Iraq war, formation of OPEQ union everything extracted these poor Islamists away from the modern civilization. This laid down the landscape of war and to make it the war of justice they termed it ‘Jihad’ the holy war.               
Justification of violence adds one more strong point. Last decade were been largely dominated by the terror led by several terrorists group across the globe. This is not because of hatred but because of encouragement of hatred by those who advocate peace on world centre stage! Execution of Saddam Husain is no end of the tunnel for USA. Assassination of LTTE Chief Prabhakran is not an end of tunnel for Sri Lanka. These acts are fuel for the agony of those who lost more than the lives. Burning Afghanistan will surely rise one day. Chechnya will never lose the noose. Jihad can never be silenced. Whatever our global leaders are doing is like doing patch works in damaged road… single rain will not only wash it but make it more dangerous for future commuters. Wikileaks have courageously embarked a new dimension to the common mans thought process. Insights of wikileak.com are raising serious concern. Comment of Indian veteran leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi over Saffron Terror and USA’s stand on Afghanistan war and Indo-Pak diplomacy is something like opening eyes and washing it with acid. Recent violence in Kashmir valley, which has been brutally pressed off, is getting intense further. It will again erupt like massive volcano at somewhere in very near future which will be very-very crucial for the Indian diplomacy.

To be continued....

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