Social Not Racial: Human Not Political :I Love You AZAD

People do often call me a politician "Neta!" in disgust... When I post my views in my blog and update my Facebook wall for the same, I get comment like "JV you are just too emotional like stupids"

I once received (Got Deceived in fact!) "What the hell (It was an F word indeed) you write in FB? It is a place of fun not for the people like you). 

Pals 'good words from friends enhances your confidence' but 'bad words from loved once trashes you more badly then anything else'. When my own closed fellow advised me that I should not talk about the country from the the people who are busy in stress busting hobbies out in FB. It took me a week to recover from the disappointment but not all of a sudden in blog with you. Let me narrate you one of the best day of my life i.e. today! 

Azad! The son of Soil of Jhhabua District Immortal Panit Chnadra Shekhar Sitaram Tiwari born today! A never say die attitude of this man re-ignited me from his words pasted in a wall poster at AZAD NAGAR CHOWK near GPO. I write it here for you.
एक भारतीय विद्दयार्थी न सिर्फ शिक्षा प्राप्त करने का कर्नधर है!
 बल्कि उन सभी मजबूर भारतवासियों का प्रतिनिधित्व करने के लिए जिम्मेदार है
जिन्हें शिक्षा नसीब नहीं हुई|
ऐसे दाइत्व के निर्वहन में कई बार हमे अपने ही मित्रों, परिजनों एवं परिचितों के कुवचनो का सामना करना पड़ेगा|
जो विचलित न हो, जो निडर हो जो सतर्क हो वो आगे आये... अपने मातृभूमि की सेवा में गजगामिनी शहादत के लिए!!! 

इन्कलाब जिन्दाबाद!! 

My day actually started with a melodious 'voice of लव!'. Today morning I participated in RSS morning meeting. Despite of being rigid anti-religious secular and god fearing man I joined my morning cup of tea with  a few Hindu extremists of my locality.
Whatsoever is the extremism this social group expressed in history and present but the apt commitment towards discipline makes RSS undisputed king of any social army of humanity in the world! I salute the RSS for the kind devotion they show to their law, code of conduct and code of honor!
चले चले हम निशदिन अविरत, चले चले हम सतत चले|
कर्म करें हम निरलस पल-पल, दिनकर सम हम सदा जले||

सोते नर का भाग्य सुप्त है, जगे नर का भाग्य जगता|
उठने पर वह झट से उठता, पग बढ़ते ही वह भी बढ़ता||
आप्त वचन यह ऋषि मुनियों का, नर है नर का भाग्य विधाता||
पुरखों की यह सीख समझ कर, कर्मलीन हो सदा चले||

Yes my dear friend नर है नर का भाग्य विधाता|

At my 'Temple Of Profession' The Inspire School of Motivation I delivered a lecture on "The Origin of Universe" 200 plus students in the passion (as shown in Mumbai Local Trains) rigidly fitted 20X10 room listened me passionately and participated in the custom of  "The Inspire" by paying standing tribute to our National Anthem and our group song "HUM HONGE KAMYAB". this lecture revitalized my soul along with a calibrating bliss after a sad disappointment of an ambitious failure at MALWA College a day ago where I had given a lecture on "The India Growth Story" to only 4 students expected was 320! 

I am feeling happy and energetic and heading strong towards my goal i.e. Free Education for Every Human on earth. Thank You Ajad! Thank you RSS and thank you Inspire (For sour lesson thank you Malwa College). Proudly Jai Hind!

Indian Corruption Analysis (Full Story)

Dear Reader's, 
I have given my full efforts to find out the data pie-charted in these images, though most of the data is based on the secondary sources collected from internet. Internet is a wide independent and multiple data source that indeed does not mean that its correctness is challenged. Please give your advise, views and valuable input to my study!

India is a land of opportunity this phrase have been turned out to be very fruitful for those who become opportunistic. 

After 1947 AD in the hasty process of succeeding towards independence indians did many mistakes. These mistakes turned out so ugly that today more $450 Billion wealth of Indians is parked in foreign banks of which Indian government is not aware!  

Mistake 1. 
A thought full question raised by the great Osho Rajneesh! i.e. Why Gandhi did not acceded to the seat of Prime Ministership of India. 
Just give a second thought to his ridiculous questions... I know Gandhi was very old to attain to a seat which needed swift and young but what went wrong by Gandhi's denial to this seat is that most of the Gandhi Philosophers refused to take the seat in support of Gandhi's lust free service to Mother India. What actually happened because this is those who were not the Gandhians have taken the seat... those who had no morals, or value system took the seat for their personal benefits.
Its solution could have been that Mr. Gandhi could have been taken the seat for at least a year of less so that the message of inviting all Gandhi Followers to take the charge of adolescent country. 

Mistake 2. 
With Mr. Nehru and his industrial vision... It appears that only city culture and urbanization of Indian civilization was the only objective of India. For the thinkers like Communists (now Naxalists) India's freedom was like a process of just 'an exchange of crown'. Freedom appeared only in Delhi or other Metro's but deep in the village.... peasants remain the slaves of Land Owners. In Villages, India remain enslaved by the Thakurs and Brahmins. Indebted from generations to generations in the name of marriages of sisters or daughters. Re-structuring of Villages governing system could have brought hope to poor. 

Mistakes 3. 
Police force restructuring could have been a measure impact on the mindset of freedom hungry people. It was well known that police professionals were badly under paid. Power with no monetary  rewards do have a natural indict towards bribery and corruption. 
Re-designing dress code, liberty in work functions and hike in salaries could have brought tremendous results. 

Mistakes 4. 
Education system, Nehru's vision remain alluded to the urban development only. Urban location got tremendous benefits in terms of education system. Modern education remain in the consol of Christan Missionary for long. Sarswati Shishu Mandir, Bal Vidya Mandir came very late that too did not get popularity in the wake of English Medium Impact. 
Government Teachers remain under paid his again lead to a monetary dissatisfaction and a culture home tuition born and eat all the quality of healthy school education. Salary and training of educationist could taken more seriously. 

Below are a few diagrams are depicting the ill effect of poor vision of our great leaders. Please try to understand my views are not anti politics... my views are pro-youngsters. Jai Hind!

India;s internal security system is capable enough to find our how many bees are flying.. let alone the miscrent activites of anti-social elements. A movie 'Wednesday' is a classic example of it. Our brave security men are tagged by a few mighty goons listed above. Long Live Mother India!

Bribery could not have been so ugly if only the stomachs of my brethren's wouldn't have left hungry. (Give your views).  

What you think? from where funds come from for all those bombs taken lives of our loved once in terror attacks? see pie chart above. 

None of the profession listed above are anything less then to the service towards the sovereignty of mother India. We are equally sinners and liable to condemned to hell!

Why else do you think that now is a high time to react! REVOLT and rebel against the system so deep roots that justice is almost seemed denied! 

A classic examples of Escape velocity, in the fraction of seconds in front of our naked eye goons flee away unnoticed and unarrested.... one more reasons to lift a cause for the second call of independence of my mother India.
Though my last post titled nervous 99 could have given you a wider scope of identifying the curse of scams to my country... above is a small picture of the same. I love you Mom! I pray your sons will wake up! 

Now comes a point where I can say that hope is still not lost!
A table image above is an answer for those who think that nothing can be done to this country! Folk! every work seems impossible till you are lying in your bed and planning for it by an assumption that task is heinous. My beloved brothers and sisters... lets just begin! if not we then our next generation will taste the fruit of love peace and harmony by the total justice to the humanity. Inqlaub Jindabad!

Nervous 99! (List 99 scams in India)

See friends, 

And I was thinking that why so much investigations on Scams... It is because now Neta are into nervous 99. I sure 100th scam will be the landsliding news in this country! I am thrilled... you?
  1. Jeep Scandal 1948.
  2. Haridas Mundhra Scandal ( 1957)
  3. K D Malaviya-Sirajuddin Oil Scandal.
  4. 1971 Nagarwala Scandal.
  5. 1975: Declaration of Emergency.
  6. Sukhna Land Scandal.
  7. Oil for Food Programme Scam.
  8. Barak Missile Scandal.
  9. Palmolein Oil Scam.
  10. Initial Public Offer(IPO) Scam.
  11. Mining Scams.
  12. Bitumen Scam.
  13. Cement Scandal.
  14. IPL Scam.
  15. Animal Husbandry Scam.
  16. Satyam Software Services Scam.
  17. Tansi Land Scam.
  18. ULIP Insurance Scam.
  19. Cash For Votes Scandal.
  20. RBG Resources Scam.
  21. Bangalore - Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Fraud.
  22. Bofors Scam.
  23. Haji Scams.
  24. Animal Fodder Scam.
  25. Human Trafficking Scam.
  26. Churhat Lottery Scam.
  27. Telgi Stamp Papers Scam.
  28. Urea Scam.
  29. St Kitts Forgery.
  30. Anantnag Transport Subsidy Scam.
  31. Yugoslav Dinar Scam
  32. Kargil and Coffin Scam.
  33. Uday Goyal Arrow Global Agrotech Scam.
  34. Emaar Scam.
  35. Spiritual Guru Scams.
  36. HDW Submarine Scandal.
  37. Kashmir Sex Racket Scam.
  38. Babri and Ram Mandir Scam.
  39. Land Acquisition Scams on name of SEZ with harassment false cases.
  40. Profident Fund Scam with Current corrupted Judges in both Supreme Court and High Court.
  41. Ketan Parek Stock Market Scam.
  42. Bansali Scam.
  43. Cobbler and Shoes Scam.
  44. Nagarjuna Finance Scam.
  45. Dalmia DSQ Software Scam.
  46. UTI Scam.
  47. Uday Goyal Scam.
  48. Letter of Credit (LOC) Scam.
  49. Sanjay Agrawal Home Trade Scam.Scam.
  50. LIC Insurance Scam.
  51. Harshad Mehta Stock Market Scam.
  52. Suflam Sujalam Scam.
  53. Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank (MMCB) Scam.
  54. Hawala Transaction Scams.
  55. Global Trust Bank Scam and Bankruptcy
  56. Charminar Cooperative Urban Bank (CCUB) Scam and Bankruptcy.
  57. Vasavi Bank Scam and Bankruptcy.
  58. Krushi Cooperative Urban Bank (KCUB) Scam.
  59. Prudential Bank Scam and Bankruptcy.
  60. Nagpur District Central Cooperative Bank (NDCCB) Scam.
  61. 2010 housing loan scam.
  62. Sugar Import Scam.
  63. Preferential Allotment Scam.
  64. Meghalaya Forest Scam.
  65. Fertiliser Import Scam.
  66. Telecom Scam.
  67. SNC Lavalin Power Project Scam.
  68. Teak Plantation Swindle Scam.
  69. Scorpene Submarine Scam.
  70. Taj Corridor Scam.
  71. Army Ration Pilferage Scam.
  72. State Bank of Saurashtra Scam.
  73. Flood Relief Scam.
  74. Rice Export Scam.
  75. Bulletproof Jackets Scam.
  76. MCD Pension Scam.
  77. AICTE Scam.
  78. Medical Council of India(MCI) Scam.
  79. Rail Recruitment Scam.
  80. NREGA Scam.
  81. Siachen Scam.
  82. J & K Milk Scam.
  83. Gorshkov ScaM
  84. MPLAD Scam
  85. Public Distribution System(PDS) Scam.
  86. Rajya Sabha Vote Scam
  87. Cash for Questions in Parliament Scam
  88. City Limouzine & Realcom Scam.
  89. Common Wealth Games(CWG) Corruption.
  90. Adarsh Housing Society Scam.
  91. 2G spectrum scam.
  92. Citibank Fraud.
  93. Tax Evasion Scam.
  94. Tri Valley University and Immigration Fraud.
  95. ISROs S-Band Spectrum Scam.
  96. Hydro Power Scam.
  97. Apex Bank Loan Scam.
  98. Adarsh Society Scam
  99. S Band Scam
अब एक सवाल कौन सी इन्दुस्ट्री है जिसमे घोटाले नहीं हुए है? कौन सी मिनिस्ट्री है जिसमे घोटाले नहीं हुए है? कौन सा स्टेट है जो घ्तालो में लिप्त नहीं है? 
अरे रुको! don't scratch your brain.... answer is "NONE"

Indian Corruption Analysis 2

Yes! this is a country where 2.5 billions eyes have a dream which have been expressed by  very rare inks and tongs of the great sages. The Bapu's Bharat or Ram Rajya or Praja Rajyam or Ashoka's Empire do not have anything different in the canvas of imaginations of billions i.e. a peaceful kingdom of wisdom with equality and justice. One thing is clear that India will triumph back to the worlds cradle seat. Brother's we just have to be swift enough to register our names in the book of history... In this article I am taking you trough the painful ways of getting all that we have committed to our ancestors... 

Statistics shown in the image below should not be considered satisfactorily normal. A country seventh largest in the size, second largest in population and a largest democracy with oldest history of civilization should not stand in the position as pathetic as anarchy. Soon after we achieved independence we become greedy and opportunistic. We are reaping the bitter fruits of those days...

---------------------High Principles Low Morals and Infinite Expectations are called Indians------------

यहाँ गरीबों को मरने की इस लिए जल्दी है फराज!
के जीने की आरजू में कफ़न महंगा न हो जाये!!

Those barristers who had seen the English diplomats from closely, learnt how to become mean and self-centered. We forgot the lessons of Gandhi Ji's three Monkeys... all we remembered only Monkeys way of snatching and eating. We fought for borders, we fought for chairs, we fought for lands... post independence we stopped fighting for securing the one to which we got at the cost of million visionaries life and blood. Today we have reached to a stance where a farmer is dying of Debt, A beggar is dying of  Hunger, a Middle is dying of jealousness, an upper middle class is dying of Diabetes or Cardiac Arrest and elites are dying of worries. Since the days of barristers till todays doctors, engineers and scientist we have grossly lost mutual love, support and concern. This is the only reason we are scattered and divided so badly that now even a few short minded fools are using us like we are just a vote count for entry to the office of most profitable chair.   
 ----------------------------------------- Everyone Is Castigated Yet Everyone Is Involved-----------------

-------------------------------------------------------So that the carpet size can remain constant---------------------

to be continued!!!

Love is Divine! (Snippet of My Novel)

Note: This is a snippet of the novel book I am writing 'My Wise Countrymen!Hope you will enjoy reading this small peace of work.

Happy Valentines Day!

----------End of Message----------

“Good Morning!” I picked up my phone while in dead sleep.

“Are you sleeping?” asked Farah as if I am a milkman or Newspaper hawker (How else will I be awake at this time?).

Suddenly I recalled, I committed to take her to a special place from where we can see first ray of sunrise.

“Oh! No I am not… I… I… was brushing teeth...” even brain does not responds in such a crucial times.

“On bed?” she took my remand.

“Yes! No! I am just taking keys and heading for the parking” and I grinned while I am thankful to science that in mobile you still can’t see each other.

After disconnecting, only god can be the true witness of what all I did to make her realize that I was not sleeping and was aware of the promise I made to her. So swift in getting dressed… and coming on road… never in exam days I was so much efficient.

21 min 36 seconds is all I took from my bed to her hostel. Now I’m honking horn in front of Farah’s hostel. In seconds later I got the SMS ‘wait… coming in a min’.

It is 10 minute since I read her SMS, I kept my eyes glued at the main gate to see if she is coming but then I reclined driving chair to have nap (how else I can fore-throw the boozing effect of six pegs till late night with folks!).

I guess I was snoring when she knocked on window glass. I jumped up in embarrassment, I looked at her face. She is looking too fresh and beautiful. Her hairs are still wet and curling on her cheeks. Lips are marooned by some glossy lipstick when she zoomed in the car her fragrance took away all booze of my blood and refueled another million times stronger scotch. Fairly more than a minute my eyes remained glued at her face… rest all my organs are paralyzed and numb (except those which works with testosterone Harmon uh!). She smiled, as if she got that all her efforts to look beautiful has been evaluated, she turned away while smiling and turned back to me.

“We are still at the hostel Aman, people may notice!” she whispered. I don’t know for what she raised this issue… may be for the way I am looking at her or maybe she got to know the thoughts within me getting criminal for her. I recovered and drove off towards the place called ‘Ralamandal’ a hill at the outskirt of Indore. High enough to see the break of dawn, a must see experience is guaranteed.

At the peak I parked my car very near to the ‘watching point’. I took her hands on mine to walk through the deep dark jungle. There is no one around at this morning my wrist watch is ticking at 5:36 AM within in ten minute dawn will break… a beautiful dawn with an ultra beautiful girl... a rare combo to which any boy of my age can bet his life. A time as much precious as any costliest gem of the world studded with equally beautiful expensive metal. This comes very-very rare in the life of human. Temperature is shrinking our skin, her sleeve-less kurta is making her shiver a little. I took out my leather jacket and helped her pull in it. We reached to the place where I used to sit alone for hours to see the miracle of nature. This is for the first time I brought someone with me at this place but that too now I do not consider her someone. We sat at the stone closest to each other. I kept on holding her hands… she kept her head on my chest (or Shoulder perhaps). Her hairs and body have arousing fragrance. No one of us is talking to each other. She slowly took my hand closer to her lips. I can feel her thick glossy lipstick on my finger as it ran through her lips. Her breaths are hot enough to chill away the atmospheric temperature. I am not able to keep my eyes open any longer. Soothing breeze is making everything around us rhythmic as plants and trees are dancing in the tune of romance. Her hairs are touching my lips. I slowly dared to push my lips closer to her forehead. I marked a very soft kiss on her forehead and sliding downwards… I am scared if she takes it wrong or refuses it or jerks me away during my daring move towards her lips but I did not stopped… neither she asked me to stop. I undid her lips with mine; her glossy lipstick is softening my hard lips. Her breath is taking my breaths along. We both have closed our eyes… her hands are kneading on mine. I never felt such a strong blood force under my heart so much so that I am not only breathing heavily but also my vain's are beating along with every beat of heart and a few droplets of sweat popped out on my forehead!

When she took away her lips… sunrays broke out sharp at far eastern horizon.
I whispered “Will you be my valentine?”
She flashed a glance to me, smiled and re-zoomed towards the lovely sight of sunrise. Thinking of something... perhaps about just what we have done and smiling along with the thought flow within her.

“I do!” She replied…

"Amen!" I thanked to God! By looking at the Sun which has just risen in my life!!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------A message--------------------------------------------------------------------------
My Novel 'My Wise Countrymen' is based upon the story of six students (3girls & 3boys) of the university of Indore who fell in love with each other and get dragged into such circumstances where they are forced to choose a path far precious than the career they would have chosen otherwise!. 

IT is a love Story with an Objective of Life
---------------------------------------------------------------------End of Message----------------------------------------------------------------------- 

Reasons to love

"In this valentines day festival, I sensed the need of re-framing 'love' for those who have arrived to a conclusion that 'love is lust'"

No psychiatrist or medical practitioner can define ‘what provokes love among the living being?’ or for being specific ‘How does it exists?’ This is the only factor which turns all that claims futile which tends to prove that universe is autonomous and no God have ever created it. Coming more specific to human beings, this is the species which can not only ‘love’ but can express it to the subject and others non-concerned.
We the 'two-leg creatures' are the most eligible species when it comes to express the feelings. Every organism we know are having ‘five senses: to touch, to see, to smell, to listen and to taste’ but only we human made it possible to decide upon ‘What to touch, what to see what to smell, what to listen and what to taste’ that too by just our two hands. In the process of developing our priorities we have decided upon ‘why to touch, why to see, why to smell, why to listen, why to taste’. This ‘why’ of our life made us different from anything which is deemed ordinary to us! This ‘not being just ordinary’ for someone who is ‘just not ordinary to us’ is called LOVE.
In race of proving our might over others human got to understand that knowing is not sufficient but ‘showing that you are knowing!’ is also important but the same he had never applied to ‘LOVE’... Folks! Show that you care and care that you show your love is the biggest REASON TO LOVE!
Love comes with respect!
In this valentines day festival, I sensed the need of re-framing 'love' for those who have arrived to a conclusion that 'love is lust' because of many such living examples of 'living in' relationships of rev party culture of 'one night stand' where premarital sex, post marital affairs are becoming new terminologies of Indian societies. India is becoming consumer driven economy where buying and selling everything is getting possible. lust is wrapped with feud love and is out for sale in the showcase of glistering shops. In an era where 'pills' are deciding 'how much to sleep' or 'when to have baby' a natural illusion over the definition of love is inevitable. Gone are grand parents who ever told us about their experienced with love or perhaps gone are days when grand children used to seek words and advises from the grand parents. if this transfer of knowledge based on experienced would have been continued to be practiced in our social structure perhaps we could have blessed to believe that love only comes with respect. Respect for each other is the foundation of love for each other. 
Respect comes with Trust!
Distrust gets a natural instinct of anger! just negate the sentence trust must get an instinct of respect! Your child trusts you and so respects you and because he/she respects you... he/she loves you. Today jealousness is replaced by competition and so we are now not having courage to compete with the fellow inhibitors out in public. Today, it is a fashion or cleverness to attack from the back... break the trust is being trained out in modern schools of humanity... if such is a the fashion of new education who dare do we expect to celebrate valentines day with peace and harmony.
Pals! India is not against 'Romance' 'Sex Educations' 'Freedom of Sexual expressions' Khajuraho, Vrindavan and Kamasutra is a living example of our tradition.... Indian society is ready to accept 'Living in relationship', 'Post Marital Affairs' when it is clearly defined under the 'law of love' but question is do we actually feel and try to find 'the reason of love?' get your reason of love.... get you love..... get love.... Happy Valentines day!

Re-Goldening India: Success Story of Worlds Most Ancient Civilization

"रोम मिश्र यूनान सब मिट गए जहाँ से... बाकि मगर है अब तक नामो निशा हमारा
कुछ बात है के हस्तीमिटती नहीं हमारी, सदियों रहा है दुश्मन दौरे जमा हमारा" 
                                                                                                                                -Dr. Allama Iqbal

 "During Indus Vally Civilization: India had Worlds GDP share of 35% after 5500 years in 1952 it remain 2.2%!"

"A Bird of Gold found dead in year 1952, her next generation is re-thinking to fly in 2011"

Post liberation India dreamed of a new modern civilization. A hope of total inclusive growth and social harmony kept the eyes of mother India glued till we cracked hover the Pakistan over the boundary dispute in 1948 since then Mother did not expected anything from her children. We grew like a cobs in abandoned villa, hopeless, vision less and without any trust or respect to nation. We looted, we snatched and defamed our great mother worldwide. World leaders watched us and enjoyed as if any visitors to a zoo looks at the group of monkeys and laughs. The youngest country tasted anarchy from the hand of the same blue blood who;s father had a claimed to helped fetch the independence for our nation. This did not stopped our shameful deed and height of all loots and corruption surpassed when we realized that Forex reserve of India is left only for two weeks expenditures. Victory has many fathers, shame has none... This is how PV Narsimha Rao resumed the power at the center under him our then Finance minister Dr. Manmohan Singh relaxed the Indian Economy.

India's two greatest achievements are basically two greatest externally forced deeds. First, our independence is given not taken and second our 1991 economic reform was a compulsion and not the choice. This is how our mixed economy added quite more capitalism in the flavor. Both the mistakes, although,  paid hefty reward to this nation. at the time when we were not prepared for the freedom, we got it and we manged the transfer of the power quite appraisingly. At the second time when, opening of the economy was never planned but happened. This is how ways for this global village came into existence. 

People like Sabeer Bhatia shaken the worlds attention towards Indian, he made then believe that "Boss! Indian are far more talented then anyone in the world!" I am not going patriotic while stating this sentence but folks! we fetched respected space in IT revolution at times when we did not had any infrastructure available to do it... Imagine if we Indian ever had computers in home way back in 80's.  Post Y2K everybody in the world got to believe that IT age is for Indians. The Concept of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) intensified the lifestyle of youngsters. A country where largest educated were unemployed, all of a sudden crunch of English speaking youngsters soared the average salary paid to the just schooled teen agers.

In fist quarter of last decade 2000-2010, 'being Indian' become the qualification to work in any software company of the world. Happy go lucky, freaky, dreamers, moody, lifestyle savvy all came in line to earn money. A generation become Independent... A generation before marriage, before social responsibilities, before any burden of family accountabilities become rich to go Cinema, to restaurants, to go for world tours.     

This does not happened all of a sudden, referring to the Book "Imagining India' where Mr. Nandan Nilkheni have narrated about the boon and bane of English in India. Lord Macaulay who had envisioned that for clerical jobs Britain should train Indians so that Britain can reduce the cost budget East India Company. This become the foundation idea by which Indians started to get western education in English. A first nail to the coffin of British India Raj. As I told repeatedly in many articles that a literate young population can never tolerate Monarchy or Autocracy, we Indians too revolted against the giant called British India but only because we get to know their strategies by knowing their language. This impact was largely seen to the places like Madras and Kalkatta from where these Europians came and expanded. this is why people of Calcutta are more educated and are great thinkers and people of south India are remarkably connected to the western countries and are more educated too. the national language dispute which till date is a gap  maker between Tamilians and Hindi speakers is because of these decades long developments only.
Coming back to the present, India in 21st century is growing with IT revolution, A big chunk of population with big salary wanted good lifestyle. they too wanted to buy fashionable apparels, wanted to eat Pizza, and they wanted a style savvy shopping experience. they wanted banks to park their money. they wanted house to be lived in. they wanted cars to drive with status symbol. A big wheel of fortune started churning jobs for everyone. IT boosted Banking, Retail, Tours & Travels Hospitality and this economy started churning money for everyone who willed to participate in the march of might.

GDP growth rate soared to 9.2% in year 2008. poverty index slided with ground breaking rate of 12%. Unemployment rate slided from 8.3 to 7.1 percent. Average primary school enrollment increased to 105%. quality of technology used in school education increased. Hospital facilities improved, use of sterilized vaccines came into practice in government hospitals. Maternity Mortality Rate slided to .045 per 100. Life expectancy at birth zoomed to 64%. Hygiene sanitation Use (U+R) become 28%.  

All these are signaling a strong growth of mother India, but my stand remain firm that NONE OF THE 
POLITICIANS HAVE A SLIGHTEST ROLE IN THESE DEVELOPMENTS. Rather these bloody roosters have enjoyed the piling go-downs food grains. Telecom industry soared not because of the political efforts but because Indians demanded it from the private players. if these rascals could have slightly concerned with the increasing needs of citizen they would have shown mercy in the amount of bribe these private companies had to pay for every bandwidth alloted (perhaps the call rate could have gone down further). Any-any success story you pick up, I double guarantee that ministers have always played a roll of friction and resistance in success story of India. 

If Indian political theater would have taken a little interest in the development, infrastructure could have been much much better then now. Agriculture facilities like irrigation and fertilizers and other related equipments could have been provided in better way. Rural sanitation facilities could have been many fold more then 12%. Polio could have eradicated. death by Cholera could have been curbed down. because these were the forte, private players neither had rights to work nor had interests to work... these segments had shown least growth in a trillion dollar economy. Pals! mother India needs your contribution for the total inclusive growth of our brethren... Please, Please, Please wake up!!! 

With a Strong Hope "Jay-Hind!!" 

Global Power Is Shifting The Locus

“Post recession came the might of whistle blowers both have jointly hooked off the eagle behind the bars”
“If Dragon can showcase harmony then believe us elephant can dance too!”

Egyptian outbreak has clearly professed that no one can dictate educated human being. Democracy is always the solution for the anarchy of monarch. Everyone knows why world-war-two started? It is because those who lost the world-War-1st had been so badly scuffed to death by the victor nations. They slowly regained power and bounced back for the revenge! Dictators too will have the same end. Earlier majority of the stupid common man was illiterate or poorly educated. For them reading books or gaining knowledge was least important then arranging bread and butter for their family but today people are educated and are secured with the shelter, food and social status. They are self-disciplined; they are aware and awake to understand the injustice and indiscrimination. All these young educated and contented blood required is a nudge from the whistle blowers.
IT revolution has revolutionized the way stupid common man interacts. E-mails and Social networking websites are now reached above then flowery, valentines, Christmas or DIWALI well-wishing notions. Now a stupid common man does not only send e-wedding cards via social networking sites. They are sharing and showing the picture of world class talent. They are talking about the people dying of hunger and riots. They are expressing their concerns over the idiotic naked dance of political leaders. This is a revolution which has just shown up a little in Egyptian sub continent. Folks! There is a lot beneath the cleavage of our young brethren… you just wait and watch to see it. has not only exploded the web space by the ugly truth of a cheater called USA. It has also warned that every nation’s political leaders are actually a puppet of Uncle Sam. Second War on Iraq was the first nail on the coffin of eagle. Turmoil of Afghanistan, fire play with Pakistan, blind ‘eye-scarf’ game plot with Israel is just a beginning of ‘eagle’s total shoot out plan’.
Fall of Berlin wall befallen the Russian influence, this does not stopped another communistic giant ‘Chinese republic’ to prosper and develop. With the cohesive vision, patriotic sentiment and composite efforts towards education and production Dragon took over the economic leadership of not only Asia but of the whole world. The more we narrate the success story of China INC the less we will do justice in defining their effort. China perfectly solved the equations of new world order and so redrafted their foreign policy incisively and decisively.
India too opened the economy to spare away from the interim crisis but this time we have done it well in time. Our IT industry took the saddle and noosed us to drive us far ahead in the forte of developing logic and platform for the world’s behemoth corporations. Too late but too much in time our third generation have got the opportunity to see the world from a very respectful perspective. In last decade every nations of the world have not only realized but admitted that now Indian are not only coming for the blue collars jobs but they are now having capability to administer the giant systems of the world. Lovely are my young brethren that they are not only doing their jobs but also understanding the matrix of this new world order. The speed at which we are growing, it is letting others believe that we will surpass them within a decade or two. This is why they are buying our politicians so that they can keep our parliament hung and junked. This is why they are sparking bloody revenge taking attitude among our brothers in the forest of eastern India so that they can keep us in tussle. That is why they are duping our neighboring countries to never develop harmonious relationship with us so that we cannot decide on mutual walk on the growth path of Asia. Folks! Elephant have demonstrated her capability not it is the time for Dragon to believe that we together can establish peace and harmony in this boundary less global village.

Pals if Dragon will sing then elephant will dance to bring the whole world live happy ever after in the village called ‘The Globe’ Hopefully ‘Jai-Hind!’

Social Engineering: Coffin of Dalit Raj

“None of the responsible media channel has reported the zero dacoit, loot and religion based miss-conduct in UP which otherwise was every day event”
“Divided we stand, United we fall! This is how the Uttar Pradesh recent government performance have made us believe”
“Mayavati is a bad administrator because she looks ugly, because she kicks off street smarts and because she is openly collecting money for the party needs”

Bahujan Samaj Party, a foundation of Manyvar Kanshiram which can be defined as the only political party succeeded to exhibit the problems of Dalits in post independent Indian society. A country unique in her kind for her being ‘secular and democratic’ sadly did not created any scope for the largest population of her configuration termed as ‘Dalit’. Ambedkar’s classification of Indians 2500 castes into 4 classes of Genral, OBC, SC and ST did not ever got the fair share of any kind of social activities until and unless they did not reunited for composite outcry. Dalit have been used, reused, miss-used and defused by the socially elevated classes of this country’s population.
Merciless rapes, killing and inhumane misconduct with these poor slave class people were never ever reported on the headlines of any-any bulletin of Indian media channels. If anyone claims that such brutality never happened in Independent India I would like to term his claim a ‘futile hoax’ cracked by junk minded blind individual. Everyone knows ‘Raja Bhaiya: A son of a bitch’ had no limits of brutalities in his dominion (A complete system of princely state in post India) to which no ‘son of dog’ can even dare to say that ‘you dirty clout! My country is free now’. Every MLA who committed such crime against humanity belongs to ‘Brahmin class”. Every criminal who have been the MLA’s of BSP are either Thakurs or Brahmin. This is not hidden anyone can take reference to the statics.   
On top of it when BSP realized that gaining full power in this country is not possible until not getting the all elevated class society integrated in the vision of secular state, those so called ‘elevated class people’ joined BSP to attain power for demonstrating ‘naked dance’ because they are anyway shameless and such inhumane criminalities are their normal course of action but this will defame BSP and throw it back in the darkness from where these idiotic Dalits are belong to and of worthy of living.

Statistics shows that none of the Bandit activities, mass killing, and religion based riots, caste based harassment, social injustice has not been reported in Uttar Pradesh since Mayavati resumed into power. Villagers commute free and fearless, upper class clouts are no longer exhibit the power of weapons and armor in their localities. Civil violence and discrimination have been reduced to null. Population of Uttar Pradesh is now more Education Focused than ever before. Number of Students enrolled in primary schools has increased, number matriculated students have increased and same is story of graduate and post graduate degree holders. Examinations are fair and on schedule, universities are promoting education. Infrastructure has improved, irrigation and agriculture technology is changing. But as a chief minister Mayavati is bad because she looks ugly, her voice is lioness loud and clear, her eyes can get anyone fear to death and she did not tolerated indiscipline in her administration. Long live Democracy! Long live Media!! Afraid to say ‘Jay-Hind’

Five Actions to Save Mother India!

“Nobody lifts gun for bread and butter! The games of blood shade are the games plotted by the blue bloods.”

“The frequency of pub and discos of a working individual is many folds higher than the rest of their counterparts. This inflates the time of paying proper attention to the parents, kids and country.”

“A contented stomach speaks language of love peace and harmony. Proudly Jai-Hind!”

  1. Effective time management habit of service class Indian
  2. Develop a social forum which is not sponsored by any corporate or government and can work a social vigilant cell
  3. Go around the world to capture the socio-political key position of every nation
  4. Develop model of free and quality education for every single Indian
  5. Make mega corporations which book profits by maintaining quality lifestyle & social standards
There is no solution for unwillingness. There is no use of desire if action is missing. So far interacting with my online media friends via blogs, social websites and also all my valuable dear friends who know me from quite long time, I got to realize that we the youngest countrymen of the world have both ‘The Desire’ and ‘The Willingness’. All we are lacking is the ‘action’. We young Indians are the third or fourth generation since Independence. When we had got freedom, our great grand parents knew their objective was to earn money and sustain life obligation like food, shelter and respect for the whole big family. By whatever means but they earned all three for their loving family. Our Parents did not get burdened of behemoth debt. They were having social compulsions like arranging funds for their sisters or daughters in middle of this they managed to educate us and they arranged a very good safe secure and healthy life for us. We the Gen-X did not have any worry since we born, we are secured, we are free and confident to have a life of our choice but this came with a danger of competition. Opportunity and competition together designed a fathom illusion in front of our sight. Good inflow of money, status pro lifestyle and self-centered life style have designed a fringe from where we failed to identify, analyze and react to a situation which is now have arrived. Corruption has eaten every bone and flesh of our country. World is looking at us with disgust and hatred. Those who had started respecting us that we are talented pool of young blood Indian are now re-phrasing about us that ‘poor snake keepers and cart dwellers are back on street for begging’.
Folks this doesn’t mean that there is no hope. Sparks are their beneath the ashes. Let’s refuel, let’s re-unite, let’s re-stand, and let’s do away with these small objectives and pseudo competitions. I have tried formulating the five measure actions required to regain the momentum of growth, equality and harmony for this country, to get back the saddle of riding happiness and mutual chord of cohabitation among all.

1.       Effective time management habit of service class Indian
In this busy lifestyle, due to pathetic time management, poor city developments, in city commuters are wasting too much of time while commuting to and fro from office. But this indeed does not obsolete the importance of being time effective. The average time an Indian spends in lunch is triple then a Japanese and Chinese and double then the European. The frequency of pub and discos of a working individual is many folds higher than the rest of their counterparts. This inflates the time of paying proper attention to the parents, kids and country. If you will become time efficient you will automatically start caring about your loved ones and respected ones.

2.       Develop a social forum which is not sponsored by any corporate or government and can work a social vigilant cell
Once the time management becomes efficient, your involvements with concerned social figures picks up and this starts care of public properties. This is how the need of using ‘Right to Information act’ comes into existence. Here you will take extra pain to know where all your taxes go. Here you will try to find out how hawala transactions and unaccounted money keeps bombs below our ass. This will create a sense of responsibility in totality and scrutinize the system. This action will noose bogus bulls hunching out there at the parliaments. 

3.       Go around the world to capture the socio-political key position of every nation
We are the youngest breed of the world. We are the world leaders in making. In a decade entire Europe and entire china US will turn gray. We will remain young, powerful and efficient. By default we are going to be the leader of world. Second time in the history of the humanity of 10000 years or perhaps for the last time on earth we Indians are getting an opportunity to lead the world. If lost this time, we will never get it again. Folks, go charge, get the hot seat of every nation so that we can drive them in our favor. We are so much in numbers that if we will try we will get it for sure. 

4.       Develop model of free and quality education for every single Indian
Sad but true that 71% of young Indian are not privileged even for the primary education, scenes in the urban areas are so pathetic that 21% of us have never used a telephone or mobile ever. A folk 71% of 1.25 billion is not less in numbers! If the situation will remain like this we will end up cleaning only our own as hole. Forget about the dream of leading the world. Free Education for all feasible and achievable. Technology can make this possible. We young bloods can make this possible.  

5.       Make mega corporations which book profits by maintaining quality lifestyle & social standards
Nobody lifts gun for bread and butter! The games of blood shade are the games plotted by the blue bloods. Terrorism is just a mega chess board plot of tyrannies of the world. Ancestors of those cross breed batches who claim themselves of Royal Family are promoting terrorism where the occasionally rooks, knights and bishops get die and quite often dies the pawns. Look at the Naxals affected areas. They do not harm those corporations which is fetching them salary, provident fund, education for their kids, hospitals for their families. Those tribal’s who manages to get his kid educated from the means of such corporations social responsibilities are happily sending their kids for jobs in IT, ITES and others. These youngsters in turn pay back to their society yet another faith, hope and scope of happier and peace full world. Solution to Kashmir and Naxals affected area is only one make ultra mega corporation in their land and provide ultra mega security to the infrastructures of these corporations. These local residents will throw always the weapons and get jobs to feed their family. A contented stomach speaks language of love peace and harmony. Proudly Jai-Hind!