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Indian Corruption Analysis 2

Yes! this is a country where 2.5 billions eyes have a dream which have been expressed by  very rare inks and tongs of the great sages. The Bapu's Bharat or Ram Rajya or Praja Rajyam or Ashoka's Empire do not have anything different in the canvas of imaginations of billions i.e. a peaceful kingdom of wisdom with equality and justice. One thing is clear that India will triumph back to the worlds cradle seat. Brother's we just have to be swift enough to register our names in the book of history... In this article I am taking you trough the painful ways of getting all that we have committed to our ancestors... 

Statistics shown in the image below should not be considered satisfactorily normal. A country seventh largest in the size, second largest in population and a largest democracy with oldest history of civilization should not stand in the position as pathetic as anarchy. Soon after we achieved independence we become greedy and opportunistic. We are reaping the bitter fruits of those days...

---------------------High Principles Low Morals and Infinite Expectations are called Indians------------

यहाँ गरीबों को मरने की इस लिए जल्दी है फराज!
के जीने की आरजू में कफ़न महंगा न हो जाये!!

Those barristers who had seen the English diplomats from closely, learnt how to become mean and self-centered. We forgot the lessons of Gandhi Ji's three Monkeys... all we remembered only Monkeys way of snatching and eating. We fought for borders, we fought for chairs, we fought for lands... post independence we stopped fighting for securing the one to which we got at the cost of million visionaries life and blood. Today we have reached to a stance where a farmer is dying of Debt, A beggar is dying of  Hunger, a Middle is dying of jealousness, an upper middle class is dying of Diabetes or Cardiac Arrest and elites are dying of worries. Since the days of barristers till todays doctors, engineers and scientist we have grossly lost mutual love, support and concern. This is the only reason we are scattered and divided so badly that now even a few short minded fools are using us like we are just a vote count for entry to the office of most profitable chair.   
 ----------------------------------------- Everyone Is Castigated Yet Everyone Is Involved-----------------

-------------------------------------------------------So that the carpet size can remain constant---------------------

to be continued!!!


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