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India's Threat To Its National Identity

"Asia is now hopeful to return on the saddle of the Globe, Her subcontinents are competing for Global Noose!!"  

India with her oldest past of pride, glory and heritage as human pathfinder has been the world’s leader for more than 1500 years. China too has no different story. Pakistan by her nuclear weapon is too claiming for the key position of the new world order. Nepal with its decisive war against Mao Separatist gave clear signal to the world that she too can demonstrate her might on Asian soil. Sri-Lanka's offensive against LTTE had declared the same. North Korea has proved its might in economic foray.
Asia has turned into the perfect battle ground for the mightiest of this millennium. India with her somehow 65 successful independent years is too young to participate in yet another war of the sovereignty. But the sad reality of the time is WE ARE AT THE OUTBREAK OF WAR.

Everyone knows that if India got a minimum of two peaceful decades i.e. no internal unrest and no external invasion, she will emerge as the dominant power not only for the Asia but for the globe. This fact is well understood by our neighbors. This is becoming one of the major reasons for Indian political destabilization which is bound to be sponsored and promoted by our boundary nations and beyond.

Balance of power on the soil of Asia is polarized. China is robust in the race of becoming global power. Strongly number two in the rank of global trade since the history known, India is once again chasing hard to its most competent and historic neighbor.
Diplomacy and worlds incisive competitors are miles ahead in their objectives of gaining strong hold of Asia. Pakistan, since the very existence remained in the control of USA. US too diplomatically supported Pakistan to make strong footprints in Asia for many more reasons.

1. Pakistan is the strategic invention of British Raj, US-Britain are friend forever so post world war two USA extended support to Pakistan.

2. The size, commitment and nature of Chinese soil made China a sure shot big of the coming future. USA must have to keep a close watch on this fasted growing country.

3. Crude oil is crucial and decisive in any war in this machine era. Emotional and support of Arabic and Middle East nations was Important for USA.

Pakistan did not have its personal agenda to shoulder the global issues. All it remain concerned is Kashmir so did she made settlement with China and managed to close the border Issues with China once and for all-time. Mansarovar renamed to COK. IB’s of both the nation is beyond the LOC. China did never accepted the McMahon line marked by the Indo-British government. In the fringe of mistakes and hasty decisions world diplomats have created hefty chance for the Indian disintegration. Have a look in a few such fringes of this new world order.
1.     Burning Afghanistan
Post September 11, America turned deaf ears to the world advisors and apex houses. Afghanistan becomes the new Vietnam, land of bullets cartages and cartels of used bombs. Our most strong admirer will be forced to give way of invasion in our soil.    
2.     Foolish Pakistan
Since partition ‘Anti-India’ was Pakistan’s only foreign policy. Those who want to cook their bread on her greed are supporting her. This short term benefits of visionary countries like USA will cost them very-very dear. These fools, who do not have sufficient arrangement for their food security, are spending heavily on arms and defense. God give them brain!! Please!!
3.     Hopeless Tibet
Dalai Lama should think of the branch he is sitting on… now Karmappa case is indicating that Tibetans have given up to Chinese. They should better accept Chinese terms so that we can clearly identify our neighbor and her intentions…
4.     Sponsored Maoist
Why to claim on Maoist when, even our parliament sessions are controlled by the bribe and funds coming from China. Entire winter session went wasted not because any JPC or justice but only because our enemies are paying booty to our politicians to keep their mouth shut at places where they are supposed to speak and cry where they are supposed to be cautious while speaking…
5.     Duped Naxalites
‘Exchange of throne’ this is how our poor villagers define our independence. Naxals are just willing to recreate the history where democracy can actually do a little to the poor’s of country. But they are now partially duped by foreign masters and castigated by domestic foes.
6.     Short Minded Politics
When the ship is about to sank, wise are those get pocketed whichever they can and jump before handedly. Sad it becomes when we see the captions of the ship starts doing the same. Long live India I pray!!
7.     Self Centered Young Indian
‘If the boat get holed make another so that the water get pass off’ we young bloods are goofing around and itching our ass in absence any clue in our remotest thought as to what we should do at this juncture where the turmoil of corruption is about to sink our nation.
8.     Fearless Corruption 
A raja get jailed after all the arrangement of how, when and where I would be required to come out of the most secured place on earth for crooks… Not even the ‘bitch of Italy’ does have courage to noose Neera Radia.
WE have complete spectrum of Corupption experts in our political theatres… need to hire anyone? Our Tata’s and Reliance uncles are having the business of a rent a leader…. Kalmadi, Chavan, Raja, Sharad everyone are costly but competent.

Soon after we will reframe our promotional slogan from ‘Incredible India’ to ‘Innumerable India’ Best of Luck Young Bloods!


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