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Love is Divine! (Snippet of My Novel)

Note: This is a snippet of the novel book I am writing 'My Wise Countrymen!Hope you will enjoy reading this small peace of work.

Happy Valentines Day!

----------End of Message----------

“Good Morning!” I picked up my phone while in dead sleep.

“Are you sleeping?” asked Farah as if I am a milkman or Newspaper hawker (How else will I be awake at this time?).

Suddenly I recalled, I committed to take her to a special place from where we can see first ray of sunrise.

“Oh! No I am not… I… I… was brushing teeth...” even brain does not responds in such a crucial times.

“On bed?” she took my remand.

“Yes! No! I am just taking keys and heading for the parking” and I grinned while I am thankful to science that in mobile you still can’t see each other.

After disconnecting, only god can be the true witness of what all I did to make her realize that I was not sleeping and was aware of the promise I made to her. So swift in getting dressed… and coming on road… never in exam days I was so much efficient.

21 min 36 seconds is all I took from my bed to her hostel. Now I’m honking horn in front of Farah’s hostel. In seconds later I got the SMS ‘wait… coming in a min’.

It is 10 minute since I read her SMS, I kept my eyes glued at the main gate to see if she is coming but then I reclined driving chair to have nap (how else I can fore-throw the boozing effect of six pegs till late night with folks!).

I guess I was snoring when she knocked on window glass. I jumped up in embarrassment, I looked at her face. She is looking too fresh and beautiful. Her hairs are still wet and curling on her cheeks. Lips are marooned by some glossy lipstick when she zoomed in the car her fragrance took away all booze of my blood and refueled another million times stronger scotch. Fairly more than a minute my eyes remained glued at her face… rest all my organs are paralyzed and numb (except those which works with testosterone Harmon uh!). She smiled, as if she got that all her efforts to look beautiful has been evaluated, she turned away while smiling and turned back to me.

“We are still at the hostel Aman, people may notice!” she whispered. I don’t know for what she raised this issue… may be for the way I am looking at her or maybe she got to know the thoughts within me getting criminal for her. I recovered and drove off towards the place called ‘Ralamandal’ a hill at the outskirt of Indore. High enough to see the break of dawn, a must see experience is guaranteed.

At the peak I parked my car very near to the ‘watching point’. I took her hands on mine to walk through the deep dark jungle. There is no one around at this morning my wrist watch is ticking at 5:36 AM within in ten minute dawn will break… a beautiful dawn with an ultra beautiful girl... a rare combo to which any boy of my age can bet his life. A time as much precious as any costliest gem of the world studded with equally beautiful expensive metal. This comes very-very rare in the life of human. Temperature is shrinking our skin, her sleeve-less kurta is making her shiver a little. I took out my leather jacket and helped her pull in it. We reached to the place where I used to sit alone for hours to see the miracle of nature. This is for the first time I brought someone with me at this place but that too now I do not consider her someone. We sat at the stone closest to each other. I kept on holding her hands… she kept her head on my chest (or Shoulder perhaps). Her hairs and body have arousing fragrance. No one of us is talking to each other. She slowly took my hand closer to her lips. I can feel her thick glossy lipstick on my finger as it ran through her lips. Her breaths are hot enough to chill away the atmospheric temperature. I am not able to keep my eyes open any longer. Soothing breeze is making everything around us rhythmic as plants and trees are dancing in the tune of romance. Her hairs are touching my lips. I slowly dared to push my lips closer to her forehead. I marked a very soft kiss on her forehead and sliding downwards… I am scared if she takes it wrong or refuses it or jerks me away during my daring move towards her lips but I did not stopped… neither she asked me to stop. I undid her lips with mine; her glossy lipstick is softening my hard lips. Her breath is taking my breaths along. We both have closed our eyes… her hands are kneading on mine. I never felt such a strong blood force under my heart so much so that I am not only breathing heavily but also my vain's are beating along with every beat of heart and a few droplets of sweat popped out on my forehead!

When she took away her lips… sunrays broke out sharp at far eastern horizon.
I whispered “Will you be my valentine?”
She flashed a glance to me, smiled and re-zoomed towards the lovely sight of sunrise. Thinking of something... perhaps about just what we have done and smiling along with the thought flow within her.

“I do!” She replied…

"Amen!" I thanked to God! By looking at the Sun which has just risen in my life!!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------A message--------------------------------------------------------------------------
My Novel 'My Wise Countrymen' is based upon the story of six students (3girls & 3boys) of the university of Indore who fell in love with each other and get dragged into such circumstances where they are forced to choose a path far precious than the career they would have chosen otherwise!. 

IT is a love Story with an Objective of Life
---------------------------------------------------------------------End of Message----------------------------------------------------------------------- 


varuna said…
Only A poet, an artist,a writer have such guts n passion to express his emotions so truly with all the very nature....It really commendable...I applaud for thoughtful n conscious effort of Love!!!!
May God Bless you n Your LOVE tooo!!!!


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