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Nervous 99! (List 99 scams in India)

See friends, 

And I was thinking that why so much investigations on Scams... It is because now Neta are into nervous 99. I sure 100th scam will be the landsliding news in this country! I am thrilled... you?
  1. Jeep Scandal 1948.
  2. Haridas Mundhra Scandal ( 1957)
  3. K D Malaviya-Sirajuddin Oil Scandal.
  4. 1971 Nagarwala Scandal.
  5. 1975: Declaration of Emergency.
  6. Sukhna Land Scandal.
  7. Oil for Food Programme Scam.
  8. Barak Missile Scandal.
  9. Palmolein Oil Scam.
  10. Initial Public Offer(IPO) Scam.
  11. Mining Scams.
  12. Bitumen Scam.
  13. Cement Scandal.
  14. IPL Scam.
  15. Animal Husbandry Scam.
  16. Satyam Software Services Scam.
  17. Tansi Land Scam.
  18. ULIP Insurance Scam.
  19. Cash For Votes Scandal.
  20. RBG Resources Scam.
  21. Bangalore - Mysore Infrastructure Corridor Fraud.
  22. Bofors Scam.
  23. Haji Scams.
  24. Animal Fodder Scam.
  25. Human Trafficking Scam.
  26. Churhat Lottery Scam.
  27. Telgi Stamp Papers Scam.
  28. Urea Scam.
  29. St Kitts Forgery.
  30. Anantnag Transport Subsidy Scam.
  31. Yugoslav Dinar Scam
  32. Kargil and Coffin Scam.
  33. Uday Goyal Arrow Global Agrotech Scam.
  34. Emaar Scam.
  35. Spiritual Guru Scams.
  36. HDW Submarine Scandal.
  37. Kashmir Sex Racket Scam.
  38. Babri and Ram Mandir Scam.
  39. Land Acquisition Scams on name of SEZ with harassment false cases.
  40. Profident Fund Scam with Current corrupted Judges in both Supreme Court and High Court.
  41. Ketan Parek Stock Market Scam.
  42. Bansali Scam.
  43. Cobbler and Shoes Scam.
  44. Nagarjuna Finance Scam.
  45. Dalmia DSQ Software Scam.
  46. UTI Scam.
  47. Uday Goyal Scam.
  48. Letter of Credit (LOC) Scam.
  49. Sanjay Agrawal Home Trade Scam.Scam.
  50. LIC Insurance Scam.
  51. Harshad Mehta Stock Market Scam.
  52. Suflam Sujalam Scam.
  53. Madhavpura Mercantile Cooperative Bank (MMCB) Scam.
  54. Hawala Transaction Scams.
  55. Global Trust Bank Scam and Bankruptcy
  56. Charminar Cooperative Urban Bank (CCUB) Scam and Bankruptcy.
  57. Vasavi Bank Scam and Bankruptcy.
  58. Krushi Cooperative Urban Bank (KCUB) Scam.
  59. Prudential Bank Scam and Bankruptcy.
  60. Nagpur District Central Cooperative Bank (NDCCB) Scam.
  61. 2010 housing loan scam.
  62. Sugar Import Scam.
  63. Preferential Allotment Scam.
  64. Meghalaya Forest Scam.
  65. Fertiliser Import Scam.
  66. Telecom Scam.
  67. SNC Lavalin Power Project Scam.
  68. Teak Plantation Swindle Scam.
  69. Scorpene Submarine Scam.
  70. Taj Corridor Scam.
  71. Army Ration Pilferage Scam.
  72. State Bank of Saurashtra Scam.
  73. Flood Relief Scam.
  74. Rice Export Scam.
  75. Bulletproof Jackets Scam.
  76. MCD Pension Scam.
  77. AICTE Scam.
  78. Medical Council of India(MCI) Scam.
  79. Rail Recruitment Scam.
  80. NREGA Scam.
  81. Siachen Scam.
  82. J & K Milk Scam.
  83. Gorshkov ScaM
  84. MPLAD Scam
  85. Public Distribution System(PDS) Scam.
  86. Rajya Sabha Vote Scam
  87. Cash for Questions in Parliament Scam
  88. City Limouzine & Realcom Scam.
  89. Common Wealth Games(CWG) Corruption.
  90. Adarsh Housing Society Scam.
  91. 2G spectrum scam.
  92. Citibank Fraud.
  93. Tax Evasion Scam.
  94. Tri Valley University and Immigration Fraud.
  95. ISROs S-Band Spectrum Scam.
  96. Hydro Power Scam.
  97. Apex Bank Loan Scam.
  98. Adarsh Society Scam
  99. S Band Scam
अब एक सवाल कौन सी इन्दुस्ट्री है जिसमे घोटाले नहीं हुए है? कौन सी मिनिस्ट्री है जिसमे घोटाले नहीं हुए है? कौन सा स्टेट है जो घ्तालो में लिप्त नहीं है? 
अरे रुको! don't scratch your brain.... answer is "NONE"


Anonymous said…
list abhi baki hai

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