Reasons to love

"In this valentines day festival, I sensed the need of re-framing 'love' for those who have arrived to a conclusion that 'love is lust'"

No psychiatrist or medical practitioner can define ‘what provokes love among the living being?’ or for being specific ‘How does it exists?’ This is the only factor which turns all that claims futile which tends to prove that universe is autonomous and no God have ever created it. Coming more specific to human beings, this is the species which can not only ‘love’ but can express it to the subject and others non-concerned.
We the 'two-leg creatures' are the most eligible species when it comes to express the feelings. Every organism we know are having ‘five senses: to touch, to see, to smell, to listen and to taste’ but only we human made it possible to decide upon ‘What to touch, what to see what to smell, what to listen and what to taste’ that too by just our two hands. In the process of developing our priorities we have decided upon ‘why to touch, why to see, why to smell, why to listen, why to taste’. This ‘why’ of our life made us different from anything which is deemed ordinary to us! This ‘not being just ordinary’ for someone who is ‘just not ordinary to us’ is called LOVE.
In race of proving our might over others human got to understand that knowing is not sufficient but ‘showing that you are knowing!’ is also important but the same he had never applied to ‘LOVE’... Folks! Show that you care and care that you show your love is the biggest REASON TO LOVE!
Love comes with respect!
In this valentines day festival, I sensed the need of re-framing 'love' for those who have arrived to a conclusion that 'love is lust' because of many such living examples of 'living in' relationships of rev party culture of 'one night stand' where premarital sex, post marital affairs are becoming new terminologies of Indian societies. India is becoming consumer driven economy where buying and selling everything is getting possible. lust is wrapped with feud love and is out for sale in the showcase of glistering shops. In an era where 'pills' are deciding 'how much to sleep' or 'when to have baby' a natural illusion over the definition of love is inevitable. Gone are grand parents who ever told us about their experienced with love or perhaps gone are days when grand children used to seek words and advises from the grand parents. if this transfer of knowledge based on experienced would have been continued to be practiced in our social structure perhaps we could have blessed to believe that love only comes with respect. Respect for each other is the foundation of love for each other. 
Respect comes with Trust!
Distrust gets a natural instinct of anger! just negate the sentence trust must get an instinct of respect! Your child trusts you and so respects you and because he/she respects you... he/she loves you. Today jealousness is replaced by competition and so we are now not having courage to compete with the fellow inhibitors out in public. Today, it is a fashion or cleverness to attack from the back... break the trust is being trained out in modern schools of humanity... if such is a the fashion of new education who dare do we expect to celebrate valentines day with peace and harmony.
Pals! India is not against 'Romance' 'Sex Educations' 'Freedom of Sexual expressions' Khajuraho, Vrindavan and Kamasutra is a living example of our tradition.... Indian society is ready to accept 'Living in relationship', 'Post Marital Affairs' when it is clearly defined under the 'law of love' but question is do we actually feel and try to find 'the reason of love?' get your reason of love.... get you love..... get love.... Happy Valentines day!

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kpatel said...

could not understand fully but LAST LINE........get love WOW :)

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