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Social Engineering: Coffin of Dalit Raj

“None of the responsible media channel has reported the zero dacoit, loot and religion based miss-conduct in UP which otherwise was every day event”
“Divided we stand, United we fall! This is how the Uttar Pradesh recent government performance have made us believe”
“Mayavati is a bad administrator because she looks ugly, because she kicks off street smarts and because she is openly collecting money for the party needs”

Bahujan Samaj Party, a foundation of Manyvar Kanshiram which can be defined as the only political party succeeded to exhibit the problems of Dalits in post independent Indian society. A country unique in her kind for her being ‘secular and democratic’ sadly did not created any scope for the largest population of her configuration termed as ‘Dalit’. Ambedkar’s classification of Indians 2500 castes into 4 classes of Genral, OBC, SC and ST did not ever got the fair share of any kind of social activities until and unless they did not reunited for composite outcry. Dalit have been used, reused, miss-used and defused by the socially elevated classes of this country’s population.
Merciless rapes, killing and inhumane misconduct with these poor slave class people were never ever reported on the headlines of any-any bulletin of Indian media channels. If anyone claims that such brutality never happened in Independent India I would like to term his claim a ‘futile hoax’ cracked by junk minded blind individual. Everyone knows ‘Raja Bhaiya: A son of a bitch’ had no limits of brutalities in his dominion (A complete system of princely state in post India) to which no ‘son of dog’ can even dare to say that ‘you dirty clout! My country is free now’. Every MLA who committed such crime against humanity belongs to ‘Brahmin class”. Every criminal who have been the MLA’s of BSP are either Thakurs or Brahmin. This is not hidden anyone can take reference to the statics.   
On top of it when BSP realized that gaining full power in this country is not possible until not getting the all elevated class society integrated in the vision of secular state, those so called ‘elevated class people’ joined BSP to attain power for demonstrating ‘naked dance’ because they are anyway shameless and such inhumane criminalities are their normal course of action but this will defame BSP and throw it back in the darkness from where these idiotic Dalits are belong to and of worthy of living.

Statistics shows that none of the Bandit activities, mass killing, and religion based riots, caste based harassment, social injustice has not been reported in Uttar Pradesh since Mayavati resumed into power. Villagers commute free and fearless, upper class clouts are no longer exhibit the power of weapons and armor in their localities. Civil violence and discrimination have been reduced to null. Population of Uttar Pradesh is now more Education Focused than ever before. Number of Students enrolled in primary schools has increased, number matriculated students have increased and same is story of graduate and post graduate degree holders. Examinations are fair and on schedule, universities are promoting education. Infrastructure has improved, irrigation and agriculture technology is changing. But as a chief minister Mayavati is bad because she looks ugly, her voice is lioness loud and clear, her eyes can get anyone fear to death and she did not tolerated indiscipline in her administration. Long live Democracy! Long live Media!! Afraid to say ‘Jay-Hind’


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