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Another Side Effect of Love

I usually keep my phone in vibration mode but still many a times a beep embarrasses me by putting me in unnecessary center of attention! Awkward though irresistible is temptation of reading the SMS which has just zoomed in to my phones inbox. In middle of crucial discussion over the explanation of revenue sources of the month, I the prime speaker of the session is now in totality held up in scrolling down and down because the message contain some prank on the love of modern ages at many fold below the text screen. A proposal and break up via SMS service is one thing which is now being considered as serious as promotion letters or pink slips sent via e-mails (which is very recently termed as the legal mode of communication). Many a times love buds shares all the nukes and bits of their emotional chord for each other on phone worse is on SMS! Couples working in two different locations do even decide the home kitchen menu, babysitting, child’s homework and other such responsibilities share on SMS texts.
I have seen students sharing the snap shots of the notes written on black board by the professor via blue-tooth. They even click on the funny scenes of classrooms on the facebook which has been uploaded by other classmate a few minutes ago. Now because we have immense facilities and mushroomed amount of colleges the amount of students per collage become very less so a professor can maintain high level of vigilance in the classroom so that the two students cannot chat in his behind. Talking by the passing chit from one to another has become the old fashion but if you think that the sincerity have been elevated among the student!! I guess you check their SMS inbox swiftly! A professor never gets to know that entire class is writing his feedback and review of the session on the walls of Facebook that too live!! Technology has really changed the way we love, hate and enjoy!! From a lifetime commitments it is now day long attraction is something youngster are thriving for.
The major side effect of such love is being temporary with the relationship! Yes it is… now because everything has become handy, social structure is too becoming handy! We do not bother to think twice once we decide on break up! We do not bother to think of paying and receiving regards of those related to us by heart! Long leave love!!
Oh! I am sorry, I kinda been told that I am a serious writer and got the flow of serious readers in my blog. If such is the case I guess it is a crime to delude my beloved reader! With an ever expressible pardoning gesture I want to drag your attention towards another awkward circumstance of the modern society… Yester when I took my motor bike from the parking lot and about to escape out of the premises I noticed a few old gentlemen sitting mourn fully in the carpet. I enquired and so been told that the mother of one my neighbor passed away last night. Painful! A sudden philosopher in me realized that life is indeed temporary with this feel I moved on immediate out of the premises of my residence is a daily needs shop. The shop keeper is good friend and his house today is decorated with eloquence of dangling interior design articles in a temporary setup. Again in the same amusement I enquired and been told that the shopkeepers sister is getting married today… in a fix! From a position where I can see a few oldies are mourning of the death and a few Yankees are busy in the preparation of welcoming happiness! Within the brain I started evaluating the complexities of the new homogeneous social order of Mega cities. I gave up soon and kicked start my motor bike to resume my day schedule later on the same evening I saw that the road between my residence building and that daily needs shopkeepers house become the demarcation line of an exhibition of exalted happiness and blind well of pain and screams!
Above two incidents may appear two different sheds of modern humanity but in close contention… It is not!!! A decade ago, as an observer I used to notice that any funeral march used to receive standing homage by every big and small passersby irrespective of any kind of relationship with the dead. Just in ten years from then i.e. today we care a damn if someone of even blood relative has died remotely in our home town just because we are badly engaged as bread earning machines.
There was an era where a groom (to be) was not allowed to even see the face of bride before the complete precession of the marriage but today I guess looking at beauty of the face is the last thing we do while finalizing on getting married let alone the repeated sexual intercourses and disco pubs joint participation much before the thought of lashing the nuptial knot. Technologies have brought us the freedom NOT of being more social but remain with self!!! A keyboard with a Google page on browser spares me away from any human being by giving me billion times more satisfaction of every kind of personal requirement ranging from the video games, notes, flowers, SMS quotes, sexual curiosity and sexual ejaculation!! Why else the hell will I bother to go out at the corner of a building to wait for hours just to have a chance seeing a beautiful girl living there??? Or why the hell I will take the risk of getting scars while playing domestic games or for that matter why the hell will I bother that who has just died in the home adjacent to mine??? The way we have started living, I am confident that arranging four shoulders for the funeral march will be crucial tomorrow!!

Side effect of love about I am supposed to scribble here is not only of the kind my young beloved readers are waiting for! Though I am abiding by the compulsion of letting you guys know that not only our methods of death and marriages are on stake! But also the frequency of getting married and getting divorced is also inching towards the uncertainty! In the movie where Mallika Sherawat and Rahul Bose have portrayed the characters of Indian modern social structure where Living-in relationship and pre-marital sex is becoming the accepted normalcy! I bet post marriage importance of bed-room interaction will leave no value and interest for such couples. This development raises question that will such couples survive till the end of life or will they remain in search of soul mate as the public transport forever in the life??? If the latter is going to be true I doubt our dead bodies will be dragged by some municipal corporation employee to the graveyard same as we do with a Dogs dead body today! Where the hell we will find four shoulders for our last journey!


Nand Uncle said…
Sir! Your vocabulary is strong and your imagination is superb! you are right that many times technology makes us impersonal, but please have faith in human craving for building real relationships (even out of virtual world).I personally am aware of marriages through Internet, which are extremely successful.
People like you create a lsting influence, when we meet them and technology is just a tool to remain connected and not a substitute for a one to one interaction. Facebook will never replace face to face communication. Have great faith in the generation next. They have ability to create a problem but also have resilence to get out of it.
Request let LOVE spread through your blog. Love gives meaning to life, love gives us a purpose of being on this earth and love makes us fulfilled.
Love your blog, keep it love-ly.
Rahul Patil said…
very true sir, these are the some things on which we will have to think upon! we are so close to our friends, buddies through technologies like facebook, twitter or orkut but at the same time so far we were not ever before.
Your thoughts about human death future, Love relations are really so near the truth and forced to be think upon it!
fabulous thoughts.......long live!
J Rajaram said…
@Nand Sir, It is very very true that a country as old as the mankind have accepted the tolerance approach towards the humanity. this itself proves that LOVE will never get away from India. As Lamp post, we as a teacher have to shoulder the responsibility of threatening young Indian for their untoward deeds. I not only hopeful but confident that LOVE will never die yet the threat of its being develuated is maximum then ever

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