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Bliss is not a luxury!

"Deaths used to wipe out everything from the canvas of memories! But, Life has never been so empty that it leaves no scar to identify the glorious past!"  :- Jitendra Verma 

Committing suicide can be the best option provided you have no one left to repent on your behalf after you. sadly by being an human we cannot ensure that what, how much and of what value we have borrowed from our fellow humans. A son can never repay the pain his mother have got to yield him and so he is not entitled to commit suicide! A daughter has to be mother someday so she can not sin herself in the eye of god so she too cannot commit suicide.

If not suicide....then I guess no other option left to get away from any thing painful in this life and if you cannot then why you should???

Being a human species, everyone around us have raised their expectation from us! including the god! let alone the parents and relatives!! We are expected to save earth, water, other species and everything that leads to the successful survival of life on earth. This only one fact binds us to stay alive even beyond our will. 

Even if one gives me thousands of reason to make me believe that life sails through and sails towards hell by means of severe pain, I can more firmly counter that 'you still have to live it!' so let me ideate you that living life is not that tough!

Make it Easy!
Human lives life for others except three times 1. While sleeping, 2. While eating and 3. While making love! so lets uncomplicate!
Whenever we are on our feet we are either a son, a father, an employee, a boss, a husband or a belove... we are never what we can be for self!!! but whenever we are sleeping, all our biological resources are engineering our temple called 'Body'. Whenever we are eating for quenching the hunger (not in parties or social gatherings tough) we are re-fueling the most precious temple called 'our body'. Whatsoever more philosophical and articulative one tries to define LOVE... sexual conduct were always been and will always remain the act of quenching self greed i.e. utilizing our body for purely ourself only. This means that all A living creature have do in our life is make these three needs of life approachable!!! now because we are human so we have to keep these three things approachable by means of dignity and pride.

So rather owning these three things in life by the means of robbery of loot or sin we actually have to be honest to earn it. 

1. Sleep: a peaceful sleep comes out of unburdened brain
Yes! more you are satisfied by the works you do the more efficient you will be in your job. This efficiency will give you recognition and perfection in utilization of your energy resulting into deep peaceful sleep. i.e. an honorable Job fulfills first requisites. 

2. Hunger: Filling stomach by only your share of bread
A mother is always a last soul of the family to eat yet she is the first soul to live with more contentedness!! point is snatching the bread satisfies the greed not the hunger. Taste comes by the sweat involved while earning the food not the all the species of the heaven!!! I bet on this... Taste is all makes food absorb able and digestible.  

3. Sex: Engulf it by the thickest possible chocolate of LOVE
Color it pink! Color it red! color it music! because a colorless masculinity/famisculinity will remain the naked greed of lust and wild stamp of being ruthless animal. this just cannot be possible if it does not turn out be the possession of one and only one sex partner in life. 

The base of humanity is in its accountability of the power Humanity is holding!!! which will never come without honesty.. i.e. a single sentence uncomplicated every tangle wires of life..

Honesty brings Happiness which turns out to be Bliss... which is not a luxury rather it is a need!!! Mind it! 


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