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Career Options For Young India

In worlds youngest country with 1.19 Billion population out of which 35% i.e. 0.37 billion Indians are 20-25 year old. What is painful is that only 9% of these age group are actually enrolled in any college for graduation or uper degrees.

:- and stray dogs and bitches are barking in Parliaments!!!


Macroscopically we are badly ruined from all the four dimensions around us!

1. Getting Education is hard and we hardly tends to perform if opportunity given
2. Education system is as good as some kind of training of beggary by senior beggar
3. Even the senior beggar who are supposed to train are screwed up by shortmindedness
4. Education is termed as the visiting card to enter in some company and poster stamp to family members
5. Cost of education is sky rocketing and back firing the aspiration of the Parents.
6. If you get an education, getting a job is not guaranteed!


Out of 186 Universities and 15437 colleges where 4.7 million students are enrolled... only 81 companies visit to the campus for recruitment that too for very selected courses!!! out of which most of the Jobs are as basic as no good education is required to perform.

frankly speaking!! Government of India have created many colleges because of the pressures from UN and world bank or pseudo competiotn but India still have no mechanism to create jobs for 1.87 million super skilled manpower churning out of the college every year!! ____________________________________________________________________________________
There is always a job for capable performer!
As per the research conducted by MaFoi, India is going to be rocekting in hiring and hiking salary for at least this decade. This is going to be highest growth of any country of ASIA (of wolrd actually). some 17 million man power is required in pharmaceutical industry alone, same is the story of IT industry (22 million) by or before 2015 AD.

but these statistics have one questionable point! i.e. are these surveys considering the technological innovation a crucial factor whcih will affect the compution model of any HR based research!

What I am trying to say is that it happened in 1980's that Indian resaerch companies were worried because of the heavy job loss due to the arrival of computer's (those a computer meant equall to1000 clerks) but today we al new what computers have done to indian employment ratio. similerly what if future technologes are far beyond the comrehenstion level of Indian youngesters? (No! chances are not meek beacuse indian current education system is not upto the mark to compete with Australia, Brazil or Southa Africa... and far bad then China and USA).
I am trying to make you guys understand hat, if old foo grains have rotten then cultivate new! folks IT industry is just a decade long attractive then it will boomerang like a curse... A banking , A retail or A hospitality, A faishion or Airshotess or any other business management jobs are just a kind of White Color Slavery!! (blue bloods are implementing innovative ways of getting qualitaive slaves by creating illusive theories of will and self eastem! by these uselss creep  and costly education).

Identify the need of the hour!! Indians are most wise breed of Humans of the world and this era will be led by the brain smiths only.
1. Human Gesture Interface Devices are coming i.e. software programmers will not be required much.
2. Crude Oil and other Fossil fuel is exhausting... Renewable energy like solar, wind and ocean along nuclear and Bio-Fuels power will only be the option.
3. Enough happened on earth next world war will be out on space: Astronomy and space exploration!
4. Artificial lab made body Organs, blood and bones will be the future commodities
5. Ecological balancing and Climate control will be the future challenges: Disaster management and innovation
6. From where food for 7 billion Human and 6.8 billion other animals will come from? : Agriculture Revolution and reforms.

So far we have worked on many technolgies but except a few like SPSS or hotmail most of the technolgoies are desgined by foreginers! Can we make something truly Indian this time???

We 'Young Indians' just cannot afford to be any thing less then visionary and Incisive. pals this is not only for us!!! remember the first line of this article.... only 9% of 0.37 billion brothers of India can understand this. We will be having the responsibility of the world and we have to deliver our responsibility with accountability.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Step 1: Keep on doing your existing education but this time with your full efforts and involvement.
Step 2: get settled with any job which can fetch you economical independence and liberty to become self reliant.
Step 3: Think of to find out you desired, interest and blissful career option and start trying to switch to it soonest possible.
Step 4: Take lead jump a big leap, start entrepreneurship in the domain of your interests and knowledge and bring out Jobs opportunities for the people like you.

DON'T just think of getting a job rather let's begin making Jobs for millions like us!
Jai Hind!


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