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Corruption Dosier For My Budding Enterprenuers

Georgia dared to display and Ad 
"World's No.1 in Fighting Corruption" BECAUSE as per the Global Corruption Barometer report only 3% of Georgian Citizen reported that they payed bribe for their work in year 2010.

Unfortunately Indian Public Broadcasting Department will take another 60 years to think of such advertisement!!
 In series of Indian Corruption Analysis

Looking at the advertisement of a real state property in Mumbai which shows 500 Feet high rise tower atop with parking facility at every floor, Helipad, Roof-top Swimming Pool and Jogging track at the sea shore location where every morning will be heaven touch. I failed to stop the tempt of inquiring further about the deal!

Aghast for the fair deal of all white money it will costs me Rs.90 Lakhs and if I pay 25% in cash as hawala the same flat will cost me around Rs.51 Lakhs. Sorry guys I am not explaining my purchasing behavior what is worth noticing here is that Real Estate industry is the most successful market of converting Black Money into while how else many of the IAS officers get to own some or the other perpetuity in almost every growing town of India?

As per the records of Global Financial Integrity Report of UNICEF 72.2% i.e. $462 Billion of Indian Black money is parked abroad and remain 27.8% i.e. $178 Billion is hidden within India. Guys! india's defense budget 2011 is $36 Billion and India has a budget deficit of 5.3% of total GDP of India i.e. $53.4 Billion. Cheers!!! 

Like  the famous Bollywood drama SARKAR India does not get ruled by several parallel governments but does also incorporates UNDERGROUND ECONOMY in the words of our Ram Gopal Verma ji 'D company operated in Black India Inc version UG2.0. any guess how much is big is the size of this economy??

wild guess? 15%?
may be 25??? 
35% perhaps??? 

buddy's in the days of recession of 2008 it 50% of total Indian GDP!!! in 1948 it was only 5%!!

let me shave off the big mustache of transgenders of India i.e. politicians!! 

some two days ago I heard a politician complaining that Indian CinemaScope and media  is depicting Indian political leaders as a criminal and because them them the word 'Neta ji' has become an abuse!! so he appealed from his fellow political sages to reincarnate the image the new India Neta's. (I seriously busted out till belly)

I guess for these bloody son of whores we have accepted article 377 and validates homo sexuality! Wikileakes already told who among these would shave off their mustache first? (can someone tell our Sardarji that keeping turban and beards only will not let us believe that he is a Brave Sikh).

Foul Play
We idiot fools appreciated implementation MGNAREGA (clap!) now a old bugger have linked it with 'Consumer Price Index' and increased it to Rs.100/day (double Clap) 

"I am not getting labour even if I offer 365 days of employment with bonus and salary plus free training at my cost" :- Mr. Anil Pandey of Amitech Indust. Kanpur (see page 84, Business Today, Budget special edition march 2011)

For heaven sake can't you understand that if a fellow want to drink alcohol and beat his wife every night and bears 5-6 child in his life is just not interested in earning??? 
A free gift is cheaper then beggary!! folks!
Foul Play
We provide subsidized cooking gas to every Indian and Ration Card PDS to BPL of India so that no one sleep hungry! (clap!)

Rs.2 Kg Rice, Rs.3Kg Wheat and Grains worth Rs.1700000 Core get rotten due to no preserving capacity... who the bloody hell will feed 7 Billion Human and 8Billion Cattels (worth more then Human) of the world???

40 lakhs ration card pda are registered with fake contact details in Karnataka alone and 20 lakhs needy house holds are yet not registered!!
30-50% of domestic Gas Cylenders are used for Commercial purpose! accouting to annoual loss of Rs.251 Crore to Karnatka only!
    :-Ms. Shobha Karanlaje Minister of Food & Civil Supplies, Govt. of  Karnataka (see page 42, BT march Budget Special Issue)

Wait let me wash your eyes by peeling 14th five year term Plans of Government of India about to be over by AD 2012. 

Produce                   Production Target                   Achieved

Crude Oil                    187 MT                                   130 Mt

Power                        78577 MW                               32032 MW

Road Highways          35000 Km                                7,736 KM

Coal Production        680 MT                                      319.8 MT

Port Capacity              511 MT                                    297 MT

Telecom                   600 Million Con                          720 Million (Everyone knows Raja-Radia tale)

Pals this does not means that we can not make any change!!! I know how!!! just be with me.... Jai Hind!


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