Election Commission Reforms!

“Just because the educated youngsters do not vote, many stray dogs are barking in our parliaments now days!”

“Indian Election Commission and Judiciary should jointly chalk out effective system of checking suitability of the contestant and using IT infrastructure to cast vote from anywhere across world”

“A voter should get adequate IT enabled devices and related feasibility to cast his vote as per his convenience by not hampering his other social priorities”

I always have been the promoter of youth’s participation in Indian Politics but never been able to devise any effective mechanism to match the ground reality of the fact that here exists a jinx of unprecedented youth Migration to cities and their voting rights registered at their respective native place.

India since independence has been fooled by a few of her sons in many aspects on of such fooling acts is uneven growth of this country! Yes India is signing but is that the sign is like of Sun (i.e. by Burning) or like Moon (i.e. cold and Beautiful). Statistics shows that 39% of Rural population most of which belongs to 11 to 40 years of Age group is migrating to the metro or bigger cities in search of labor oriented daily wages. This data is so much chaotic that no one can effectively predict that how much get lost in the crowd, how much get engage in crime and how exactly much are able to return to their respective villages.

63% students of the families having good money but poor in home city infrastructure and facilities are forced to migrate to nearby bigger cities for the education and out of these only 11% of these population do actually return to their native town after education finishes. Majority of such students further migrate (statistics not known) to mega cities or bigger countries for Job, Business or other such earning sources. 

Businessman or Shopkeepers of the villages or smaller towns do also have similar stories (though percentage is less) but all in all if 70% of the rural population which is relatively young will keep on migrating to some or the other places other than the birth place... then at the time of election where will they vote??? 

Today remarkable (vague figure 55%) eligible young voters of India are not able to cast vote because they are not residing in the town where they are registered to vote!!!

1.     Migrated for higher studies with a commitment that they will return but never returned
2.     Migrated for earning lively hood in a dream that will return but can never return
3.     Established with nuclear family in bigger cities in a hope of good living standards and opportunities for the next generations.
4.     The kind of education and qualification one has received is not getting the equivalent career opportunity in the birth place.

The above said reasons are very closely illusive because at time these migrants remain committed that they will return to their respective birth place once they are done with their liabilities but they never walk the talk and so they never transfer their ration cards, Voter Identity Cards or Passport Registration Address to the place they currently live from the place they hail i.e. in the records of Election Commission the voter lives in x town and simply did not turned out to vote but in reality Voter lives in Y town and cannot go to X town to vote. Many a times election commission gives a figure that total 60%, 70% 0r 50% of the population of X locality have casted their votes, according to them Lack of Awareness and Lack of Interest becomes the measure reasons for those who do not Vote.
Reforms Action Plan
Give young men the strong reason to vote, make casting vote sophisticated and then force them to vote!
Reasons to Vote!
Many a times I heard from youngsters that whom to vote when all are equally criminal? More or Maximum they will only harm to India.
I think their question is right! But sadly governance has no rigid solution for this accept vigilance and swift action. We cannot make law that a person persecuted under any criminal offence or is convicted for the Jail term or have been through the Constitutional Punishments cannot participate in Elections because many a times Politicians are forced to be jailed or punishment terms against some agitations, Revolution or March Movements etc.
This indeed does not means that we should not keep any bar un the limit of crimes acceptable i.e. if a person is charged and punished in Rape Case, Murder case or case of breaching national Identity etc. should have no rights to participate in any electoral affairs.
Every Contestant’s property detail and past records should be made available for the voter to know by the department beforehand the finalizing the candidature. It has to be the bound duty of the Election Commission to ensure that the right candidate is contesting for the election
Election Commission and Indian Judiciary System should jointly chalk out a mechanism to ensure the quality and integrity of the contestant!
Vote Casting Ease
In this busy and running life where talking with wife or kids is termed as big task, one finds it useless to stand in queues for ours and cast vote let alone anyone will ever think of taking leave and going back to their native place just for vote casting.
In this Era where the world has turned out to become a ‘Global Village’ almost everyone is connected through a social networks or devices like mobiles and blackberries it is next to impossible that going a particular place and waiting for hours to cast vote will be anything less than stupid idea!
I.e. Linking Election Commission Database with Internet world and developing mechanism of Casting vote from any part of the world any village from voter belongs to with just an ease of accessing laptop or Mobile or other such Government Owned Device just for the purpose of casting Vote. A government owned device to cast vote from anywhere around the world will be a revolutionary idea.
Talking from the government’s side: - Measure concern is security of the database and even measure headache is to let every contestant parties do believe that it is going to be secured and transparent… but if even Mega Banks like RBI can transact data via internet… I think this will be just a political clout of pseudo socialist who will cry to remain conventional.
 Looking forward to a revolutionary idea of provoking everyone to vote and elect the best for our parliament! Jai Hind! 


rahul_patil said...

I firmly agree with your thoughts, Congratulation to you for raising an issue which is directly connected with our country's "Mother India" sustainable growth in everybody (who loves our Mother India) can Participate from any corner of the World!

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