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The Cosmic Know How!!!


Cosmos do not hold any definition of physics! Not even of science. It does not have any dimensions of coordinate (XYZT) geometry. It is even not a deep well of time and space! There is actually no time or length as the basic unit of measurement of universe. UNIVERSE IS NOT BIG, IT EVEN DOES NOT EXIST!

Actually nothing can be so much big as our scientists are telling about the universe. There can nothing be so much old (13.6 Billions of years) as predicted by Sir Edwin Hubble’s theory of Big Bang. In the canvas of imagination if E=MC2 can be challenged by the great thinker Sir Stephen Hawkins by attempting to propound a theory of everything i.e. a join theory of quantum mechanics and theory of relativity or a single equation which can solve the complexities of waves, particles and heavenly bodies. During his search on theory of everything with great mathematician like Sir Roger Penrose he amused by the jaw dropping imaginations and possibilities of the cosmic explorations.  A theory explains that even time is a revocable unit of universe i.e. one can travel to and from any single time unit. Let me explain you about this! This theory says that Time is not a linear vector quantity and their do exists some dark holes in the universe (like of tunnels) from where one can tress pass the boundaries of time from even more then billions of years!!
For a commoner it is hard to understand that Time is a 4th dimension of coordinate zoometry like X,Y,Z. it is even complex to make one realize that same as XYZ even T is also a factor which defers the amount, intensity and direction of any event on the space called THE COSMOS. Let me make it easier for my beloved readers to understand.

Let’s suppose you are in a train at S1 bogie and you are talking on mobile with a person sitting in the same train on S12 and suddenly train crosses through a bridge and you are asking your friend to hold on because you are not able to listen him but have you notice that your friend is still unaware of the fact that train is moving on the bridge!!!! Fact is at the same point of time in watch of both the friends.  One is experiencing voice break due to bridge over sounds and other is perfectly fine because the event of bridge sound is occurred to him!! This implies that TIME is different for different set of subject at different place of Cosmos!

Now the question arises ‘How much’. Humanity cannot consume anything beyond the imagination, and the matter of the fact is, science is limiting the scope of imagination by defining the possibilities of universe by the laws of physics which holds true on the earth (ONLY!) and moreover can be observed by the limited five senses (ONLY!)..(These senses are to touch, to smell, to see, to taste and to listen!!)…  Ah! How a human can be so stupid to believe that a universe comprising of 1022 stars can just be calculated and comprehended by just five senses and a few hundred physical laws of a tiny pin head size planet called Earth!
People often claim that they possess sixth sense i.e. many a times they get a gut feel of doing something which falls true or they get to know in advance by dreaming or by visualizing if any guest is about to come or any place or event occurs in the exact way they had thought of it a day or a week ago. Science has a very little say about such so called sixth sense  but just like humanity cannot refuse that aliens exists it also should not believe that 7th 8th 9th or infinite senses does not exits! And if so happens to be true…. I must say that there must be some creature, species or thing which just cannot be observed by our only available five senses!!!! I.e. anyone may be sitting beside me and reading all that I am writing here! No??
Let me project another view of the canvas of my imagination i.e. Video games… when we play games say Mario we get a character which walks in our command. With our eyes we can see that Mario travels a distance and jumps and achieves level. Point is for that ‘MARIO’ it a distance being traveled but for a computer user it a key stroke! Further!!! For a computer designer it is just a memory stored in hard drive!!! There is an infamous online games called SWTOR where a player can buy sell the characters. These characters can of any kind in design and capabilities which decides the selling price of the character. Every character in this game in real time is governed by a real human out there somewhere across the globe… so if two characters are fighting…. It means that two human players are fighting with means and scopes lie in that game!!! Now what I am trying to say is… the characters are having an actual space (xyzt) but for player it is just a joystick and for game programmer it is a hard disk space (bits & Bytes)!
So who knows that we are just characters’ stored in the hard disk of GODs computer!!! No!! And if such is so than perhaps everything in this universe is just like a chessboard i.e. controlled and commanded by its players under a few rules of law.
You would have noticed that first we got to know that Atom is smallest, then Sir Ruther Ford England told that electron, neutron proton are smallest then after people like Lord Maxwell and Sir Coulomb predicted that Quatrino, Positron, Pulsars are even smaller particle!!! Ah! What more they are going to tell us now???? Let me go other way around first they told G (gravity) is constant then they told ‘Infinite Gravity’ exists at the center of Black Hole… now they are telling that even Black Hole emits energy in out ward direction!!! Jesus!! Wait-wait a third point please, first Sir Lord Marconi told about the element periodic table later it get amended repeatedly and finally we have elements like Mercury, Carbon, Uranium and Hydrogen are not following the law of chemistry… hydrogen Bonding, Catenation, Hydrocarbons are a few such examples. How can our beloved brother (scientist) keep on restating the laws of science??? Pals! Base of every scientific events are entirely different then what we see and believe.
Victory has no rules! Neither the creator of this universe does have!!! Creator just does not want us to know that how he had created us and thus he is keeping us aloof in the recently developed laws of physics which actually has no resemblance with the origin of universe.

Now please don’t kill me after reading this…. i.e. question remains as it is “HOW WE CAME IN EVOLUTION???”
Keep reading with me!!! 


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