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Sorry Martyr Bhagat Sir! you wasted your life!!!

We are the hopeless child of our Mother India!

No one says Inqlaub Jindabad! No one likes to talk about national concerns! I am sorry Sir Bhagat Singh! Your sacrifice went waste. Your hope and admiration to this country is rotting bellow the piles of scams, black money and lost young souls of India.
You had a vision for the sons and daughters of mother India but Bhagat all sir all those who are supposed to be the son and daughters have turned to the smugglers of slaughters. There are crooks of various qualities. An Indian smuggler can defeat to Einstein in terms of intelligence. Even Aryabhatta cannot count the Indian money parked in the switch account.
I am feeling sorry that you tolled your life for useless sons like us… if you could have accepted the flag of Britain I guess your heirs could have been living in luxury and comforts but your idiotic move to get slaughtered for the respect and honor of a mother whose sons are getting intellectually sound enough to abuse her. The father of nation has been termed as the ‘idiot old chap’ and we are sorry for all that blood shed went wasted. We have no feelings of condolence for assassination of Lala Lajpat Rai ji, we are not feeling what Mother terrace used to feel for poor and needy.   We are just busy in getting education as good as a training of slavery to which we call white color job.
Bhagat ji, today my Indian brothers and sisters are living pathetic than their counterparts in Pakistan, Srilanka and Bangladesh yes sir my country’s life expectancy at birth is 64.4 years less then Pakista(67.2), Bangladesh(66.9), Sri Lanka(74.4) despite at wars like LLTE-Lanka, Anti-terror suicide attacks and Anti-Naxal regime in these countries.
Martyr Bhagat, we are turned 1.19 billion now out is 61% are young! Sir do you know only 70% of us i.e. 60.3 million are getting enrolled in primary education!!! And an UNDP human Development report says 95.5% of us who are enrolled go to school for 4 years in lifetime!
Sir, I am feeling like committing suicide while detailing you that despite of sending Rs.52057 Crore we are failed to enroll kids in the school and those who go to school out of them only 35% can perform two digit subtractions problems of mathematics and 65% of them can identify the all the numbers from 0-9.
My beloved Uncle Bhagat ji, according ASER 2010 report our education progress is far pathetic then Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri-Lanka.

Fig. Shows the pathetic performance!

Mighty Rajguru, I ashamed to let you know that 70% of us will be forced to earn bread and butter for our family i.e. 0.76 billion Indian will be looking for the jobs across the globe by 2025.
Beloved Sukhdev Uncle, 9600 schools under Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyan are being conducted below the trees till date. In most of the case students are busy in provding services like message or being chef or waiter to their beloved teachers in the country where Taksila, Nalanda and Gurukul were been the pride education system of the world.
Beloved Bhagat, Rajguru and Sukhdev! At this anniversary of you martyrdom I comment that I am hopeless that even any miracle cannot elevate your country in the reign of pride and solidarity… slavery of 1200 years is instilled permanently in our blood and we are happy being the Dog tail in barrels.      


i love my india said…
thanks to you ....for writing on this topic.its really true and very inspirational.....


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