पहले गोद, फिर खिलौने, अब हमसफ़र छूट जायेंगे!!! 
देख लेन ए वक़्त हम तनहा कितनी दूर जायेंगे!!!

खींचते हो इसकदर मुझे हवाओं के खिलाफ,
बनके पतंग एक दिन डोरी से रूठ जायंगे

कतरा कतरा जल गए है मोम की तरह हम तुम, 
आंसू की तरह आँखों से फिसलकर टूट जायेंगे

पहले गोद, फिर खिलौने, अब हमसफ़र छूट जायेंगे!!! 
देख लेन ए वक़्त हम तनहा कितनी दूर जायेंगे!!!

Sailing alone... walking alone... talking alone
                                                  like stars.. among a lot I am alone! 

yesterday I was sitting alone on the roof till deep night.... staring to the stars for as long as my eyes refused to flung open. Stars twinkled for two reasons... first is a normal science i.e. scattering effect of air particles and second was the moistures in my eyes.
My imagination zoomed many folds deeper into that space and beneath the plane surfaces of many planets that may be revolving around those stars appearing like white dots in the black canvas. alone among so many... I can see stray dogs running behind the coming and going vehicles as if that engine sound is scorching their irritation. A drunk man is yelling upon an electric pole because that pole came in the way of his home. Night was on its verge of darkness and no one except the night itself was happy. I re-zoomed my focus to the sky. those white dots in dark canvas helped me to connect them from one to other.... stars turned happy because they were about to meet with each other at least in my imagination and I too smiled because i was designing the best sketch i had ever thought of. i.e. sketch of happiness, of smiling lips of those who weaved many laughters to my lips.

Memories.... of good days makes us cry and of bad days remind us the bravery we had shown off! but loneliness has two tragic effects...  if it is demanded it is painful, if it is supplied it is severely painful. yesterday it was partially supplied and partially demanded and the mixed effect of that pain sliced my cardiac tissues into pieces. 

On top of every such feelings which has attacked me repeatedly since I started feeling senses at heart.... I got to notice one thing! i.e. after every catastrophic jolt comes utter peace and silence....
Yesterday night like a tsunami passed by... Today it seems I am summoned to the god of death for the calculations of sins... No one is talking, no sound... no screams:::: A silence of eternal voyage! Feel of of death is too lovely!!!!   
अभी आया हु, अभी जाना है| कई वादे और है जो निभाना है|
इस जिंदगी का इतना फ़साना है, मौते से पहले मैय्यत को सजाना है!

Strengthening To Fight Back!!!

"Why the king is sad today?" asks the queen of Sparta
"When call of duty is alarming... and out of many, one has to choose one, sadness becomes obvious!" replies the king...
"To anyone else? maybe... But to my king? never!" Queen made him decide on war of Honor!

A man is the showpiece of strength not because he is powerful but because he is backed by the power of a women!   

Our sword can crush even the mightiest on the earth... We can face the most heinous defeat gracefully... iff we never turn unlovable to our Queen! All she needs is your love and care to re-fuel you with the pride and honor. 
Many a time failure appears, quite often it penetrates... sometimes it explodes.... but it will never let you die till she is beside you like your shadow! for anything important in life... a man is bounded to seek the agreement of a women (in any form or relationship). At the very early age of becoming matured man, need of a women mounts exponentially. In any point of views call it physical, emotional, mental or social she becomes the very reason of you to feel like a man and proud of being so...

Neta Ji Subhas: His German wife pasted kumkum on his forehead and handovered the sword! 
Mh. Gandhi: Would have done nothing if Kastoorba didn;t supported him! 

Buddies! It is not that the future will only be shaped by the men... but if we consider bio-logical constraints a logical reason then perhaps women will always be the founder of everything atop by the men. Remember becoming foundation of anything is a lot tougher then being the top! because a base neither gets the reward of holding the heaviest load of the great monument nor it gets noticed for it. Since humanity is known... women had been the cause but had never been the subject of honor and this makes them the shadow of every successes inked in the pages of histories of the world.

Beneath my heart... I will always remain thankful towards the one who made me feel proud on myself and did not ever demanded anything in exchange of her very great sacrifices for me!

Can you remember? When the king takes her queens wishes before leaving for the great war... queen says  "don't....." queen fingered kings lip "....care for your family. You are needed for your country!" she whispered
and she continues "Spartan......! Make sure you will come back with your shield... with it or on it!"

Ambedkar: Untouchables :: Good Bad Ugly!!!

In a movie about Mahatma Gandhi I once heard a dialog "Bapu ki burai karna yuvako ka fashion ho gaya hai!". In my childhood brain a smiles sketched and I thought "tab bhi jawani be-parwah hua karti thi"

An idiot moron Ambedkar: He must have got some special favors from so many exam-invigilators or would have managed to bribe them or would have been smart enough to chit-cheating in exams! no? oh I wonder how else he is the only person in the world having maximum no of degrees+maximum no. of diplomas + maximum no. of International Language Learning certificates from the countries like USA, UK, Russia, Germany and France!!! 

He must be a foolish man to tolerate the behaviors of his office peon in Baroda because the peon was Brahmin and the law officer was a Mahar! (a tribe after which Maharashtra is named). He must be one of the most ashamed and man of zero self-respect because when he won the election from the Chattogaon district Bengal have been forced to join congress (because congress charitably gifted Chattogaon to East Pakistan so that Ambedkar could not claim his individual seat in parliament!).   

If we, the royal blood, would have happened to be in the place of that idiot Ambedkar we could have refused to take up the responsibility of architect the law book of India to revenge so much humility! How else any hindu brahmin could dare to 'cut-copy-paste' the same hindu code bill which Ambedkar failed to attach in indian law book just because he was a 'mahaar' a shudra!!! (hoe dare a shudra write law book of nation governed by a religion whose first law book 'manuhsmriti' was written by a brahmin???

That idiot Amedkar advised to Ali Jinnah once "Geting broken up in peaces will not get back your looted dignity... lets remain unite and fight for the self-dignity!". 

In a speech against the 'Indian Constitution Act 1935' he declared "I born as Hindu it was not in my control but I will not die Hindu this is a promise"

Poona Pact! Mht. Gandhi would have died... he had given a damn! Kastoorba the sati-level wife begged the old mans breath back from Ambedkar!

According to the 61st Round Survey of the NSSO, almost nine-tenths of Buddhists and one-third of Sikhs in India belonged to scheduled castes of the Constitution while one-third of Christians belonged to scheduled tribes. The Sachar Committee report of 2006 also confirmed that members of scheduled castes and tribes of India are not exclusively adherents of Hinduism.
ReligionScheduled CasteScheduled Tribe

Indian social structure is not like that of Europe! their they are divided into 'poor' and 'rich' classes, here we are having 2500 castes alone only in Hindu religion! SC, ST, OBC are the 'class clustering move of Ambedkar! He devised the mechanism of availing 3000 years lost pride of being Human.

Folks! Pleae try to understand... everything including... SC/ST/OBC ....Darul Ulema..... Gaza Patti, Israel... south n north Korea???? everything is a big plot of 'divide and rule!!! please dont waste your energy by these evil souls ill 

Please stay united! please!! everything will go sour without you guys!!! Jay Hind!

India that was Bharat

MS Dhoni won world cup: India
MS Dhoni shaved off his head after victory: Bharat

An Idea which is India! The Incredible India... you hate her, you like her but you cannot ignore her. Since the very beginning of Humanity, India is known for one of the wealthiest and developed civilization. Sadly we are not what we used to be!

I am not saying, India is bad or Bharat is good.... but can we re-implant that big big big heart of BHARAT in the visionary brain of INDIA???

Can we??

Today in a very banal discussion with one of my colleague, I told him that in Germany, there exist small refreshment huts in roadside jungle, if any commuter wants to eat, drink or take rest and drop the sum amount of money at the drop box as the payment of the total consumption. To our amusement there is no check point, camera, caretaker or security guard to stop you if you try to run away because no one does it.

He asked: Can we do it for India here?

Ah! You all know the answer!

Why? Why you answer is so much united! Cannot we Indians be honest? Do we not have courage to pay for what we spend?

Let me explain why it becomes the universally accepted and inevitable answer. It is not the development of one year or fifty years... not during the British raj... not even during Moguls, Tuglaq or Lodhi Era. This began way back during Vedic Age, before this we all were as civilized and disciplined as humanity can expect us to be. How? Good question...

During Vedic age Aryans took over the reign of Indian command. They developed the system of civilization as good as the communistic governance of CHINA? RUSSIA or France. A son of a Brahmin is declared as Brahmin since birth, a son of worrier is declared worrier since birth... no one remain worried about the quest of earning bread by honing excellence. Those who had a good job never changed their profession and those had bad jobs never allowed to change their profession. So elite never took pain to innovate his job and a poor never cared to innovate his part. Both of them felt happy with whatever they were doing and keep on doing... day and night, week and fortnight.... years and decades.... centuries and millennium...

Brahmins never innovated education,
Farmers never innovated Cultivation...
Kshatirya kept fighting with each others...
Vayshya expanded their trade out of boundaries....
Shudra becomes the football from one foot to other....

Greece came and ruined...
Gajanvi came and looted...
Lodhi, tuglak, Aibak, Khilji, Mogul... British, Pourtgal... French...
Till 1947AD everyone from back or front... murdered the very character of Indian

They killed our souls... slowly...
Macaulay broken us based upon our religions...
Vedic Hindus broken us based on 2500 castes...
 Post liberation... came short minded politicians.... bit by bit they raped our character... due which bastards like Dawood, Abu Salem, Afjal Guru... born...
We forgot that ours was the village.... where marriage of a daughter was not the load of her father but of the entire village!

We forgot that we never locked our doors!
We forgot that we never taken more than our apatite!
We forgot that our cattle used to have milk produce in their diets!
We forgot that our horse & carts used to be made up of gold and gems!

We forgot Ram Rajya.... we still remembered Ayodhya
We forgot Seeta Mata... we still remembered tirya charitra...

We remembered our epics but never implemented... we remembered we were rich we never acted like rich...

We snatch, we over store, we over consumer, we stock, we black mail....
We become INDIA.... We lost BHARAT!!!!    

Understanding Jana Lokpal Bill

God thought if I will create world based on attribute of mercy alone then sinners will greatly multiply and if based on attributes of justice alone then how the world could endure… so did, the almighty, created a world based on both the attributes.”
                                                                                                -Judean Holy book
15 August 2011 we will witness the beginning of the new era of Indian political drama. (IPL2) Indian politics league season two. Game plot is changed… these cheers girls (CVC) are turning Desi Sundari (LOKPAL)

Those who are criticizing Jana Lokpal Bill by commenting that this will again fall into a game tool of politicians, I want to reply them that just prejudicing outcome of any attempt by not doing it is not justified. A parallel body beyond the control of any kind political, judicial or journalism with coherent framework and timelines will certainly turnout to be fruitful.
1.    Capability:
a.     Lokpal at the centre and Lokayukt at States
b.     No minister/government or bureaucracy will have influence on its activity
c.      Can file and prosecute against anyone including Prime Minister & President
d.     Will recover the loss from the Culprit
2.     Unique Thing
a.     Maximum time to pronounce verdict is two years for any case
b.     If the officer of Lokpal House found guilty he will be punished well within one month.
c.      Nothing will linger upon indefinite time or there will no lack transparency.
3.     Impact
a.     CVC and other corruption vigilance department will be dissolved
b.     CBI will get independent from the clutch of politicians
c.      Will become two fold powerful by adjoining RTI(Right to Information Act)
4.     Common Man Benefits
a.     License, Ration Cards, Passport nothing will be tedious and complex and bribe free.
b.     By noosing black money, terror attacks, bomb blasts and anarchy of local Bundara will get reduced (if not removed)
c.      Everyone will be the vigilance guard of India  
5.     Possible Threats
a.     Can nose dive in front of Politicians cleverness
b.     Cannot get desired momentum
c.      Lokayuqt/Lokpal may fall under protection or threatened by evil forces.
d.     Officers in this department may fall corrupt or noosed by politicians.
6.     Opportunity
a.     Worst case: political drama will get more exposed to general public, we common man will be able to see closely what is cooking there!
b.     Media can turn around the game of public loot
c.      We can re-charge and redraft by getting public support.
d.     It will any way bring out newer paradigm in the quest of clean governance.
Dear friends, 
If a game gets overloaded by the rules and laws it will lose the game sprit and if it will not at all be moderated then it will never get completed. Moreover! Do whatever, scope of bypassing the laws or creating loop hole will never be ceased. The game sprit is keep playing… innovation, improvement and perfection will get automated.

Let’s throw a stone full heartedly, if it will be a failure we will replan, if succeeds! Our next generation will tell our stories to their sons and daughter.

15 August 2011! I am waiting again..... Jai Hind!

Anti Corruption Movement & Hidden Agenda's of Governments!

"Control on anger sometimes let your opponent conclude that you are week! Hence, I hereby declare a personal policy that I will must and sure react to those events occurs due to my roles and actions. This article is a beginning of it!"

Congrats rebellions! You successfully forced the rulers to accept your demands. The very success of this campaign against corruption has given us many lessons to follow. Mistakes of 1857AD, 1930AD and 1947AD have taken care of in this movement against anarchy.
1. Perfect Timing:
Recent victory of Indian Cricket in world Cup followed by legislative elections of due in many states. WCC stroked the questions in young brigade that if they can unite and exhibit their happiness for the victory of cricket than why they cannot do the same for a poor chap who is ultimately in fast unto death for our future. This self raised question mobilized them to use the same flag against corruption they have used to celebrate world cup victory.
Elections in many states imposed several foundations and limitations over the government and fellow politicians. Election time is the rarest of the rare tenure when lusty wolf display themselves like poor sheep. Speaking anything against citizen (read voters) could have been suicidal to them.
2. Undisputed Burning & Important Agenda
Wiki Leaks, Social Media and favorable political stability provided sufficient opportunity and developed conducive psycho of the young brigade to understand the big picture of global loot and political dance of might and greed. Corruption is just a tool of Global Politics; it is universal and equally pathetic in almost all country. India being the largest democracy, sound intellect and apt political smartness turn out to become the capital of corruption of the world. The statistics calculated by International research agencies are stunning and eye opening for the young brigade of India who happen to be able to successfully diagnose the root cause of many problems like poor educational infrastructure, repeatedly failing Five year Plans, poor performance in Sports and not etiquette availability of employment resources.
The biggest sufferer of Corruption are the young brigade as they are educated to understand the wrongs and rights at the time of making Driving license, Passport, Filing FIR, getting admission, making railway reservation... they got to know that if they will not support the old uncle Hazare now... they will suffer it till they will die.
3. Unison in support
Voice of media in unison support one of the most transparent and loyal public figure among the most pathetic power holders in the colonies of political leaders and activists led this unprecedented success to my dearest social activists Anna Hazare; whatsoever powerful Anna is, whatsoever eager citizens are we just cannot rule out the swift powerful and benevolent support of media to this movement.
Every news channel of whatever class, genre or forte... everyone have demonstrated the might of the fourth pillar of Indian Democracy.
Now let slap and say Shut-up

To those who marks my limit!
I have devised democracy, I am entitled to utilize it to its full capacity... don't bark on my limitations and try to teach me the validity, invalidity of immaturity.
1947AD Liaquat-Nehru Pact
Over the Pakistan-India partition and peaceful exchange of citizen. Now everyone knows the bloodbath of five lakh humans beheaded cross border! Did rules & Law hold then?
Rigorous Passport Laws
No one can overrule the procedure! Does it applicable to the people like Dawood, Abu Salem? How many pan cards, DL, Passport you want to make for one person?? Contact me!!!
Right to Information Act
Oh! The heads working there are not known to the amount they are having in their own accounts. Let alone the bank accounts of crooks and gamblers’!
Vote & Elections
Can you sponsor 20 Tata Safari, 100 Motor Bike, 500 TV, 5000 Cycles and 100000 Desi Alcohol bottels??? Yes? Welcome to the parliament! Wait you have to go through the oath ceremony where you have to read out some blunders by keeping your hand on some idiotic iconic pseudo books! Neta Ji... doesn’t worry all that you spent in election will come back to you in a month... promise!
You want more? No? Sufficient? Ok then stop your rubbish publications... Times Of India, I know you are the oldest guard of Indian diplomacy... I also know how proficient you are in provoking page 3 life style in India! Go-away you think you are under paid in India then get lost but don't tell us that Hazare is immature or such demonstrations are anarchy...
Ah! Times of India, London Times... New Yorker!! USA news site!! Pakistan Dawn just shut up
Dear readers, if you could bear little pain to let me explain you in detail... but I know how long you manage to read blogs! Any way in nutshell I want to explain you guys that world is a big plot for common man to remain trapped. We people are just mending to earn like donkey, bet like on horses, sleep like dead fish and enslaved like dogs. The blue cold bloods are just sucking us for their games of might and height.
I read in Pakistan English Newspaper that we (India) are secretly redrawing boundaries with Bangladesh. If we are doing then what hell it is to do at the front page of Pakistan daily.
I read in USA New Yorker, A respected teacher of Islam have been dead in Indian Kashmir bomb blast attack... thank you uncle Sam for so much concern of our brothers! If you could just have shown a little more concern in Afghan, Iraq, Libya and Iran, I would have given you moist eye tribute. Rascals! Are just plotting unease in our soil, and our leaders are happy with it.
London times are busy casting news about the increased divorce rate and premarital sex in Indian cities. Those idiots can never understand how our families function. We may distract for while but will never deviate from core of Indian hood.
And our dearest Times of India claims that if citizens find something not good in country then he should utilize the effective democratic tools like FIR, Voting rights and should not go out in hunger strike or on road protests or demonstrations. According to this Benet & Colman group such acts are the sign of immaturity and Blackmailing.... clap the guards of fourth Pillar of Indian Democracy well said: Now keep on with your page 3 news coverage and stay happy by being number one English daily. Don't dare to say IPL is right and Hunger strike is wrong.

Peers! What I mean here is, if wiki leaks, sting operations or freedom of Media wouldn't have been exhibited with so much courage and dare and if this much larger chunk of population couldn't have got educated.... (Which happened for the first time since the evolution of Humanity... mind it!), these counted, tyrannical attitude high nose blue bloods would have remain cold blooded forever.
Folks in order see humanity free and happy we have to bolt open the doors of education to every single human on earth. Jai Hind!

Anti Corruption Analysis!!

Hard Earned Freedom! Blood Spilling Movements!! Earth Zollting Brutalities:::: Sir Anna Hazare is the Witness of Mother India's Transition to Independence....

Long Live Uncle Hazare!!

Sun is the witness of all brutalities human have ever done to mother soil. We are living in comforts earned by our parents and so we are not able to imagine 'what happens if someone else blows off your dream castle you weaved through hard days'

Great Sir Anna Hajare is a freedom Fighter of those days when mother India called her son for bloodbath. He is righteous to raise question if dogs ruins his palace for a few bones. $1700 Crore parked in swiss banks! dear friends this could be the amount if divided by 12 then becomes the total Defense Budget of India for 2011AD (close to $36 Bn).

There are many poor victims of these rascals miss-deeds are crying for justice till date but folks dogs at parliament turned deaf ear to these heart piercing cry of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 93 Blasts, 26/11 blasts, Black Friday and countless massacres. 

How long will Kasab, Afjal Guru, A Raja, Karim Telgi, Lalu Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Arjun Singh, Advani, Bangaru Laxaman, Yedurappa, Narendra Modi, Nira Radia and many-many dogs will left stray???

Answer is perhaps: Gracefully till eternity!!! 

Because our young brigade is still not able to feel the alarming call of catastrophic future! 40 crore Indians visit facebook daily! but only 128 are listed in 12 odd anti-corruption campaign! You call it decency , simplicity or social status quo... I call it Coward, Mice Heart and Self Centered emotion less brigade....

Folks!! an old man once told me, you can never tell anyone how new shoes pinches... only one who wears it can feel it! so buddies wait... our time is also coming... it is very near... we just cannot call it future now!

whatsoever my young brigades think of it but we will keep on moving with our agenda of "Free Education for The World" but corruption is a big stone in my way at least till coming five years!!! Our movement is on... Join us, leave us, abuse us, disgrace us, kill us in none of the you will be spared away! Long Live Anna! 


Nothing Like IIPS!!!

"IIPS! IIPS!! IIPS!!! a rhythmic shouting voices of many young bloods reminded my days of Xpressions in my Lovely College!! (though I cannot recall anything but Chaman Vatika till date)!!!"

Four Years! Many Cities! Many Jobs!!! But 2nd April 2011in the campus we toasted with the glorious past of those campus days!

May be it is just my personal views but still I guarantee that many more souls will agree with me that IIPS campus have all the vibes to instills visitors with positive energy. Yesterday this effect of IIPS experientially blasted the sky top. 

Oh Juniors Creative!!
IIPS Xpressions is one such festival which leaves behind all the benchmarks of creativity and celebrations! Alumni meet -Reminiscence'2011 have for sure stretched the scope of challenge to Xpressions. Like champions challenged by self performance. The moment you enter to university campus you get greeted by your beloved juniors by many canvas painted in colors of love and affection. Too many parked vehicles assures you that IIPIans have participated like they used to do in their campus days. 
Cfreatives Bannners, Danglers and design quotes, theme... you just keep walking and looking around you. No where you can see the perfection of managing eye-fall probability with stunning message behind what ever catches you attention there!! A crowed dancing in the rythem of latest tracks "Party Abhi Baki hai"... thousands of young bloods her jumping as if they are trained by the very Bollywood resources!!! The made us remind all that we used to thrive for in college: The Debar List, Internal Exams, Assignments uf! how crucial those days were.... 

See! She can see the sea change!!! 
Dr. Yamini, Dr. Geeta, Sr. Sharma, Prof. Muskan Mam and Many more new faces I cam across all of them are still as young and as energetic as they were for us four years ago. Their efforts and commitment is ever recharging and synergistic. 

All maa'ms who used to scold me for bunking classes or chide on me for coming very222 late in class or prank on me for snoring(not only sleeping!) at front desk have taken my greetings with charm and blessings. They told us about the changes since we left the campus to fly high.

Graying gorgeous along the gravity of Greatness!!!
Dr. VK Tripathi, Prof.Imroz Khan, Dr. Dinesh Wadhwa everyone identified us and greeted us like we were the most famous toppers of the college... we felt so much valued.... if only my boss could have seen us being respected here!!! I am sure she will stop nagging me in sales meetings!!! ha ha... 

They are appearing older but like some eagle.... more older more firm to rule the sky!!    

Since 1983 till 2011:- Cricket Actualized!!
In my Subsequent Write Up I will lead you through the success story of our beloved IIPS albuminous!!! along with some cool Photos of the celebration!!! Thank You Teachers, Thank you Juniors for remembering us!! Keep reading JAY HIND!