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Anti Corruption Analysis!!

Hard Earned Freedom! Blood Spilling Movements!! Earth Zollting Brutalities:::: Sir Anna Hazare is the Witness of Mother India's Transition to Independence....

Long Live Uncle Hazare!!

Sun is the witness of all brutalities human have ever done to mother soil. We are living in comforts earned by our parents and so we are not able to imagine 'what happens if someone else blows off your dream castle you weaved through hard days'

Great Sir Anna Hajare is a freedom Fighter of those days when mother India called her son for bloodbath. He is righteous to raise question if dogs ruins his palace for a few bones. $1700 Crore parked in swiss banks! dear friends this could be the amount if divided by 12 then becomes the total Defense Budget of India for 2011AD (close to $36 Bn).

There are many poor victims of these rascals miss-deeds are crying for justice till date but folks dogs at parliament turned deaf ear to these heart piercing cry of Bhopal Gas Tragedy, 93 Blasts, 26/11 blasts, Black Friday and countless massacres. 

How long will Kasab, Afjal Guru, A Raja, Karim Telgi, Lalu Yadav, Sharad Pawar, Arjun Singh, Advani, Bangaru Laxaman, Yedurappa, Narendra Modi, Nira Radia and many-many dogs will left stray???

Answer is perhaps: Gracefully till eternity!!! 

Because our young brigade is still not able to feel the alarming call of catastrophic future! 40 crore Indians visit facebook daily! but only 128 are listed in 12 odd anti-corruption campaign! You call it decency , simplicity or social status quo... I call it Coward, Mice Heart and Self Centered emotion less brigade....

Folks!! an old man once told me, you can never tell anyone how new shoes pinches... only one who wears it can feel it! so buddies wait... our time is also coming... it is very near... we just cannot call it future now!

whatsoever my young brigades think of it but we will keep on moving with our agenda of "Free Education for The World" but corruption is a big stone in my way at least till coming five years!!! Our movement is on... Join us, leave us, abuse us, disgrace us, kill us in none of the you will be spared away! Long Live Anna! 



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"ये अचानक बढ़ी कौतुहल का ग़ुबार भर है, कविता कह देना बड़ी बात होगी, पेश है आपके नज़रो-क़रम के लिए "
कुछ मीठा मीठा छूट गया, कुछ कड़वा कड़वा साथ रहा। 
उसके आने जाने तक का, जाने क्या क्या याद रहा।
फूल, किताबें, मंदिर ओटलें, वो गली गलीचे गुजर गये।
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सायकल, गच्छी, सीठी, घंटी, छुप छुप के संवाद किये।
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कुछ मीठा मीठा छूट गया, कुछ कड़वा कड़वा साथ रहा। 
उसके आने जाने तक का, जाने क्या क्या याद रहा।
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