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Anti Corruption Movement & Hidden Agenda's of Governments!

"Control on anger sometimes let your opponent conclude that you are week! Hence, I hereby declare a personal policy that I will must and sure react to those events occurs due to my roles and actions. This article is a beginning of it!"

Congrats rebellions! You successfully forced the rulers to accept your demands. The very success of this campaign against corruption has given us many lessons to follow. Mistakes of 1857AD, 1930AD and 1947AD have taken care of in this movement against anarchy.
1. Perfect Timing:
Recent victory of Indian Cricket in world Cup followed by legislative elections of due in many states. WCC stroked the questions in young brigade that if they can unite and exhibit their happiness for the victory of cricket than why they cannot do the same for a poor chap who is ultimately in fast unto death for our future. This self raised question mobilized them to use the same flag against corruption they have used to celebrate world cup victory.
Elections in many states imposed several foundations and limitations over the government and fellow politicians. Election time is the rarest of the rare tenure when lusty wolf display themselves like poor sheep. Speaking anything against citizen (read voters) could have been suicidal to them.
2. Undisputed Burning & Important Agenda
Wiki Leaks, Social Media and favorable political stability provided sufficient opportunity and developed conducive psycho of the young brigade to understand the big picture of global loot and political dance of might and greed. Corruption is just a tool of Global Politics; it is universal and equally pathetic in almost all country. India being the largest democracy, sound intellect and apt political smartness turn out to become the capital of corruption of the world. The statistics calculated by International research agencies are stunning and eye opening for the young brigade of India who happen to be able to successfully diagnose the root cause of many problems like poor educational infrastructure, repeatedly failing Five year Plans, poor performance in Sports and not etiquette availability of employment resources.
The biggest sufferer of Corruption are the young brigade as they are educated to understand the wrongs and rights at the time of making Driving license, Passport, Filing FIR, getting admission, making railway reservation... they got to know that if they will not support the old uncle Hazare now... they will suffer it till they will die.
3. Unison in support
Voice of media in unison support one of the most transparent and loyal public figure among the most pathetic power holders in the colonies of political leaders and activists led this unprecedented success to my dearest social activists Anna Hazare; whatsoever powerful Anna is, whatsoever eager citizens are we just cannot rule out the swift powerful and benevolent support of media to this movement.
Every news channel of whatever class, genre or forte... everyone have demonstrated the might of the fourth pillar of Indian Democracy.
Now let slap and say Shut-up

To those who marks my limit!
I have devised democracy, I am entitled to utilize it to its full capacity... don't bark on my limitations and try to teach me the validity, invalidity of immaturity.
1947AD Liaquat-Nehru Pact
Over the Pakistan-India partition and peaceful exchange of citizen. Now everyone knows the bloodbath of five lakh humans beheaded cross border! Did rules & Law hold then?
Rigorous Passport Laws
No one can overrule the procedure! Does it applicable to the people like Dawood, Abu Salem? How many pan cards, DL, Passport you want to make for one person?? Contact me!!!
Right to Information Act
Oh! The heads working there are not known to the amount they are having in their own accounts. Let alone the bank accounts of crooks and gamblers’!
Vote & Elections
Can you sponsor 20 Tata Safari, 100 Motor Bike, 500 TV, 5000 Cycles and 100000 Desi Alcohol bottels??? Yes? Welcome to the parliament! Wait you have to go through the oath ceremony where you have to read out some blunders by keeping your hand on some idiotic iconic pseudo books! Neta Ji... doesn’t worry all that you spent in election will come back to you in a month... promise!
You want more? No? Sufficient? Ok then stop your rubbish publications... Times Of India, I know you are the oldest guard of Indian diplomacy... I also know how proficient you are in provoking page 3 life style in India! Go-away you think you are under paid in India then get lost but don't tell us that Hazare is immature or such demonstrations are anarchy...
Ah! Times of India, London Times... New Yorker!! USA news site!! Pakistan Dawn just shut up
Dear readers, if you could bear little pain to let me explain you in detail... but I know how long you manage to read blogs! Any way in nutshell I want to explain you guys that world is a big plot for common man to remain trapped. We people are just mending to earn like donkey, bet like on horses, sleep like dead fish and enslaved like dogs. The blue cold bloods are just sucking us for their games of might and height.
I read in Pakistan English Newspaper that we (India) are secretly redrawing boundaries with Bangladesh. If we are doing then what hell it is to do at the front page of Pakistan daily.
I read in USA New Yorker, A respected teacher of Islam have been dead in Indian Kashmir bomb blast attack... thank you uncle Sam for so much concern of our brothers! If you could just have shown a little more concern in Afghan, Iraq, Libya and Iran, I would have given you moist eye tribute. Rascals! Are just plotting unease in our soil, and our leaders are happy with it.
London times are busy casting news about the increased divorce rate and premarital sex in Indian cities. Those idiots can never understand how our families function. We may distract for while but will never deviate from core of Indian hood.
And our dearest Times of India claims that if citizens find something not good in country then he should utilize the effective democratic tools like FIR, Voting rights and should not go out in hunger strike or on road protests or demonstrations. According to this Benet & Colman group such acts are the sign of immaturity and Blackmailing.... clap the guards of fourth Pillar of Indian Democracy well said: Now keep on with your page 3 news coverage and stay happy by being number one English daily. Don't dare to say IPL is right and Hunger strike is wrong.

Peers! What I mean here is, if wiki leaks, sting operations or freedom of Media wouldn't have been exhibited with so much courage and dare and if this much larger chunk of population couldn't have got educated.... (Which happened for the first time since the evolution of Humanity... mind it!), these counted, tyrannical attitude high nose blue bloods would have remain cold blooded forever.
Folks in order see humanity free and happy we have to bolt open the doors of education to every single human on earth. Jai Hind!


Rahul Patil said…
Great! congratulations sir. Perfect comments on the rubbish. this time you look like a perfect rebel. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!

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