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Nothing Like IIPS!!!

"IIPS! IIPS!! IIPS!!! a rhythmic shouting voices of many young bloods reminded my days of Xpressions in my Lovely College!! (though I cannot recall anything but Chaman Vatika till date)!!!"

Four Years! Many Cities! Many Jobs!!! But 2nd April 2011in the campus we toasted with the glorious past of those campus days!

May be it is just my personal views but still I guarantee that many more souls will agree with me that IIPS campus have all the vibes to instills visitors with positive energy. Yesterday this effect of IIPS experientially blasted the sky top. 

Oh Juniors Creative!!
IIPS Xpressions is one such festival which leaves behind all the benchmarks of creativity and celebrations! Alumni meet -Reminiscence'2011 have for sure stretched the scope of challenge to Xpressions. Like champions challenged by self performance. The moment you enter to university campus you get greeted by your beloved juniors by many canvas painted in colors of love and affection. Too many parked vehicles assures you that IIPIans have participated like they used to do in their campus days. 
Cfreatives Bannners, Danglers and design quotes, theme... you just keep walking and looking around you. No where you can see the perfection of managing eye-fall probability with stunning message behind what ever catches you attention there!! A crowed dancing in the rythem of latest tracks "Party Abhi Baki hai"... thousands of young bloods her jumping as if they are trained by the very Bollywood resources!!! The made us remind all that we used to thrive for in college: The Debar List, Internal Exams, Assignments uf! how crucial those days were.... 

See! She can see the sea change!!! 
Dr. Yamini, Dr. Geeta, Sr. Sharma, Prof. Muskan Mam and Many more new faces I cam across all of them are still as young and as energetic as they were for us four years ago. Their efforts and commitment is ever recharging and synergistic. 

All maa'ms who used to scold me for bunking classes or chide on me for coming very222 late in class or prank on me for snoring(not only sleeping!) at front desk have taken my greetings with charm and blessings. They told us about the changes since we left the campus to fly high.

Graying gorgeous along the gravity of Greatness!!!
Dr. VK Tripathi, Prof.Imroz Khan, Dr. Dinesh Wadhwa everyone identified us and greeted us like we were the most famous toppers of the college... we felt so much valued.... if only my boss could have seen us being respected here!!! I am sure she will stop nagging me in sales meetings!!! ha ha... 

They are appearing older but like some eagle.... more older more firm to rule the sky!!    

Since 1983 till 2011:- Cricket Actualized!!
In my Subsequent Write Up I will lead you through the success story of our beloved IIPS albuminous!!! along with some cool Photos of the celebration!!! Thank You Teachers, Thank you Juniors for remembering us!! Keep reading JAY HIND! 


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