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Understanding Jana Lokpal Bill

God thought if I will create world based on attribute of mercy alone then sinners will greatly multiply and if based on attributes of justice alone then how the world could endure… so did, the almighty, created a world based on both the attributes.”
                                                                                                -Judean Holy book
15 August 2011 we will witness the beginning of the new era of Indian political drama. (IPL2) Indian politics league season two. Game plot is changed… these cheers girls (CVC) are turning Desi Sundari (LOKPAL)

Those who are criticizing Jana Lokpal Bill by commenting that this will again fall into a game tool of politicians, I want to reply them that just prejudicing outcome of any attempt by not doing it is not justified. A parallel body beyond the control of any kind political, judicial or journalism with coherent framework and timelines will certainly turnout to be fruitful.
1.    Capability:
a.     Lokpal at the centre and Lokayukt at States
b.     No minister/government or bureaucracy will have influence on its activity
c.      Can file and prosecute against anyone including Prime Minister & President
d.     Will recover the loss from the Culprit
2.     Unique Thing
a.     Maximum time to pronounce verdict is two years for any case
b.     If the officer of Lokpal House found guilty he will be punished well within one month.
c.      Nothing will linger upon indefinite time or there will no lack transparency.
3.     Impact
a.     CVC and other corruption vigilance department will be dissolved
b.     CBI will get independent from the clutch of politicians
c.      Will become two fold powerful by adjoining RTI(Right to Information Act)
4.     Common Man Benefits
a.     License, Ration Cards, Passport nothing will be tedious and complex and bribe free.
b.     By noosing black money, terror attacks, bomb blasts and anarchy of local Bundara will get reduced (if not removed)
c.      Everyone will be the vigilance guard of India  
5.     Possible Threats
a.     Can nose dive in front of Politicians cleverness
b.     Cannot get desired momentum
c.      Lokayuqt/Lokpal may fall under protection or threatened by evil forces.
d.     Officers in this department may fall corrupt or noosed by politicians.
6.     Opportunity
a.     Worst case: political drama will get more exposed to general public, we common man will be able to see closely what is cooking there!
b.     Media can turn around the game of public loot
c.      We can re-charge and redraft by getting public support.
d.     It will any way bring out newer paradigm in the quest of clean governance.
Dear friends, 
If a game gets overloaded by the rules and laws it will lose the game sprit and if it will not at all be moderated then it will never get completed. Moreover! Do whatever, scope of bypassing the laws or creating loop hole will never be ceased. The game sprit is keep playing… innovation, improvement and perfection will get automated.

Let’s throw a stone full heartedly, if it will be a failure we will replan, if succeeds! Our next generation will tell our stories to their sons and daughter.

15 August 2011! I am waiting again..... Jai Hind!


Rahul Patil said…
Hope it would be a new beginning to create a better India and this place would be far better for our next generations. I m also waiting and it will happen. WE WILL! JAI HIND!!!

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