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Re-Initialized: In the quest of Having EVERYTHING

Dil bhi ek jid pe ada hai kisi bacche ki tarah!!! Ya sab kuchh hi chahiye yaa kuchh bhi nahi!!! 

More often while talking to the young brigade of India... I happened to be advising them on several fronts of life's and its consequences. In one such famous discussion of mine I once told them

"Buddies think a lot before doing anything... and then start... but once started on anything! Do not think back or leave it in middle" 

I think many personality trainers like me would have faced as I did or perhaps I am rare one accepting that I am facing it. I.e. it is hard to follow what you preach others. Commanding others from the stage is far easier than demonstrating or exhibiting what you command.

'Living with ethical practices and just being a very good human being' is the essence of my teachings.

Too many students of mine have actually changed their behaviours with others based on my preaching. While telling all this to my beloved students I source my own inspiration from the guiding souls like Mt. Gandhi, King Luther and Dr.Kalam. These great minds have actually practiced what they preached.

...but what if your principles start getting challenged even before you begin your Mission? What if the basics of lifestyle have exponentially changed from those days of your life icons lived? What if you can visualize that the compromises with your own guiding principles are no longer effective to achieve your goals? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY that your decision is going to affect the beliefs of your students to whom you have shown the right path?

It kicks start irritation and hoblogoby of too much weird thoughts. A cacophony of many questions starts piercing ears and brings sleepless nights. Everything ceases to exist at least for that awhile. It is a very crucial time where you will either be lead to darkness of forever or will triumph to conquer the tough time.

I munched a lot, out of millions of thoughts almost none turned out to suggest that I must keep my guiding principles intact. It is then I realized the essence of many great epics. I should not call them the message of god but yes I must take them as the teachings based on the experience of being human. In one such epic I found the answer... i.e. the four rule of diplomacy... Honest way, Purchased Way, Punished way and/or Wrecked Way but in no way failure should occur.

Folks here came the solution! I.e. if the cause is right then success should be the ultimate target. There is never a wrong or a right way... It is only 'My Way' Brings miracle.

Yes I decided! Yes I am executing! Yes I will not think back.... Yes I will not regret. Yes I will bounce back! Almighty bestow thy blessings... Amen! 


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