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Snnipet from My Book : My Wise Countrymen

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“Hi Mannu” he called me up after so many days “no contacts, no news.... where?”
You too changed buddy!” A usual round of complains “Never tired to know, I am alive or dead!”
“Common yaar... don’t use these words...”
Sorry!” he got to know why this word speared in me “How is going business?”
“So formal.... when are you coming to India?”
Next month only! Are we meeting in Prabhu's marriage?”
“oooo yes!! Yes we are meeting! Sure” I tried to goof up but seem he caught me...
Bloody bugger... You know him” he started his old expertise of making me up “he will ruin everything” he chided... “See I cannot come to Delhi... I am coming via Mumbai will directly go Jagdalpur... I hope you will be there ok!
“Ok!” It’s better to accept rather explaining
 Well... how is she??” his heart beats are audible to me from cross continent...
“... Working good... trying to so good but still missing you badly” I am worried how will Mannu react to it “.... why this happens yaar...” even my heartbeats are turning violent “why we just cannot live the way we want?” I slated my face by moist sketches rolling out from
Out of so many. It is only Mannu to whom I found compatible with my feelings... he is the only I value most...
Stop it stupid...” he too is crying “you are in office
“Idiot...” I widened my lips “my office is shielded by thick opaque glasses” I tried to show off...
Big man...” he grinned (by wiping his face perhaps) “... ass hole” and we both laughed “Ok than... meeting in poor payal’s marriage!” he likes kicking Prabhu’s ass.
“ya” meek voice again “bye take care”
He muttered for a while and then disconnected (must be breaking his head in disgust)
Remaining silent for hours... driving out of the city and smoking at some small tea stalls till time permits... it has become the only option for me to stay out of the reach of those who shows concerns and get hurt by seeing my face. Now days there is no limit how much I smoke it ranges anything from 50 to 70 a day, this excludes the office time because of daddy.
No desire left... any smiles... life is as smooth as the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. No turns, any bumps not even any complexities, plain and simple i.e. breathe, smoke and burn to get dispose off to depart beyond the limitations of physical universe. I am lying on the cot at the roadside cafe, looking the sky. It is dark, deep, and voiceless... seems universe never cries, laughs or expresses any kind of emotions but in reality there must be millions of earths and planets in the lap of this cosmos where billions of Aman would be staring up at the sky and feeling the way I am feeling here.
My mobile phone is off, empty beer bottles are cranking giving me the illusion that my phone is ringing... at this night only Farah used to call me and tell me everything she comes across in a day. Even today I can tell who all are working in her office, who brings what colour of lunch box or who usually comes in bad mood because of the fights with his spouse. Some ten odd gentlemen including her boss used to try their luck by some other impressive techniques. She used to tell that boys are fools because they never get to know that how a girl feels about their idiotic stunts to impress her. I guess those who are in love with a girl do never try a chance on other girl. Well not because they do not want to but because they are aware about the possible humility they would face in their personal world of that girl and her boyfriend or husband.  All these thoughts ran through my brain in less than a second there after I recalled that she is no more in this world. My smiles get burned... eyelids turned wet and I took a deep puff as if I want this to be a final puff to blast my lungs... but never succeeded.
Sometimes ago Visthi had sent me and SMS that reads
“A friend says: A cigarette reduces five minutes of life!!!
Another friend says...
 Buddy whenever I will be left with five minutes of life
 just help me fetch a cigarette.....! Who hell will wait so long! ”

My brain developed good skill set for calculation. A stick takes five minutes i.e. 50 sticks a day will take 250 minute in a day... A week wiil reduce a day from life... A yearlong habit of smoking will only be able to reduce two months. This implies that in order to get exhausted from life I am consuming too less. I laughed out loudly... Increase volume of consumption the manager in me demanded from the executives in me.
My wrist watch alerted me of the time limit and I started driving towards home. I am drunk badly and still smoking one after one... it is mid night and all the city entrance are being checked by metro police. It is not that Indian police is too sincere but because this is the first weekend of the month and many young employees of India do drunk and drive in the salary week. Indian police exploits this opportunity like vultures used to exploit the dead bodies because this young brigade of India have no economic liability of their homes and are having big bank balance earned by self jobs. They                 happily pay bribe and get rid of the possible humility and enjoy the thrills of drink and drive... ‘What an Idea sir ji’ said a voice from the FM radio 98.3 of my car.
 fuck’ An idiot fat and bulky police constable forced me to stop. His tainted teethes are matching by the vultures about which I just thought of.
“What?” an utter irritation and anger raged my voice
“Oye... rich dog!! Come out!!!” said the basterd
I did not take even a fraction of second to come out of ca, knocked a punch on his nose and mouth and successfully destroyed more than two front set of teeth. He is bleeding and out of his control. A few more cops captured me and jerked two solid punches in my belly!
“He used absurd words...! What is my fault?” I am in parallel trying to escape out off the cops hold but could not. Yes they are insane but not foolish and so they took me a side... I too chilled down and settled to pay Rs.5000 as a bribe and escaped in to the city.
Entire way I kept on thinking, if it is possible to wipe off all these idiotic and corrupt politics? If yes then who will? I visited Singapore... 20 times smaller than India but 100 times cleaner and transparent in their governance. Indian passport holder struggles to meet to Indian Embassy officials in any country of the world but any other passport holder gets on door service from their respective embassies. How they can manage and why we can’t even implement? Who can fix it all?


Rahul Patil said…
Awesome Sir......!!! this creates interest while reading and this one is GREAT :-
“A friend says: A cigarette reduces five minutes of life!!!
Another friend says...
Buddy whenever I will be left with five minutes of life
just help me fetch a cigarette.....! Who hell will wait so long! ”

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