Birth, Truth, Transition & Sheer Pain

"Change is painful but change is the only truth"

Getting->Knowing->Realizing->Believing->Accepting-> and Transforming....are few stages of life! Every single human-being experiences it till death.

Very slowly one realizes the essence of the question "Oh God! Why Me?" is no longer a song of armagoddon or exceptional to him... This re-instills the agony and heart jolts by ear sprinkling cry in the hatred of becoming very common... because being common minimizes the scope of justice you demand from your God.

When you insist to your God for a wish with a determination that God have no option but to award your wish... God gives you no intuition of what is going to happen... Slowly various events in your life makes you realize that your wish is not worthy and so God lingered for so long. In a way to accept this bitter fact, when you re-face the God, he appears smiling and castigating you.

"If this had been your will... why you played this much big drama?" while smiling you demand an answer from your God. When your own mind starts an argument that your demand will not fall in your favor so you must not ask for it but you still like some kid keep on insisting from the God, pain quadrupole... You thrive for a place where you can blow off all that coughed in your lungs so hard so that it even blow off your life to facilitate peace for once and till eternity.

...but death is one thing never comes by choice. Times heals everything but at very such juncture of your life you even hate to get healed. Promises are shattered, values have demeaned, Honour is lost... a gross loss which never be recovered by all these heart pulses left so if it cannot be recovered, it should not be healed. Let the pain be my dear asset!

As the time passes... sooner or latter... you are left with no option but to accept Gods wish! Almighty leaves you with no option but to follow his command. In the revere of your command, oh almighty, I must for throw my feelings, Amen!

Yes you recover... Yes you start walking... and Yes soon you will regain the momentum but the pain will re-surge every time you look back at the losses you made!!!  


If you want to make god laugh let's tell him ur future planning, he will definitely laugh on your innocence as he has planned better than ur desires.
Moral : Jo hota hai achhe k liye hi hota hai.

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