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"A very young kid, barely walk, was paying a video game in computer! She was so perfect in fetching score and so much desperate to outmark her dad that I left mesmerized before mentioning my admiration to her parents! 
A very young weak, starving kid was selling newspaper in the street with so much perfection in negotiation and identification of potential customer that with in 3 minutes of the red traffic signal I witnessed the sale of 10 copies and widening smile in his face... "

1.19 Billion and counting.... 1/10th small then Africa in size and 0.19 billion more (then Africa) human are reciting in it. 63% Literacy, 56% hygienic Sanitation, 73 Years HDI (Human Development Index). Poor relations with Pakistan, China, Mayanmar, Srilanka & Bangladesh. 46% Indian defense troops are on duty anytime! Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh are half lost to neighbors! 42% hardly gets a meal in a day... 68% 5th class pass students cannot do multiplications or simple mathematics.  

Is, Was & Will....

तेरे आने से पहले,                             मेरा सफ़र बेमंजर था,                             मै बेजान कस्ती सामने समंदर था
तेरे आने से पहले,                            तुझे याद करता, तेरी बाते करता                            तुझे महसूस कर सकू ऐसी कोसिस करता!
तेरे आने से पहले,                            मै गुम था, बेखबर था, जीने मरने से निडर था,                            बस इंतज़ार था तेरा, न तहजीब थी न सबर था! 

मगर अब तुम हो,                            तो मेरे होंठ खिलखिलाते है,                           मै हंसू तो ये फूल मुस्कुराते है!
मगर अब तुम हो,                            तो तेरी गोद में लेता, बस तुझे देखता हु,                            क्या वाकई तेरे करीब हु, अपने आप से पूंछता हु, 
मगर अब तुम हो,                            तो परवाह नहीं कल की,                            जरा जी लू ये पल, फिर सोचूंगा कल की, 

फिर कभी जब तू नहीं होगी,                                           ढलेगी शाम, रश्मियाँ खो जाएँगी,                                           सांसे और धड़कन चुप चाप सो जाएँगी, 
फिर कभी जब तू नह…

Syahi Sa Sandesh!

जलती निगाहें, मचलते ख्वाब  प्यार की तर्ज़, नफरत की आग,  नर्म मासूमियत में ये मेरा फ़न था,  जो कुछ भी लिखा, मेरा बचपन था! 
फिर परिंदे को पर मिले,  गुलशन में कांटे खिले,  धूमिल तस्वीर सी बनी जिंदगानी,  मेरे ख्याल से थी जो लापरवाह जवानी! 
अब पंख मेरे थक चुके है,  रेले आंसुओं के रुक चुके है!  मायूस.... अपनी परछाई ढूँढता रहा,  तभी चुपके से बड़प्पन आ गया! 
लोग मशवरे में मसरूफ रखते थे,  और हम पहले से जरा झुक कर चलते थे!  मर गया जोश, जलापा आ गया,  सब चिराग बुझ गए, बुढ़ापा आ गया!! 
एक रोज उड़ती पतंग दिखी,  झपकती आँखे जरा तंग लगी,  कलरव पंछियों की बुझ गयी,  और डोर साँसों की टूट गयी....!! 
मेरी ये स्याही अब अग्नि को समर्पित,  दो पुष्प तुम भी ले आना, करना मुझ पर अर्पित!!!!  करना मुझ पर अर्पित!!! 
                                                                              : - जितेन्द्र वर्मा

Vicious, Fearless & Shameless

When a heart piercing scream forces you lock your ears and hide out!!! Welcome, You are in India!! 

I understand the viability of killing for hunger! I even not ready to call it a sin if someone robes me for the wealth I am having. I have no ambiguity for the one who kills me for my actions or social causes. I even ready to consume killing a women  for the purpose of loot or robbery!!! but Rape???? What could me more heinous than assaulting a depiction of goddess?
No Bio-logical Function Provokes Rape Bio-Chemical studies from various science labs had claimed that their is no such 'mental impairment' or hormonal disorder' which provokes instinctive-violent-sexual-drive in human... rather such act is always pre-planned and mix effect of jealousy, revenge or repent of some kind of social-humiliation and exaggerated reaction of sexual desires. This proves that GOD had never been wrong while creation of Humanity but we the holy spirits have done every thing that demeans the statur…

Matrix Of Politics

No hands are clean! Power never comes to clean hands actually!!! Robin Hood, Nat Turner, Karl Marx or Gandhi... no one ever was concurrent with the need of the humanity or nation!!
“Politics is no longer a leadership!”

Public life is always prone to evils eye... be it cinema, sports or arts. Politics is just a class above in the whole gamble of fame and money. This profession is miss-spelled as 'public service' though the term 'public service' has no existence. Those who have done anything in favour of humanity are actually cynic with the passion of being a public figure. A thrill to be a noted socially demanding had provoked them to act as per the expectation of their followers. Sadly in today’s arena, dynamics of the political theatres have changed worldwide. Social equality, upliftment and justice are not among the objectives of politicians.
Hunger of power, fight of might and tongue of money are the three goddess of this religion. If humanity had been the concern, it…

The Sin & The Self

The Sin & The Self                                               A whore, a queer and a hangman... how do they define sin?
"Mahtma Budhh once accepted water from the hand of a prostitute and so told that her profession does not condemn her to untouchability or hatred rather society has to be condemned for the origin of such profession."
‘Sin’ is defined too much impractical and conflicting... and in most of the times it appears an artificial work of humanity. For example ‘a killing’ is sin but ‘an honour killing’? I guess society have devised this term ‘sin’ for the benevolence of the whole social system and so it has nothing to do with the God. To be more specific, I must say ‘sin’ is nothing without society... it has no existence at all. When we live alone, we never find our self guilty for any of our deeds. While being alone everything gets decided on the basis of likeness and unlikeness, here comes no question of measuring the task on the scale of sin.
Being alone is b…

As I Planned I Moved Ahead

Yesterday I went out, without any destiny planned or time estimated... alone... disconnected from the world! In the way I saw a small child giggling by just looking at a peacock at the roadside and a few yard ahead I saw a Truck swinging in the air after a massive accident to which I narrowly escaped. I saw two lives ceased to exist in fractions, my eyes are witnessing a perfect past. For those few seconds, I got to imagine their wives crying and kids looking stunned but as I planned I moved ahead...
...But as I planned I moved ahead!!! Right? Wrong? Situational? But as I planned I moved ahead... 
Miles after I stationed to a hut cafeteria... loneliness is hard to achieve even in outskirt of the city. This cafeteria is no exception. Newly married couples, love buds, travelers everyone is halting to rest a while. Every face, every lips and every eyes are having narration of a million seconds they squinted.

A man has an ocean inside... but appears a drop for others! A crowed appears the co…