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"A very young kid, barely walk, was paying a video game in computer! She was so perfect in fetching score and so much desperate to outmark her dad that I left mesmerized before mentioning my admiration to her parents! 

A very young weak, starving kid was selling newspaper in the street with so much perfection in negotiation and identification of potential customer that with in 3 minutes of the red traffic signal I witnessed the sale of 10 copies and widening smile in his face... "

1.19 Billion and counting.... 1/10th small then Africa in size and 0.19 billion more (then Africa) human are reciting in it. 63% Literacy, 56% hygienic Sanitation, 73 Years HDI (Human Development Index). Poor relations with Pakistan, China, Mayanmar, Srilanka & Bangladesh. 46% Indian defense troops are on duty anytime! Kashmir, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh are half lost to neighbors! 42% hardly gets a meal in a day... 68% 5th class pass students cannot do multiplications or simple mathematics.  

WE SHOULD IDEALLY SELL INDIA BACK TO QUEEN OF UK! If we really want to let our 'kids future' endure!

Saare jahan se achha???? 
Kids are forced to learn what they never wanted to learn! English Medium Cocoons (oh u call it schools) are punishing them to learn 'Twinkle Twinkle' and remaining 50% are happily polishing the boots and sweeping the drainage to arrange a meal for the family.

This Shining India is no less then the Shining Boot of an English Men. Trillions are parked in foreign banks and more then 80% government schools are working below the Neem Tree. A baby born in the deep dark village knows what is 'Coca Cola' and a ultra rich KG student of Queens College of Indore does not no what is makkhan (butter)! 

Fees of an average English Medium School in Indore for KG or Pre-Nursery is  Rs.18000/- and a weekly cost of dress codes, books, stationary etc. is Rs.1200/- while a day long expense of a family of 3kids+parents in a village is Rs.34 (cooking oil, salt, wheat, rice, dal). Average Salary of a teacher in moderate English Medium School in Indore is Rs.8000/- a month and monthly income of a labor pulling hand cart in Sia-Ganj Indore is Rs.16000/-

"Kids of Bangalore and Beijing are learning faster then the kids of Buffalo or New Jersey" President Obama said a year ago. In his visit to India he said "India is not emerging, it has emerged" Clap Mr. President, for you have not done any wonders. This is how we Indian learnt to keep praising for getting kicked on butt.

Political powers have re-charged the caste conflicts and foreign TV channels have started teaching how, where and what to purchase in Karva Chauth, Rakhsabandhan and Dhan Teras. This is how this 9.1% rate of growth is soaring high with 8.6% of Inflation and a Harvard University Indian Scholar is presenting a research paper on the 'Consumer Driven Economy of India'  

Today Tanishk, Gili and Platina teaches us how to shop on 'Pushya Nakshtra' or what should be the ideal dress of a Groom or a Bride as per the Indian rituals. Airtel, Vodafone and Docomo makes me realize that 'fathers day' is necessary day for the father-son relationship. 

Reality shows of TV channels are deciding the career of new born baby (poor chapt will be named Hritik, Ranbir or Katrina etc. as per the trend). Laughter shows are telling how Lord Rama, Hanumana used to joke around on those days. 'love meters' in radio FM helps me ideate a gift for her to when my beloved expects just a warm hug from me. 

I am so much busy to update in Facebook 'mom dad is love you' that I really can't fetch time to send them SMS or call them for a while! 

31 million youngsters who will not have proper basic education and increased talent pool with limited job offers will force well educated youngsters to choose cheap jobs then majority will turn out be a labor, a dweller or a waiter... increasing pubs, mall and multiplexes will drive them crazy for money!!! then any girl in the quest of looking cool will get ready to robe and kill any housewife living alone in the city. Chain Snatchers, Abduction, Rapes and murders will increase! This will increase the demand of 'Liquor, Tobacco, Drugs' will increase!!! Today you may not find a co-operative shop open in dwellers colonies but a Government Alcohol shop is on service for 24X7. 

Why else do you think million tonnes of food grain is rottenning out there in lack of proper warehouses?? Idiots! If government will give it all to hungers, by what mean alcohol will be made???


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