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Matrix Of Politics

No hands are clean! Power never comes to clean hands actually!!! Robin Hood, Nat Turner, Karl Marx or Gandhi... no one ever was concurrent with the need of the humanity or nation!! 

“Politics is no longer a leadership!”

Public life is always prone to evils eye... be it cinema, sports or arts. Politics is just a class above in the whole gamble of fame and money. This profession is miss-spelled as 'public service' though the term 'public service' has no existence. Those who have done anything in favour of humanity are actually cynic with the passion of being a public figure. A thrill to be a noted socially demanding had provoked them to act as per the expectation of their followers. Sadly in today’s arena, dynamics of the political theatres have changed worldwide. Social equality, upliftment and justice are not among the objectives of politicians.

Hunger of power, fight of might and tongue of money are the three goddess of this religion. If humanity had been the concern, it wouldn’t had been gone so much complex and tangled. Let me take you through the ugly picture world politics and then of Indian vicinity.

Queen of Britain is the queen of world indeed. England is the ruler and USA is the minister of the whole world. Since the very origin of USA, it has been a homogenous mixture of the global population not because it never had its own civilization but because Britain wanted it to attract the world class talent by whatever means. USA is not a country, it is an executer of Britain’s master plans and it has all the talent from across the world. Planning of USA and Britain is so much incisive that Barrack Obama the President is an accidental outcome of the joint strategy against USSR. Entire Africa and Asia is the Farmville of the plot laid by the Europe and US.

Education system of Russia and USA are designed strategically pro-NATO. Nuclear resources of the world are perfectly calculated and mapped by them. Minerals and natural resources of every country is calculated and mapped by US and UK. Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, USSR and Vietnam are the victim of well planed offence of NATO. Religion based extremism is the child toy of UK with which they are playing since 1600AD as per the requirement of time and situation on the soil of Egypt and India. Bin Laden, Taliban and Al-Qaeda are the brain child of USA.

IT & ITES industry of India and Manufacturing units of China are far sighted planning of these 1st world nations. Globalization is a well planned function of the baby boomers. It is the Banking honchos of USA shaping the new world order. There is actually nothing in the control of the layman.

Now let’s talk about India!

A country of the population having average life index of 64 Years, Height 5.8 Feet and muscle built-up of 74 KG but very-very weak heart, vulnerable to get persuaded by any stupid reason. Very disciplined but not at all self-disciplined. We are the heart machine with junked brain wires. Like herds, we are largely a follower. We are blind... may be like Dhritrashtra (by birth) or like Gandhari (by Choice) or like parents of Shravankumar (By Compulsion) but indeed we are blind surrounded by Sakuni (Media).

Indians are dwelled by the Idiot Box in Guest Room and a Tun-Tuna in hand. Since the omission of Maury Dynasty, Indian never returned to their self-esteem. Rana-Sanga, Prithvi Raj Chauhan, Laxmi Bai tried well but except a little smile sketched by Bose, Bhagat and Gandhi... at large we are still enslaved.

We are happily lost in the matrix of Arms-IT-FMCG-BFSI designed by those who physically left us free in 1947. We are fighting with Pakistan because UK wanted us to keep fighting. We are not shouldering with China because USA never allowed us to do so. We are not able to support Afghanistan because we are afraid of lagging behind in the race of modernisation. We develop unrest (LTT) in Sri-Lanka because we think we are Ram’s Army.

A madam from Italy is ruling us by hypnotising the most aggressive bread of India called a gold medallist Sikh man and her half blood prince in Indian attire. We narrowly missed a great PM because his anklets failed to work and his Karachi Pal snatched all from him. His act sparked monkey war in his party and blown off the last hope. A Saint who claimed to live 200 years is being tossed off by the Idiot Box makers because he roared to undress every black-skinned-shit raping our own mother. A man in Gandhian cap is being attacked repeatedly because he dared to use the instrument which peacefully knocked out the King Gorge’s Dogs out of the Gateway of India some 66 years ago.

On top of everything, we Indians are seeing, understanding and discussion everything after which we piss off and retire to bed almost daily since we are alive. Ruthlessly, we piss off on everything which forces us to come out of the cocoon. We never dare to come out bare feet and try to scrawl, stand, walk, run, fly and escape away from the shackles in a hope of building our own world beneath the risk of falling in deep darkness.    

We all Indians are like the chickens came out of eggs and looking on each other face to see who will dare to take first step towards Mom... Eagles never born in India... Squirrels used too but extinct... Vulture were but shunned off. We cold blooded Indian are helping them to loot us! I can smell we are rotten 


Rahul Patil said…
its the reality sir! i also often say in friend circle and publicly but nobody wants to accept. Everybody say we are great nation but by which means no one is able to explain. you dared to say the truth, this is the need of time to accept the reality !!!
jagdish said…
What a beautiful collection of article.Please keep on sending.

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