Vicious, Fearless & Shameless

When a heart piercing scream forces you lock your ears and hide out!!! Welcome, You are in India!! 

I understand the viability of killing for hunger! I even not ready to call it a sin if someone robes me for the wealth I am having. I have no ambiguity for the one who kills me for my actions or social causes. I even ready to consume killing a women  for the purpose of loot or robbery!!! but Rape???? What could me more heinous than assaulting a depiction of goddess?

No Bio-logical Function Provokes Rape
Bio-Chemical studies from various science labs had claimed that their is no such 'mental impairment' or hormonal disorder' which provokes instinctive-violent-sexual-drive in human... rather such act is always pre-planned and mix effect of jealousy, revenge or repent of some kind of social-humiliation and exaggerated reaction of sexual desires.
This proves that GOD had never been wrong while creation of Humanity but we the holy spirits have done every thing that demeans the stature of the almighty.

Holy Shrines are dirtier 
There have been more than 1200 rapes have been reported to have been done inside the temple. Majority of which is near Haridwar and Vanarshi. Such reports are also available in secrete websites and banned magazine which has reported countable incidents of rapes and assassination inside the Mosque or Church from across the globe. The Tantriks, The Baba's and the Dharam Gurus are among the top sexually frustrated criminals listed in the charge sheets of Indian Police stations. 

Guards are more insane
16% of the total rape cases have been conducted inside the Police Custody Cell! That too majority of such cases are not registered and never surfaced to commoners notice. Media and other public propaganda vehicles has exploited such cases to fetch higher TRP and thereby grossly discouraged so to keep such crimes unnoticed and hidden. Army officer's shameless acts in Kashmir and eastern states is known to everyone. 

Social Catastrophe
Indians are too prejudiced while dealing with rape kind of crimes. In a social structure where a women are never treated equal to men (despite of so many statistical claims) even senior women curse them the victim by offending her of being revealing or provoking such incidents. A victim gets demeaned among the women group itself. Once becomes the victim, a girl never gets back the respect from anyone of her known ones. A victim is always a curse for the family she belongs to. Indian have been a tradition where even millions of Sati processions and notable 'agni praiksha' did not returned the stature of a women.

A rape case has always been a matter of gossip and laughter discussion among the men of elites. 36% of rape victim commit suicide within one year of the crime out of them less then 1% commit it soon after the inhumanity! Shocked? yes, this is for sure because a victim manages to go on after the heinous experience but fail to withstand by the cursing and vicious comments of the peers.

Just not Justified
Many claims that, girls are equally responsible... I really want to bash them to death who comments so. Pals, fragrance incites exotic reactions not the evil ones. It is absolutely not wrong to run behind a beautiful women and chase her to get attracted and anything is fair after her consent but a violent havoc? like some vulture? It is something like crushing the most beautiful flower by feet just because you cannot dash it in your collar neck! No argument in the world can at slightest justify this vociferous havoc on a women. Be it sexual frustration of extreme professions like... being soldier, long route driver or any such sexually compromised circumstances. 

A little hope
Among the Rapists, 9% are educated civil dwellers and 91% are either illiterate or criminally listed in police records. Indians are precipitous towards this unholy and utter sin but are grossly divided when it has been asked in the survey that 'who is responsible for the rape?"  56% of the respondents says that the victim her-self invites evils. out of these, 67% are women respondents. 
Though this question is arguably true! In a social structure where, revealing dressing habit is still not at all absorbed... turning blind in favor of being modern and lifestyle savvy is something not viable. Accepting the fact, educated girls are turning conscious to the dressing sense and public behaviors.

A solution
Sadly Indians are just not aggressive. We are the breed of herds or a massive followers, we never commanded or taken the charge against anything found injustice. Every naked dance is being performed in front of our own naked eyes but we are still cold and dumb... at least, if not for Patriotism, Religion, Humanity but for this SIN called Sexual misconduct against the divine creation of God one should stand out... loud and clear. 
Corruption, Wars, Bribery are all tolerable but this SIN has to be Jacked right there where is erupts!!!

Personal Comment 
From so many days, I see in TV channels, Newspapers and other sources that daily some 3 or 4 rapes cases are published... quite few never comes out in public. 
Day before yesterday, I was engaged in a discussion that 'what an alone person can do towards Humanity?'... (actually I was disappointed by the meager response to my efforts for the good cause among the people for whom I planned to do good) 

My friend responded, "We all bloody Indian do only talk, and at the end, we go home piss off and enjoy the company of bed"

"I do, a little though but, I do.." I responded... (but I was not certain about what will i count if he asks further details) 

"Merely... blogging and Facebook pasting will not Mr. Verma!" He made me ceased off.... Indeed I virtually do nothing but these things. 

...I kept on munching about the possible answer to my friend.... Back of the Mind I am clear with my goals and purpose of life... but till nothing is to count I am disappointed by merely resenting 'I do' 

As the topping of so many flavors of pain I am suffering from.... this has become another bang right where it has sore most. 

I recalled my days, when I was fearless of fighting agaisnt injustice in front my eyes... I once happened about to be thrown off the running train for such move against the miss-behave with a girl. I scummed and turned passive to react further (thankfully that girl managed to escape). 

But shameful is that I scummed... and this is the single biggest reason, we Indians are suffering in-spite of having everything requires to be the world-leader!!!! 

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rahul_patil said...

The Truth Sir! I count your "I do", i know it is as little as a atom particle in a country like India, but an Atom bomb is made by this only. Awesome thinking & analysis. I proud to be your student Sir. Jai Hind!!!