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The Holy Shrine Visit!

A Travlouge! 

Please don't quit reading in middle, I have  very special message in this article... please feel it! Jai Sai!

A road side hut cafe near my college! We used to sit there after office hours for long... even sometimes our discussion goes worthier then a day in the college uh!
In this usual course of meeting an abrupt thought tossed out from a friend 'shall we plan an outing by bike?"

    "in rain? insane!" expert comment
    "oh.... that's the fun.. in rain.. who agrees for SHIRDI visit?" he extended his determination
    "nerds! 450KM bad roads... on bike... in rain.. no way" another expert comment... " i m not going"
    "I want to, it's gonna be thrill but... I am held up in weekends" one more thumbed it down
    "I m just out of fever..." another thumbed down booo!
my eye balls are hooked around as some shuttle cock with badminton
being the youngest one... I am often a last man in demand "I am in!" so I joined him
to my amusement, I only joined him

but so true it is "two are the company... three are the crowed!"
    "Sats morinign 7AM we will leave... Sunday late eve.. back home! how's it?" he plotted the first draft!
    "lets make it extempore.... I hate planning" a personal experience, I never got to implement what I plan.

Things went dead... we started blasting on other hot topics like 'leg pulling' the only job at which we Indians are master.

Contingency have its own fun! while in contingency, you sweat for sure... either in fear of getting ruined or in the fun of getting it done!
This time, I am on most of my inactive mood! nothing succeeds which has been decided so wage at a pan shop! So I was in the depth of my final sleep before the dawn of Saturday morning...
Mobile Phones hardly serve good purpose to mankind... more then a talk-machine, it is now a disturbing element! It rang so loudly that I took decent 5 seconds to re-gain where am I while waking up...
   "Hello!" meek and coughed voice from the barely waken face of mine
   "Ready?" A motorist asked while riding!
   "Oh! Saturday? Are we going?"
   "What u mean? ready or not?" he clutched the speed
   "Oh! U come home, I will be ready by then!" a commitment which will spoil his 15 more minutes at my home!
   "Hmm! coming in 15 min" he disconnected!
We zoomed out of the city of goddess Annapurna by 7:30 AM of Saturday: Sun is sneaking beneath the clouds  which has recently started roaming in the sky of Malwa... weather is on the peak of joy and thrill.

Driving 469 km at the average speed of 60 kmph, passing by mountains, lakes, corp fields... towns, villages, dhabas... stopping and posing for a click wherever we wish to... it is only that our spinal bone and shoudlers muscle paid the cost of our fun and joy!

Fuel meter showing below the danger point! after Malegaon... we can't see anything but the jungle and mountains. Crapped shoulders, erected Backbone... raised sunhot! tanned skin and pollution atop of the fear of exhausting fuel
    "Boss! how much can we move on?" I felt thirsty but no thoughts of water came to mind 'gulping feared mouthwater seemed enough'
    "10 km at max" He did not turned to me in fear of losing pace (its better to ride as far possible to minimize the dragging distance uh!)
Hope delayed but never denied, it was exactly 10 Km where we refueled and worrooomed!!!
 Everything around is painted with Sai Nam
are the names of hotels, Dhabas, Rest houses etc.
A city, having the only one business i.e. 'serving to the devotees of Sai coming to seek his gracious blessings' is i guess the worlds richest town in terms of happiness and satisfaction count! No CRIME, No Misdeeds! Everything appearing holy and blissful!

Yogesh's advise another disguise!
    "we should go bare foot from here only" he suggested
    "bare foot? this way, I never walked inside my bedroom ever! I can't" though I am able to re-call many of my friends used to walk bare foot during Navratra... I used call them cynic buns.. sorry buddies
    "as you wish, but there the safety of your shoes is not guaranteed!" He advised this time
I looked at my Adidas white couples and imagines myself walking barefoot on dirty roads! rare but this time my imagination turned out to be real!
     "I bet, you will paste cold balms on my feet after we return!" I commented while walking through the concretes and broken roads...

HOLY BELIEF attracts 'millions from across the globe' OR 'millions from across the globe' constructs HOLY BELIEF? on other words sar jhukaoge to patthar devta ho jayega! aur na jhkao to? Yes! Sai Baba served to mankind till he was alive and developed a way through which humanity will keep on serving to humanity till eternity...
Three layers, eight ways... two floors are the place where devotees are waiting in queue to get a glance of BABA... many are holding sweets, rice grains, rose buds to honor Lord Sai!

Rose buds...! poor creature, like chickens! Its production has been enhanced by hybridism and cross breeding cum bio-botanical methods to meet the demand supply gap so that a human can sacrifice its beauty in an attempt to honor Gods & Goddesses! tonnes of Rose buds are being purchased daily in Shirdi to seek Sai's Blessings! I failed to understand the concept of how 'Sai: the kind holy soul' become happy by tolling rose buds life? more painful for me was to see that the petals of those rose buds are falling in the floor where these canny human creature will run towards the Sai Baba and so will ruin those petals like pigs do with mud! and so I started picking ever possible 'rose buds petals' one... two..ten.. hundred... like the drive of 460 km wasn't enough to strain my backbone but I become more determine to let these poor rose petals reach their destiny i.e. beneath the feet of Sai Baba!

Gates swung open and crowed started running towards the main Tomb of Sai to see his oldest and miraculous figurine. It was really the most holy moment while seeing 'Sai' from eye to eye! I bowed, recited his highness commemoration and offloaded all the rose petals I picked on way! While having eye to eye conversation with almighty Sai Baba I asked "Whatever is happening to these Rose Bud's Petals... is unholy and Inhumane... and this is my only complain to you!" after this I observed his smile and eye rays! I signed off...

We walked bare foot to Sai's buffet hall! 2000 devotees are dining together, served equally with same passion and cordial invite! My eyes remained wide open to his gracious service even years after his escape from the earth!
It was the blessed-holy call from Baba! I owed his blessings and quittance to this poor chap called JV with a little doubt in heart "Baba! why millions of those Rose Bud Petals are still not able to see you despite bearing equal pain and insult???"

Jai Sai, Jai Bharat!!!     


Rahul Patil said…
"Baba! why millions of those Rose Bud Petals are still not able to see you despite bearing equal pain and insult???"

Its awesome and specially the above line shows that how humble you are sir! you are feeling your pain in rose buds petals'!!!

Really nice.

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