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The New World Order


Their is no back thread to understand what happened after what! Every time when I try to begin with the origin of this newly developed global circumstances, I get forced to begin with the origin of humanity i.e. some 30,000 years ago. Though in this narration, I am not going to talk about ancient history much, though a little is required!

The new world order is driven by capitalists. Political territories are now just a pseudo lines controlled by Arms and soldiers. Greed of trade and commerce is now termed as the bilateral relationships between two countries. 

The development of the present world began in 1300AD i.e. post 'Dark Age' of Europe. They began industrialization which increased production. More production needed more 'raw materials' and bigger 'markets' for the finished goods. Europe had reached to limited raw-materials and saturation in domestic consumption. Africa and Asia had abundant Minerals and vast raw-material. The countries of Africa and Asia were so much engaged in civil wars and domestic politics that they never sensed the possible invasion of outer countries. Since Greece era, Europeans were apt worriers by having full square warfare. European's Christian Missionary started promoting their religion in Asia and Africa. European Merchant's began trade relations with them and demanded military support from the parent and nodal nations both. While missionaries slowly started winning faith of Africans and Asians (Colonial Countries) by providing them education and medical facilities, Merchants started capturing the local markets and Military began chasing local government for political advancement.

Invention of machines shoot up the demand of raw materials to exponentiation. Capitalists started exploiting the human resource and thus triggered off social revolts. Europe turned divided into Capitalists and Communists. This polarization laid down grouping and thus post world war II, USSR & NATO become the arc rivals. Those who chosen Communism were forced to turn either capitalism or soft-socialism. USSR factored into 12 parts, China upgraded to capitalistic ideology, Germany converted into capitalism.

The almighty of this new world order become the UK and the prophet termed as USA. USA was never a country. Since its independence UK planted the worlds masterminds in this country and kept them out of ring player of the world affairs. Neither in world war-I nor in World War -II USA participated since beginning rather kept on exporting weapons and other important warfare equipment to every countries. Geographical detachment from the Europe, Asia and Africa made USA a safe heaven. Post world war, America become the rule maker of the globe. If we calculate the colonial exploitation, then perhaps Britain is far higher in the scale but why USA is richest today? Because Britain wants USA to take the lead.

Why Capitalism? 

  1. Capitalists are the virtual dictators. They are having the supreme command over the wealth they earn. They can effectively manipulate political circumstances in favor of those who can fetch them required excess any specific market! 
  2. Capitalists are the informal layer of negotiators. They can communicate with other countries political leaders without following any code of conduct and thus can openly discuss the terms conditions as per the directions of their parent nations.
  3. Capitalists can influence masses: They develop charisma and effectively leave an impact on public behavior pattern
  4. Collection of direct taxes and indirect bribery becomes easy.
Why Not Communism? 
  1. Communism demands Ideal Conditions, which never exists! If everyone works perfectly with devotion and interests then there is nothing like communism... but everyone just cannot be good! 
  2. If I am ambitious and want to do innovations and discoveries, I am not promoted for my efforts and if I am not interested in working and have no desire of luxury then also I will avail the minimum luxury of life. This is how communism works i.e. in both of the case if a person stops working then system gets halted but if both of them works harder then nothing can replace communism. 
  3. Communism does not provokes or invokes any kind of zeal and so majority turns passive for every kind of social or personal work. In absence of ideal conditions it works like slow poison.
  4. There is no mechanism of cumulative tax collection! If a PSU does not performs loss has to bear by the country. 
  5. For every single need citizen has to wait of Babu's and government employees mercy.
  1. For the countries like USA and UK, dictatorship is a threat! It is dictatorship that made China an arch rival of USA. 
  2. Everyone knows, Education is going to reach every common and rare! so if the nations who are being exploited will have dictators political system, they will become dangers and if they will remain democratic they will never be able to derive a consensus to wage a war against them. 
  3. Democracy keep on developing domestic political unrest in the country where more then 20% population is ignorant or illiterate.
  4. Democracy never allows the policy makers to look above and design mega plans. It keeps them busy with the domestic patch up policy. 
These are the reason, USA wants to establish democracy in every countries of Africa and Asia.

Fossil fuel is going to be exhausted by 2080AD (or too scarce commodity to be used the way we use it today). Counties like Russia, USA, UK have not consumed the crude oils of their own lands till date. They are buying it from the countries. It is many fold beneficial for them

  1. They can keep their resources safe for the future 
  2. They can store the purchased crude oil for any kind of emergency (USA have stored crude oil for 250 years based on the present consumption statistics)
  3. They infuse money Muslim countries and keep them snoozed
  4. They inflate the oil prizes so that others cannot buy it as per their domestic demands
  5. Keep the developing economies struggling for fuel and transportation    
     Ecological Fuel
  1. Ecological fuels like Wind, Ocean waves and Hydro-Kinetic, Solar Energy is not able to fulfill the bullish demand supply gap. 
  2. It is too expensive to transfer the current giant production plants into such energy consumable systems. 
  3. Food and Finance  

  1. Considering the increasing population of currently available farm land (which is decreasing) are insufficient to produce required food let alone the Jatropha or other Bio-Fuels.
  2. If any country begins the production of Bio-Fuels, their farm land will become infertile for other corps.
  3. Aviation industry is seriously looking into the possibility of consuming Bio-Fuels. If it begins it will go in control of world's capitalists again and Middle-Class will again rub the empty hand. 
    Nuclear Fuels

  1. Japan's catastrophe warned the humanity to stop playing with big Bombs
  2. Countries like India has abundant Nuclear fuel deposits and considering the current demand, she will be forced to exploit this resource. USA knows this and 123 Deal took place!    
Coming generation will become so much dependent in machine that it will become impossible to redirect them to the conventional life style and supplying required energy will become unthinkable task.

Fig. Shows the Fertile Land of the world! 

6.99 Billion Humans and 3.5 billion cattle are based upon farming produce. Only 18% of the available land is able to produce food! 11% of the eatable gets wasted in Dinner Parties, Restaurants and Big hotels because of status-quo and shameless lifestyle. 21% gets wasted because of poor procurement mechanism.

  1. 26% of world's population gets one meal in a day. 6% dies of mall-nutrition
  2. Out of total food produced, only 61% is consumed effectively
  3. Flood, drought and other such catastrophe destroys only 6% of agriculture produce. 
  4. 21% gets wasted in poor procurement & 11% in luxury lifestyle savvy habits of wasting food in dinner plates.
Middle-Class is growing the way population is growing. Even if the middle class qualifies the buying capacity the prize of food produce will rise high and higher. Food based inflation will toll more lives on the street and will increase civil crime.

Religion and Politics are inseparable and so is not separable the problems installed by it. Jude, Islam & Christian are chronically parallel religion. All three evolved in and around Israel! All three struggled to maximize their followers base. These are the reason, Osama Bin Laden and Global Terrorism born. 
  1. Because of the Orthodox tendency, Islam remain passive to the scientific developments and so it become the easy target of Christian dominated politics.
  2. Ignorance, Illiteracy and Closed mindset of Islam cut them from the global race of power and so they lost their image as the terrorists.
  3. Unbreakable unity of Islam, incisively tapped by the global honchos and perfectly used to boom rang the poor common Islamic People.
  4. China & Japan gracefully safeguarded themselves because of being Confucian and Buddhists in nature. 
  5. Politics guarded by the Military powers and so Minerals and Geo-logical resources become the prime factors to influence global politics.   

In this well planned gambit of USA & UK, nothing is abrupt and beyond their control! If we ignore the losses made by USA and UK (which was affordable and was well calculated risk). It was a major loss to developing and underdeveloped economies.

  1. Recession 2008-09 re-corrected the commodity price index and drastically deflated the crude oil prizes. After recession, highest inflation was observed in Crude Oil and Metallic Commodities! Why? because it was well planned action of minimizing the rates and bulk buy out!
  2. Education rate of the developing economy effected, future brains of these countries effected!
  3. If a 7% of the employable population of a country fails to get salary for 6 months in row. The house hold cycle get affected for 7 years! this recession was double powerful in this measure. Countries like India and China dragged a generation back because of this two years hold in soaring economies. 
Dollar, is most power full currency... because it is the currency of worlds forex reserve! When OPEQ nations refused to bill in terms of Dollar, Iraq and Saddam Hussain become the victim.
Formation of European Union is another attempt of developing most healthy currency as Euro so that 1st world nations become full proof from the artificially aroused global financial instability.


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