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Terrorists are parallel Governments

I began blogging a few years ago with a debut line "Next revolution will come by Ink & Not by Blood, Non-Violence is a gift of Bapu to the world"
After 66 years of its victory, Anna Hajare exhibited its might once again and I become the chosen witness of it along the billion Indians! 

Social Networking and blessings of Information Technology have redefined the power of united people. In Libya, Egypt and Other Islamic countries followed by a secular country called India are the living example of the might of Unity. Though only India made it through peaceful ways.
Nonetheless, we are going to talk about terrorism but before I begin, I want to express one more childhood thought of mine. When I was in my primary education I used to dream of joining politics. My belief was "By the time I will grow up, there will not be a regional, state or national politics  but will be the world politics" Though it has many unrealistic fantasies but many of them fallen true today! 

Jan Lokpal Bill & Future of this world

Slightly Not Agree with Civil Society I may sound Anti-Indian though the fact is I do not want that CJI and PM to come under Jan Lokpal by keeping the existing governance system of democracy. If it is so necessary that Jan Lokpal should have the supreme command over the validity or invalidity of the central government's deeds then the word 'Democracy' must be deleted from the Indian Constitution. Please don't offend me of being against Anna but the thing is Democracy means by, for and of the people and if Lokpal gets elected via anything other then general election to hold the supreme command of alarming miss deeds of government than I guess, we will compromise with the attribute of democracy. Though I will readily accept the lokpal bill as drafted by Civil Society and will not at all give a damn to what UPA have vomited on papers. 
Autocracy is better than Democracy Though, It is also true that I am not convinced with Democracy as well. I read how Ashoka, Akbar, Aurangje…

My Personal Diary

My Diary
A journey to home is like revitalizing the inner soul. 28 hours one way, with 2 bio-graphs, 1 philosophy, 3 magazines and my notebook... I managed to get loneliness despite I was packed with 1000s where only 72 are supposed. Coming home was like becoming the prince of the happiest dominion specially when two beloved sisters of yours are thriving to embrace you with electrocuting will and then start quarreling for all you brought for them is just not enough! When you dad looks at you like he is looking at his most precious property and mom moistens her eyes by looking her husband and son happy and close to her eyes... Younger bro gives you the simplest hand shake in the quest of expressing his highest bliss of seeing you after a year or so. 
Ah! why I am writing this in my public blog? but any way I will not delete it because I know it is not only my story... though I have many reasons to type words above out which one is very personal and I am in mood to share with you all. I u…

एक विचारक और क्रन्तिकारी राष्ट्रपति

=========== नमनफिदेलकास्त्रो=======================
एककिताबसिर्फएककागजनहींहोती... येलिखनेवालेऔरपढनेवालेकेबीचकासंवादहोतीहै! ज्यादातोनहीं

Trade of Screams

Ethics of Indian Medical Industry Strange it can be but truth it is.... I am the naked eye witness of it. 

Trade of Screams "Doc! She is in pain, she is screaming!" Mr. Singh hurled in to the cabin of the doctor panicked and thrombin. "Don't worry Mr. Singh; you are going to get the good news soon!" While walking out of his cabin in way towards the operation theatre he replied   "Yeah!" he smiles with tears in eyes and sweat in forehead "I am just afraid! Will she be fine?"  "Off-course she will, all the medical reports are normal, she is gonna be a healthy mother soon!" He patted to Singh's back while a nurse pokes him with a pen and paper. "What's this?" He is still panic and just wants to be with his wife for all this crucial moment of their life "Nothing...! A formality actually, just a declaration form that hospital is not responsible for any untoward outcomes!" Nurse replies  Mr. Singh is in a fix... he is…