Terrorists are parallel Governments

I began blogging a few years ago with a debut line "Next revolution will come by Ink & Not by Blood, Non-Violence is a gift of Bapu to the world"

After 66 years of its victory, Anna Hajare exhibited its might once again and I become the chosen witness of it along the billion Indians! 

Social Networking and blessings of Information Technology have redefined the power of united people. In Libya, Egypt and Other Islamic countries followed by a secular country called India are the living example of the might of Unity. Though only India made it through peaceful ways.

Nonetheless, we are going to talk about terrorism but before I begin, I want to express one more childhood thought of mine. When I was in my primary education I used to dream of joining politics. My belief was "By the time I will grow up, there will not be a regional, state or national politics  but will be the world politics" Though it has many unrealistic fantasies but many of them fallen true today! 

Origin of Terrorism
A few days ago, I read how Alexander thought of world dominion and his determination of spreading peace and harmony among the civilizations of his empire. Today, by reading about 'how Obama become the US president' I realized that since the beginning of Human Race  we had a dream of ruling the entire world under a single sword. This is the quest to which we have newly termed as TERRORISM.

Four Civilizations! Indus-Valley (India), Mesopotamia (Middle East), Greece (Europe) & Shinto (China)... 5000 Years polarized the powers in the same equations i.e. Jewish, Christian, Islam, Hindus and Buddhist. Politics, Religion, Society and Geography are the tools of power game. Let me explain it with the relevance of your presence!! 

Barrack Obama has a fraternal roots in Kenya! Why? Because After world war two and evolution of NATO, USA and Russia started approaching the countries of Africa and Asia so that they can  claim maximum support against each other. They began educating 3rd world nations! Why? Because by doing this they can woo the emotional support of these nations. In such a quest, Obama Senior happen to become the citizen of USA by marrying an American women who later on become the chief of Ford Foundation and the mother of Barrack H Obama. Mr. President's (in his teen age)  interactions with Russian Revolutionaries during his schooling in Indonesia and Islamic extremists in Pakistan visit made him first pro-socialist black president of USA. 

Osama Bin Laden, was the richest son of Shaikh and brightest engineer of his country. In his school days, he was the most adorable student of his school. He was the closest ally of the sultan of Arab... After machine revolution, Oil become the largest selling commodity and so deserted middle east become the richest geographical destination and USA managed to provoke Osama bin Laden against USSR with the help of Sultan of Arab by discarding his contacts with the Sultan. Agony of being disconnected from his own soil made Osama take oath to destroy USA! In his thirst of revenge he fueled Islamic Extremism among his own brethren. He propounded the theory of Turkey's Khilapaht movement as a Islamic polarization and so he dogged his own grave. 

human race has actually nothing to do with past affairs for the future decisions but the rulers and blue-bloods provoked it by every possible means. Royals bloods have ignited the theory of Religion, Social Unity and Civil-Rituals to keep the masses engaged in their daily affairs. This also helped them to create the propaganda as and when required but at any level (I am claiming this by all micro-macro analysis of global civilizations) these fundamentalism fall in favor of a common man.

Commercialization of Terrorism
According to the Forbes India September 2011 Issue! Terrorism is a billion dollar industry. LTTE, Khalistan, Naxalite and Jihad are the four anti-government forces expanding their reach inside Indian territories. What you think?  Worlds third largest Army is not able to fight against four terror groups? Ah! Right you are, Asia is the next big thing in global power track and Europe is just not willing to let this happen and so after commerce, colonization and Trade agreements... terrorism is the smartest tool to ruin the dream of Asia and Africa. This tool is self-destructive because it has the strong will of regional and religion based fundamentalism.

Trade of weapon is alive because of the fear of terrorism! how else USA can fetch orders for the inventions like Black Diamond Hawk fighter aircraft? F16, B56, Sukhoi, Mirrage are the biggest strategic accounts to sell across the globe.

Global Warfare is the reason many economies to sustain and survive which is not possible without fueling Terrorism.

Terrorism the most effective tool of wooing attention of the masses for diverting them from other burning and important issues of their domestic affairs. This helps the local spending churn out money flow.

Objective of Terrorism 
In one word POWER GAME! In detail? ah too long! Let me explain

USA used Osama like sugar cane, chewed and spitted away for many reason. One is the dominion over crude oil trade and second to break USSR. By product is to get permanent command of Afghanistan & Pakistan to put a close eye on India & China.

Maoist, Marxist & Naxalite: are the diplomacy of China and Russia to keep communism alive and burning in order to fetch maximum possible  support to their methods of governance and thereby defame capitalism.

Nagalim, Gogoi & Ireland Army: are the regional might showbiz to keep alive the issue of being anti-UK and anti-globalization.

Solution of Terrorism
Education for a good employment for adequate disposable income by making, nursing and maintaining the Mega-Corporations in the countries most affected by it. Because if the general masses will get sufficient means of livelihood and wide-view of the true facts behind the extremism, they will be spared away from the fundamentalism spread by the extremists for their personal benefits. This is possible only by quality education and quality jobs.   

Last word!
Folks! In the holy festival of Eid-ul-Fitra and Ganesh Chaturthi, I just want you all understand that Faith has nothing to do with fundamentalism and religion based conflicts are the power game of Blue-Bloods since human race learned the warfare! Jai Hind 

Jan Lokpal Bill & Future of this world

Slightly Not Agree with Civil Society
I may sound Anti-Indian though the fact is I do not want that CJI and PM to come under Jan Lokpal by keeping the existing governance system of democracy. If it is so necessary that Jan Lokpal should have the supreme command over the validity or invalidity of the central government's deeds then the word 'Democracy' must be deleted from the Indian Constitution. Please don't offend me of being against Anna but the thing is Democracy means by, for and of the people and if Lokpal gets elected via anything other then general election to hold the supreme command of alarming miss deeds of government than I guess, we will compromise with the attribute of democracy. Though I will readily accept the lokpal bill as drafted by Civil Society and will not at all give a damn to what UPA have vomited on papers. 

Autocracy is better than Democracy
Though, It is also true that I am not convinced with Democracy as well. I read how Ashoka, Akbar, Aurangjeb, Alexander and Maut-tse-Tung ruled their Empire. To be a bit mythological, how Ram and Krishana had ruled their Empire... to become even more relevant, I must call here the way Indira Gandhi ruled the India. The beauty of effective politics lies in autocracy only because the minimum this facilitates is in-time reaction to any event. Ram and Ashoka are known for their pro-people governance.  Aurangjeb made India, worlds richest economy for the first time in world history in 1755AD. Mau-Tse-Tung made China what China is today. Indira-Gandhi gifted Nuclear Power to India. Well my point is... we must lay the foundation of a method by which a country lover holds the crown of the country and then avail him all the autonomy to write the fate of that country. Indian will take a year or perhaps less to learn all that requires to make mother India feel proud of this country like self-discipline and civil codes etc. Democracy is forcing us the bow down for every Horse, As and Mule and so we are not able to force plan anything in against or favor of many crucial needs of this seventh largest 30 thousand years old Empire called INDIA!

Dissolving Indian Democracy will no do
But dissolving Democracy of India will not bare any good fruit either. Because once tasted blood, lions never return to dead flesh. yes! Indians are lions but are so far enslaved by a few circus jokers. This is for the first time since we got freedom we are positively revolting against the dirtiest deeds of our politicians. Sitting ducks are stretching their wings to realize the lion within them and this is the long awaited beginning. Jan Lokpal should not include Prime Minister of India but should include everyone serving within PMO office. Except Chief Justice of India, Lokpal must have rights to inquire and dismiss everyone below him. This will anyway provide sufficient shield to drive away corruption and will not violate the definition of democracy as well.

Actually we are rotten
Actually since we began, we have changed a lot. Unlike our ancestors we are no longer strong and determined, without any technology at all they used to travel from Europe to Bangkok on the back of horse and were capable to wage war too. Maratha king Rana-Sanga had the sword so heavy that four men of present days put together can not lift it a inch. Even if we travel from Delhi to Mumbai in luxuries of air plane, we throw our body in hotel bed for being exhausted off! Because of this technological luxury, we are now turned into a fugg of rotten flesh and smelling blood and so are liable to be condemned and looted.

Europe, America & Asia 
Till before 1326AD, Europe was as bad as any other part of the world but after the success of post dark age revolution they learnt to innovate and traverse with the time. They brought machines and made their life aristocratic and disciplined. They developed the royal code of conducts and trained themselves for which we are called human. This discipline brought them the courage to go beyond their limitation and explore opportunities beyond the sea shores. During the decades 1780AD, they strategically developed America, Southern Africa and Australia their new home to dilute their domestic mushrooming population and enslaved them with ever astonishing brutal deeds. Today, Europe has all a man desires. They designed paradise on earth, North-America become their rook to shepherd Asia, South America and Africa. Asia become the land of opportunities. Europeans treat Asia as same as Alexander used to treat it i.e. loot everything with the help of Asians only.
Since Persian age till Islamic sultans, Middle East remain divided in Pro-Europe Sultans and Anti-Europe Citizens. China never reacted to any events took place in Thar, Indus and Dravidian Civilizations and same it did during Indo-Pak, US-Afgan, US-Iraq events. 

Jan Lokpal is Indeed very very Important
With Anna Hazare's revolution and with all my best wishes for its success, I want to request with Indians that now if you have began then please don't stop until dawn breaks. I have many reason to request this. First is, this century is of Asia and if we Indian wants any prominent role to play in the fate of this new world order than we have to overcome with this domestic inferiority as soon as possible. Second is, by being one-sixth of worlds total population, we should just not tolerate the injustice of a few traitors so that we can be more responsible and sensible towards the humanity graced to us by almighty. Third, India is the only hope for poor Africans and many such poor countries and if we only remain in the mud of corruption at this stage where pain cry is piercing the ears, it will be too late to get back our glory of world leadership we lost 5000 years ago!

With You Anna, Jai Hind!  

My Personal Diary

My Diary

A journey to home is like revitalizing the inner soul. 28 hours one way, with 2 bio-graphs, 1 philosophy, 3 magazines and my notebook... I managed to get loneliness despite I was packed with 1000s where only 72 are supposed. Coming home was like becoming the prince of the happiest dominion specially when two beloved sisters of yours are thriving to embrace you with electrocuting will and then start quarreling for all you brought for them is just not enough! When you dad looks at you like he is looking at his most precious property and mom moistens her eyes by looking her husband and son happy and close to her eyes... Younger bro gives you the simplest hand shake in the quest of expressing his highest bliss of seeing you after a year or so. 

Ah! why I am writing this in my public blog? but any way I will not delete it because I know it is not only my story... though I have many reasons to type words above out which one is very personal and I am in mood to share with you all. I used to have a very good friend of mine, I named her 'Rose'... since I began growing to be a man from boy, I used to share my every feeling with her. Tragic but may be inevitable, when I matured up by revolving 25 times the Sun, I forced burn 'Rose... my diary'. A diary to which every day I used to say 'Rose, I love you...' and at the end 'Truly Your's JV' I burned her alive... page after pages... first read and then lit!!! I got to felt what a SATI widow used to feel on the death bier of her husband. Today it is exactly two years after her death... I am missing her. Above words are exclusively for my Rose.

Hereinafter, I want to seek your attention towards a very rejuvenating thought i.e. to gain knowledge... three things are must do in life TALK, TRAVEL, READ as much as possible. These three things are like very natural phenomena of ecology, like wind makes a dry flower blow along to travel afar with a soothing music of autumn to drop you at a place where rain will come soon to help the dry flower seeds plant another generation of knowledge! During my visit to home I managed read the biography of 'The Alexander Great' 'The Benito Mussolini' 'Globalized Colonization by Fidel Castro' 'Business Today' 'Aha Jindagi' 'India Today' and got to imagine a world from 2000 years old till present. All my readings, I shared with the friends of my father and my father in a small dinner party to toast my home visit. While my return journey, I started imaging the possible link among the era of Alexander (350BC), Mussolini (1920AD) and Mine (2011AD). i.e 'Rule of Royals 350BC', 'Rule of Peasants 1920AD' & 'Rule of Terror 2011AD'  and got to realize that skeleton of this world demographics has never changed till date!

Greece, Macedonia, Persia, Nadirs, Indus 350BC > Haves & Have-Nots 1920AD > Islam, Christian, Jewish & Polytheists 2011AD
This world, since the origin of humanity never managed to come out of the basic divide based on the culture, mythology and civilizations.  With sailing time, it become more deeper and hurricane. Various events of history have dragged the humanity into a situation of most cruel polarization i.e. Islam & Anti-Islam. 
While Islam flourished on the land of Fuel (Crude Oil) and Non-Islam has everything based on 'Fuel'. This great divide developed strategic alliances. An alliance in which foes shaken hands and true lover got betrayed. The true lover got no land from wither the foes or the friends. Enraged lover swears to mitigate this ever lasting polarization and hence breathed Terrorism to make this war more ugly, inhumane and destructive. Assassination of Osama Bin Laden triggered another war between these two poles with no foreseeable end.

Why Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar termed Great?
Though there are many who termed as great but here I am talking about the persons! the link is all three are royal bloods and all three are of different ethnic base. Alexander was a Macedonian, Ashoka was an Indus and Akbar was a Persian (ethnic not religion). All three were had done genocide, mass merciless killings of their own blood relatives and friends. But in their wast dominion, all of them have tired hard to mingle their citizen irrespective of their cast creed and religion. Alexander wanted that Archimedes, Macedonian and Persian should inter-marriage and share their values. Ashoka wanted to abolish Vedic method of four varna and follow the preaching of Buddha which was none other than the Aryan methodological worships. Akbar introduced Din-e-Ilahi, a new method of accepting all that is good in every religion and forgetting all that is bad! sadly in 21st Century, no one is trying to become great!!! 

Folks! I dragged you from a very personal emotional thoughts to a supreme philosophy of mankind i.e. treat everyone equally because wars are only for royals and politicians... Jai Hind! 

एक विचारक और क्रन्तिकारी राष्ट्रपति

                                    =========== नमन फिदेल कास्त्रो=======================

एक किताब सिर्फ एक कागज नहीं होती... ये लिखने वाले और पढने वाले के बीच का संवाद होती है! ज्यादा तो नहीं मगर ये कह सकता हु की हर तरह की किताबों को मैंने पढ़ा है! अफगानिस्तान के खालिद हुसैन से लेकर, जर्मनी की अन्नी फ्रैंक, हिटलर... अमरीका के थोमस फ्रीडमेन को भी, लेनिन, गाँधी, मो त्से तुंग, परवेज, अडवाणी! चेतन भगत, रश्मि बंसल! मैं इन्हें पढ़ा नहीं है, मैंने इनसे बात की है!

आज कल मेरा संवाद एक महान हस्ती से स्थापित है, मैंने जब से दुनिया के नक्से को समझ पाने की दशा पायी है, तबसे ही लातिन अमरीका से मै प्रभावित था! क्यों? वैश्वीकरण के प्रति द्वन्द के महान योध्या श्री फिदेल कास्त्रो से मेरा परिचय लिखता हु, आपकी भाषा में आपको जवाब मिल जायेगा!!!

Cuba! A country far small than India but far-far ahead then Indians... is one of very few communistic countries of the world! Ever since, I got to know that Mr. Nehru adopted partial social and partial capitalistic structure of our Indian Economy, I developed a sense of disagreement with him. My parents, many of my teachers and other social bonds have seeded negativism for Mr. Nehru in my mind. 'Discovery of India' was my first conversation with him, I began to love him well within a very few pages of his thoughts! May be he was a womaniser but that is none of my business! And I guess it should not be yours too! My chatting with Mr. Narayan Murthy in his book 'Inspiring India of Tomorrow' He told about his experience with France (another communist country). Mr. Murthy said "Though France and India are friend but, I must say the solution of India is capitalism... mega-corporations for millions of jobs with sufficient disposable income for Indian youngsters is the solution of Naxalits, Terrorism and Extremism in India" I am partially agree with Mr. Murthy! Even Mr. Amratya Sen, via his book "The Argumentative Indians" he explained me that how good we Indians are while claiming our supremacy since the history known! But sadly we will not have such a smooth future for long! In one of the greatest conversation with Dr. Arindam Chaudhary via his book 'The Great Indian Dreams' I got to understand the concept of soft Capitalism and LSP (life style parity). I salute Dr. Chaudhary for his words on Darwin’s Theory as an applicable truth for the world’s economy. But Mr Fidel, I must give you my standing tribute for opening my eyes.

Though everyone tried to explain me about India but no one have done it much better than Mr. Fidel Kastro of Cuba. He is a Spaniel, he fought for Cuba and he crowned over Cuba with the highest blessings and love of his countrymen. He once addressed to his own students in his own country when he said "Poor Indians don't know how million times better they are than the Kohinoor but sadly they are just willing to be studded on the crown of Queen of Britain" or this time on foot wear of president of USA!!!

Our crude oil imports is monitored and controlled by USA, our nuclear deal is directly under vigilance of USA... Our IT industry is governed by USA. IIT & IIMS are in the mercy of USA. Our education industry (yes industry) is like a poor milkman. 3 o clock in the morning he began to feed the cattle, 5 AM he milks it and 6 AM the very first cream of the milk, he is forced sell off to the kingpin of town, skimmed milk he sells to rest of the village and unsold milk he caters to his son and daughter (I doubt if caters to daughter). From across the globe! (Of which USA is the kingpin) they buy the best of the lot! Sadly exceptions like Bablu Shrivastavs are left in Indian jails to rotten until alive.

In a recent study, IBM is becoming the single largest optical fibre network for India! I.e. if ever India dares to war with USA... all US has to do is to unplug India from IBM network! In another study, CEO of Airbus (the second largest airborne maker of the world) met with Indian Prime Minister to provoke Indian Farmer for cultivating 'Jatropha (Bio-Diesel)' so that India can furnish 30% of the global Aviation demand!!! Friends... a country which alone can feed 7 billion human of the globe is going to cultivate fuel! In exchange of it, poor farmers will buy grains.... i.e. considering the future demand and supply of Food and Fuel! It will be equated to sand vs. diamond deal!
India & China are world’s largest Car market! Good news? Car sale in India and China has converted 16% of fertile land into roads, malls & parking lots! Gentleman, what will our kids will eat tomorrow??? Green revolution is the need of the hour but my dear dictator supremo of world’s largest democratic country... where the hell is your 'Look East Policy'??? I heard, UPA2 is planning for another green revolution in eastern seven sister states? Oh might be your step-father China would have scolded you for doing so and that is why you are hospitalized in USA! Alas!

My dear Fidel, You are brave.... your small country, nearest to mighty USA, is determined to bring back the socialism and love for human being! My countrymen are used to of being slave. I am sorry; we can react to your comment!

Folks! I know, I am a lay man... I know I am just a stupid teacher in a merchant’s villa but I am having a concern! For yours and mines kids, please!! Beg me a revolution... I know the ways but I cannot walk alone.... I am ready, indeed my father is ready to sacrifice me... मगर दोस्तों, मैं सरल हूँ पर सस्ता नहीं हूँ! जय हिंद!

Trade of Screams

Ethics of Indian Medical Industry
Strange it can be but truth it is.... I am the naked eye witness of it. 

Trade of Screams
"Doc! She is in pain, she is screaming!" Mr. Singh hurled in to the cabin of the doctor panicked and thrombin.
"Don't worry Mr. Singh; you are going to get the good news soon!" While walking out of his cabin in way towards the operation theatre he replied  
"Yeah!" he smiles with tears in eyes and sweat in forehead "I am just afraid! Will she be fine?" 
"Off-course she will, all the medical reports are normal, she is gonna be a healthy mother soon!" He patted to Singh's back while a nurse pokes him with a pen and paper.
"What's this?" He is still panic and just wants to be with his wife for all this crucial moment of their life
"Nothing...! A formality actually, just a declaration form that hospital is not responsible for any untoward outcomes!" Nurse replies 
Mr. Singh is in a fix... he is looking towards his wife in the stretcher and then to that piece of paper. He is sweating panicky abnormal... 
"Relax Mr. Singh, you are going to be a proud father... don't think too much" Doc took him into confidence "It is going to be a normal delivery!"
"Can I stay in the OT with her?" while signing that oath letter Mr. Singh asks.
 After a strange appearance and a few conversations with the nurse, doctor refuses to Mr. Singh. His love for his wife is appearing deep in his face along with the screams of his wife from inside the OT. He is praying, murmuring holy-hymns while remembering his own parents who are far away from the city he is living now. For more than an hour, all he can feel is the screams of his wife... he is getting restless. He had never recited the Gods name so much till before in his life ever...  
In hurricane rush, a nurse comes out of the OT towards him. He in turn runs towards nurse to know what happened 
"Mr. Singh, your wife is bleeding abnormally and turning too weak to deliver the baby, you have to go for the surgical maps!" he is appearing worried and demanding quick consent of Mr. Singh
He is unable to understand that why she is out of OT and telling him all that in spite of doing whatever required and so he asks to which she replies 
"A few more formalities are required for this, you have to sign another declaration letter and pay Rs.50000/- more..." she drags him towards the billing counter ".... otherwise either baby or the mother may be lost!" 
Mr. Singh cared a damn for 50000/- bucks but after surgical app, his wife took three weeks to come home and five months to return to healthy life. 
In another case in the same hospital, Mr. Kalra was screaming loud in front of the dead body of her mother. One of his relatives told me that this hospital duped Mr. Kalra. As his mother was dead three days ago but doctor kept her in ventilator so that he can charge Rs.12000/- a day for the services. 
In my subsequent discoveries, I identified that from smaller villages to peripheral towns of Indore city, some Rural-Medical-Officers, Doctors and Clinics or Dispensaries (inducing Govt.) and Super-Specialty Hospitals are networked with Path-Labs/CT Scan/X-Ray and Pharmaceutical Companies in Pithampur for the trade of poor patient’s pain and hope. 
A doctor in nearby village of Indore has a multi-speciality clinic. He charges Rs.20 as a consultation fees and gives a few basic medicines free to the patients. In less than a year, he owns a Honda City car, A Row-house and two tours to Singapore and Malaysia! Wondering how? Well, for every blood, Pathological tests he refers to nearby labs, he gets 30% of the billed amount, for every CT Scan or X-ray he earns 20% of billed amount and the medicines other then what he gives for free is available in the selected medical shops only because those medicines are tailor made in the pharmacy-production company at Pithampur. To prescribe such medicines he gets 35% of the billed amount.
Well story doesn't ends here! Every Multispecialty hospitals have appointed some 10 plus PRO (public relationship officers). Their job is to go all nearby villages to contact all the big-small’ doctors and fix their share of payments for every patient they refer to their respective hospitals. Big pharmacy Companies are ready to gift a heaven to the Doctors in the exchange of the prescription of the pills of their companies.

Medical Industry, Education System of Indian and Government of India are badly crooked! There are 85000 Engineering seats in MP but only 1200 Medical seats! Why? Because, Engineers are now becoming the slaves of big corporate honchos and even a single Doctors can pay 100 times more bribe then an Engineer! 22 Million of Indian population pushed below poverty line annually due to healthcare expenditure alone, 40% of hospitalization expenditure funded by borrowed money or sold asset!

My Upcoming Research paper titled "Health Care Services Offered to Rural Patients in Urban Private Hospitals” jointly authored by Dr. Preeti Sharma, Dr. Shiv Chaudhary and Jitendra Verma, is an attempt to understand the possibility and feasibility of Social welfare without compromising the financial benefits and promoting ethical practices in medical industry of India.