My Personal Diary

My Diary

A journey to home is like revitalizing the inner soul. 28 hours one way, with 2 bio-graphs, 1 philosophy, 3 magazines and my notebook... I managed to get loneliness despite I was packed with 1000s where only 72 are supposed. Coming home was like becoming the prince of the happiest dominion specially when two beloved sisters of yours are thriving to embrace you with electrocuting will and then start quarreling for all you brought for them is just not enough! When you dad looks at you like he is looking at his most precious property and mom moistens her eyes by looking her husband and son happy and close to her eyes... Younger bro gives you the simplest hand shake in the quest of expressing his highest bliss of seeing you after a year or so. 

Ah! why I am writing this in my public blog? but any way I will not delete it because I know it is not only my story... though I have many reasons to type words above out which one is very personal and I am in mood to share with you all. I used to have a very good friend of mine, I named her 'Rose'... since I began growing to be a man from boy, I used to share my every feeling with her. Tragic but may be inevitable, when I matured up by revolving 25 times the Sun, I forced burn 'Rose... my diary'. A diary to which every day I used to say 'Rose, I love you...' and at the end 'Truly Your's JV' I burned her alive... page after pages... first read and then lit!!! I got to felt what a SATI widow used to feel on the death bier of her husband. Today it is exactly two years after her death... I am missing her. Above words are exclusively for my Rose.

Hereinafter, I want to seek your attention towards a very rejuvenating thought i.e. to gain knowledge... three things are must do in life TALK, TRAVEL, READ as much as possible. These three things are like very natural phenomena of ecology, like wind makes a dry flower blow along to travel afar with a soothing music of autumn to drop you at a place where rain will come soon to help the dry flower seeds plant another generation of knowledge! During my visit to home I managed read the biography of 'The Alexander Great' 'The Benito Mussolini' 'Globalized Colonization by Fidel Castro' 'Business Today' 'Aha Jindagi' 'India Today' and got to imagine a world from 2000 years old till present. All my readings, I shared with the friends of my father and my father in a small dinner party to toast my home visit. While my return journey, I started imaging the possible link among the era of Alexander (350BC), Mussolini (1920AD) and Mine (2011AD). i.e 'Rule of Royals 350BC', 'Rule of Peasants 1920AD' & 'Rule of Terror 2011AD'  and got to realize that skeleton of this world demographics has never changed till date!

Greece, Macedonia, Persia, Nadirs, Indus 350BC > Haves & Have-Nots 1920AD > Islam, Christian, Jewish & Polytheists 2011AD
This world, since the origin of humanity never managed to come out of the basic divide based on the culture, mythology and civilizations.  With sailing time, it become more deeper and hurricane. Various events of history have dragged the humanity into a situation of most cruel polarization i.e. Islam & Anti-Islam. 
While Islam flourished on the land of Fuel (Crude Oil) and Non-Islam has everything based on 'Fuel'. This great divide developed strategic alliances. An alliance in which foes shaken hands and true lover got betrayed. The true lover got no land from wither the foes or the friends. Enraged lover swears to mitigate this ever lasting polarization and hence breathed Terrorism to make this war more ugly, inhumane and destructive. Assassination of Osama Bin Laden triggered another war between these two poles with no foreseeable end.

Why Alexander, Ashoka and Akbar termed Great?
Though there are many who termed as great but here I am talking about the persons! the link is all three are royal bloods and all three are of different ethnic base. Alexander was a Macedonian, Ashoka was an Indus and Akbar was a Persian (ethnic not religion). All three were had done genocide, mass merciless killings of their own blood relatives and friends. But in their wast dominion, all of them have tired hard to mingle their citizen irrespective of their cast creed and religion. Alexander wanted that Archimedes, Macedonian and Persian should inter-marriage and share their values. Ashoka wanted to abolish Vedic method of four varna and follow the preaching of Buddha which was none other than the Aryan methodological worships. Akbar introduced Din-e-Ilahi, a new method of accepting all that is good in every religion and forgetting all that is bad! sadly in 21st Century, no one is trying to become great!!! 

Folks! I dragged you from a very personal emotional thoughts to a supreme philosophy of mankind i.e. treat everyone equally because wars are only for royals and politicians... Jai Hind! 

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Rahul Patil said...

Nice one Sir...first para is very true n happens with everybody but unique as well.

Gradually i am understanding the world pattern with the help of your blog, but still far far behind. Congrats once again.

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