Terrorists are parallel Governments

I began blogging a few years ago with a debut line "Next revolution will come by Ink & Not by Blood, Non-Violence is a gift of Bapu to the world"

After 66 years of its victory, Anna Hajare exhibited its might once again and I become the chosen witness of it along the billion Indians! 

Social Networking and blessings of Information Technology have redefined the power of united people. In Libya, Egypt and Other Islamic countries followed by a secular country called India are the living example of the might of Unity. Though only India made it through peaceful ways.

Nonetheless, we are going to talk about terrorism but before I begin, I want to express one more childhood thought of mine. When I was in my primary education I used to dream of joining politics. My belief was "By the time I will grow up, there will not be a regional, state or national politics  but will be the world politics" Though it has many unrealistic fantasies but many of them fallen true today! 

Origin of Terrorism
A few days ago, I read how Alexander thought of world dominion and his determination of spreading peace and harmony among the civilizations of his empire. Today, by reading about 'how Obama become the US president' I realized that since the beginning of Human Race  we had a dream of ruling the entire world under a single sword. This is the quest to which we have newly termed as TERRORISM.

Four Civilizations! Indus-Valley (India), Mesopotamia (Middle East), Greece (Europe) & Shinto (China)... 5000 Years polarized the powers in the same equations i.e. Jewish, Christian, Islam, Hindus and Buddhist. Politics, Religion, Society and Geography are the tools of power game. Let me explain it with the relevance of your presence!! 

Barrack Obama has a fraternal roots in Kenya! Why? Because After world war two and evolution of NATO, USA and Russia started approaching the countries of Africa and Asia so that they can  claim maximum support against each other. They began educating 3rd world nations! Why? Because by doing this they can woo the emotional support of these nations. In such a quest, Obama Senior happen to become the citizen of USA by marrying an American women who later on become the chief of Ford Foundation and the mother of Barrack H Obama. Mr. President's (in his teen age)  interactions with Russian Revolutionaries during his schooling in Indonesia and Islamic extremists in Pakistan visit made him first pro-socialist black president of USA. 

Osama Bin Laden, was the richest son of Shaikh and brightest engineer of his country. In his school days, he was the most adorable student of his school. He was the closest ally of the sultan of Arab... After machine revolution, Oil become the largest selling commodity and so deserted middle east become the richest geographical destination and USA managed to provoke Osama bin Laden against USSR with the help of Sultan of Arab by discarding his contacts with the Sultan. Agony of being disconnected from his own soil made Osama take oath to destroy USA! In his thirst of revenge he fueled Islamic Extremism among his own brethren. He propounded the theory of Turkey's Khilapaht movement as a Islamic polarization and so he dogged his own grave. 

human race has actually nothing to do with past affairs for the future decisions but the rulers and blue-bloods provoked it by every possible means. Royals bloods have ignited the theory of Religion, Social Unity and Civil-Rituals to keep the masses engaged in their daily affairs. This also helped them to create the propaganda as and when required but at any level (I am claiming this by all micro-macro analysis of global civilizations) these fundamentalism fall in favor of a common man.

Commercialization of Terrorism
According to the Forbes India September 2011 Issue! Terrorism is a billion dollar industry. LTTE, Khalistan, Naxalite and Jihad are the four anti-government forces expanding their reach inside Indian territories. What you think?  Worlds third largest Army is not able to fight against four terror groups? Ah! Right you are, Asia is the next big thing in global power track and Europe is just not willing to let this happen and so after commerce, colonization and Trade agreements... terrorism is the smartest tool to ruin the dream of Asia and Africa. This tool is self-destructive because it has the strong will of regional and religion based fundamentalism.

Trade of weapon is alive because of the fear of terrorism! how else USA can fetch orders for the inventions like Black Diamond Hawk fighter aircraft? F16, B56, Sukhoi, Mirrage are the biggest strategic accounts to sell across the globe.

Global Warfare is the reason many economies to sustain and survive which is not possible without fueling Terrorism.

Terrorism the most effective tool of wooing attention of the masses for diverting them from other burning and important issues of their domestic affairs. This helps the local spending churn out money flow.

Objective of Terrorism 
In one word POWER GAME! In detail? ah too long! Let me explain

USA used Osama like sugar cane, chewed and spitted away for many reason. One is the dominion over crude oil trade and second to break USSR. By product is to get permanent command of Afghanistan & Pakistan to put a close eye on India & China.

Maoist, Marxist & Naxalite: are the diplomacy of China and Russia to keep communism alive and burning in order to fetch maximum possible  support to their methods of governance and thereby defame capitalism.

Nagalim, Gogoi & Ireland Army: are the regional might showbiz to keep alive the issue of being anti-UK and anti-globalization.

Solution of Terrorism
Education for a good employment for adequate disposable income by making, nursing and maintaining the Mega-Corporations in the countries most affected by it. Because if the general masses will get sufficient means of livelihood and wide-view of the true facts behind the extremism, they will be spared away from the fundamentalism spread by the extremists for their personal benefits. This is possible only by quality education and quality jobs.   

Last word!
Folks! In the holy festival of Eid-ul-Fitra and Ganesh Chaturthi, I just want you all understand that Faith has nothing to do with fundamentalism and religion based conflicts are the power game of Blue-Bloods since human race learned the warfare! Jai Hind 


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