Trade of Screams

Ethics of Indian Medical Industry
Strange it can be but truth it is.... I am the naked eye witness of it. 

Trade of Screams
"Doc! She is in pain, she is screaming!" Mr. Singh hurled in to the cabin of the doctor panicked and thrombin.
"Don't worry Mr. Singh; you are going to get the good news soon!" While walking out of his cabin in way towards the operation theatre he replied  
"Yeah!" he smiles with tears in eyes and sweat in forehead "I am just afraid! Will she be fine?" 
"Off-course she will, all the medical reports are normal, she is gonna be a healthy mother soon!" He patted to Singh's back while a nurse pokes him with a pen and paper.
"What's this?" He is still panic and just wants to be with his wife for all this crucial moment of their life
"Nothing...! A formality actually, just a declaration form that hospital is not responsible for any untoward outcomes!" Nurse replies 
Mr. Singh is in a fix... he is looking towards his wife in the stretcher and then to that piece of paper. He is sweating panicky abnormal... 
"Relax Mr. Singh, you are going to be a proud father... don't think too much" Doc took him into confidence "It is going to be a normal delivery!"
"Can I stay in the OT with her?" while signing that oath letter Mr. Singh asks.
 After a strange appearance and a few conversations with the nurse, doctor refuses to Mr. Singh. His love for his wife is appearing deep in his face along with the screams of his wife from inside the OT. He is praying, murmuring holy-hymns while remembering his own parents who are far away from the city he is living now. For more than an hour, all he can feel is the screams of his wife... he is getting restless. He had never recited the Gods name so much till before in his life ever...  
In hurricane rush, a nurse comes out of the OT towards him. He in turn runs towards nurse to know what happened 
"Mr. Singh, your wife is bleeding abnormally and turning too weak to deliver the baby, you have to go for the surgical maps!" he is appearing worried and demanding quick consent of Mr. Singh
He is unable to understand that why she is out of OT and telling him all that in spite of doing whatever required and so he asks to which she replies 
"A few more formalities are required for this, you have to sign another declaration letter and pay Rs.50000/- more..." she drags him towards the billing counter ".... otherwise either baby or the mother may be lost!" 
Mr. Singh cared a damn for 50000/- bucks but after surgical app, his wife took three weeks to come home and five months to return to healthy life. 
In another case in the same hospital, Mr. Kalra was screaming loud in front of the dead body of her mother. One of his relatives told me that this hospital duped Mr. Kalra. As his mother was dead three days ago but doctor kept her in ventilator so that he can charge Rs.12000/- a day for the services. 
In my subsequent discoveries, I identified that from smaller villages to peripheral towns of Indore city, some Rural-Medical-Officers, Doctors and Clinics or Dispensaries (inducing Govt.) and Super-Specialty Hospitals are networked with Path-Labs/CT Scan/X-Ray and Pharmaceutical Companies in Pithampur for the trade of poor patient’s pain and hope. 
A doctor in nearby village of Indore has a multi-speciality clinic. He charges Rs.20 as a consultation fees and gives a few basic medicines free to the patients. In less than a year, he owns a Honda City car, A Row-house and two tours to Singapore and Malaysia! Wondering how? Well, for every blood, Pathological tests he refers to nearby labs, he gets 30% of the billed amount, for every CT Scan or X-ray he earns 20% of billed amount and the medicines other then what he gives for free is available in the selected medical shops only because those medicines are tailor made in the pharmacy-production company at Pithampur. To prescribe such medicines he gets 35% of the billed amount.
Well story doesn't ends here! Every Multispecialty hospitals have appointed some 10 plus PRO (public relationship officers). Their job is to go all nearby villages to contact all the big-small’ doctors and fix their share of payments for every patient they refer to their respective hospitals. Big pharmacy Companies are ready to gift a heaven to the Doctors in the exchange of the prescription of the pills of their companies.

Medical Industry, Education System of Indian and Government of India are badly crooked! There are 85000 Engineering seats in MP but only 1200 Medical seats! Why? Because, Engineers are now becoming the slaves of big corporate honchos and even a single Doctors can pay 100 times more bribe then an Engineer! 22 Million of Indian population pushed below poverty line annually due to healthcare expenditure alone, 40% of hospitalization expenditure funded by borrowed money or sold asset!

My Upcoming Research paper titled "Health Care Services Offered to Rural Patients in Urban Private Hospitals” jointly authored by Dr. Preeti Sharma, Dr. Shiv Chaudhary and Jitendra Verma, is an attempt to understand the possibility and feasibility of Social welfare without compromising the financial benefits and promoting ethical practices in medical industry of India. 


rahul_patil said...

Eye opener! i amazed that is it so tough to understand what game is going on in country? But as an ex-government employee i know the game is much much bigger that even we general people cant imagine. Youths will have to take the responsibility to fix up the things, Wake up call from Mother India!!!

kpatel said...

very truly said......heart touching
@ rahul ..thnx for wake up call

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