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Women as I know them

Caution: I believe I am writer by hobby: I prefer my views should not be associated with Mother, Daughter and Sisters notions of a women! Nonetheless I invite your views.

From Shakespeare to Picasso and Kalidas... many have tried to write upon women... I am also fascinated to redo the impossible so far. Though best way to express my ignorance before I pretend I am capable I want to mention a dialog of a TV soap I used to watch in my teens 'Captain Vyom'. A Sunday Scie-Fi show about the 23 century of Human Life. 
The dialog was... "We invented time machines at this 2300AD but the women heart is still unpredictable to mankind"
To my curiosity and childhood rebellion attitude, long-long ago, I once asked from a old lady of my neighborhood "What so special happens after the marriage that we cherish if someone gets pregnant but not do so if it happens before marriage?" she replied "You men can never understand that we cherish in both the cases but pretend a…

Quality Education for Free Across the Globe

'What is the solution?' 
Cursing to the system or the torch bearers of the system can even be done by a street hawker or a beggar but what makes us stand apart is our ability to suggest the solution for the phishy system. While in search of an effective solution for these existing crimes against society, I came across many thoughtful questions. One of such few question is 'If humanity had gifts like Swami Vivekanand, Mother Teresa, Mt. Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luthar King, Lenin, Karl Marx any so.... than why this curse is still imposed on human race?"
In search of my answer, I happened the get a magazine some three years ago. That magazine was talking about the addictions of cart-rickshaw pullers of Delhi. Study suggests that 14% of daily wages holders are doing their duty for earning amount enough to buy a coccine or brown sugar and for food they are happy to beg at temple, mosque or gurudwara!
During my informal discussion with Dr. P V Narsimhan, Dean Academ…

My Experiments with Uttar Pradesh

My Experiments with Uttar Pradesh
I traveled UP during monsoon, found many of fellow villagers are suffering from ever new types of fever and stomach diseases. Death because of a common disease is a very common story there. For 4 village there is 1 doctor and more 20 doctors in the nearby city are owning Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen. Every street of the village is having an expert advisory (who is even worse in his own business of farming) to suggest diclofin, paracetamol or antibiotic of his choice to any family of size more than 10 kids plus spouse. Skin disease is like you would prefer to lap a lamb but cannot even touch a human kid.

In Agra, I happen to meat a street cart puller, he was teaching (5th September) me about the importance of prostitution, goons, decoits and misconducts on the women. His tactic to support his views was miraculous, I just got to imagine the danger of existing poor education system of this country after talking to him. Point is, if an illiterate Indian …