My Experiments with Uttar Pradesh

My Experiments with Uttar Pradesh

I traveled UP during monsoon, found many of fellow villagers are suffering from ever new types of fever and stomach diseases. Death because of a common disease is a very common story there. For 4 village there is 1 doctor and more 20 doctors in the nearby city are owning Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen. Every street of the village is having an expert advisory (who is even worse in his own business of farming) to suggest diclofin, paracetamol or antibiotic of his choice to any family of size more than 10 kids plus spouse. Skin disease is like you would prefer to lap a lamb but cannot even touch a human kid.

In Agra, I happen to meat a street cart puller, he was teaching (5th September) me about the importance of prostitution, goons, decoits and misconducts on the women. His tactic to support his views was miraculous, I just got to imagine the danger of existing poor education system of this country after talking to him. Point is, if an illiterate Indian sounds so impressive for advocating wrong deeds, what if a honor degree holder will do with his/her unemployable future of tomorrow!

I manage to sneak to Moguls paradise, i.e. The Tajmahal... one of the seven wonders of the world. Indians have thrown garbage on it like it is there home dustbin. In the public toilets, a board is marked "Rs.5 for Indians and free for Foreigners" I recalled "Dogs & Indians not allowed. So worthy thought! Indians worth such tagline.

In my entire train journey, I managed to bribe and fool ticket inspectors to make this journey feasible for me and I was the one shouting slogan against corruption during Anna Hazare's fasting.

Incredible !ndia.... Jai Hind! 

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