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Quality Education for Free Across the Globe

'What is the solution?' 

Cursing to the system or the torch bearers of the system can even be done by a street hawker or a beggar but what makes us stand apart is our ability to suggest the solution for the phishy system. While in search of an effective solution for these existing crimes against society, I came across many thoughtful questions. One of such few question is 'If humanity had gifts like Swami Vivekanand, Mother Teresa, Mt. Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luthar King, Lenin, Karl Marx any so.... than why this curse is still imposed on human race?"

In search of my answer, I happened the get a magazine some three years ago. That magazine was talking about the addictions of cart-rickshaw pullers of Delhi. Study suggests that 14% of daily wages holders are doing their duty for earning amount enough to buy a coccine or brown sugar and for food they are happy to beg at temple, mosque or gurudwara!

During my informal discussion with Dr. P V Narsimhan, Dean Academics KJ Somaiya, he told government of India have no sufficient jobs for every Indian. It is disappointing, as a country having 2.91 lacs temples, 40 thousands mosque and 11 thousands church to secure more amount of charity fund than the total forex reserve of the home nation do not have sufficient jobs for every Indian! Perhaps his indication was towards those Indians who prefer begging rather than earning!

Anyway, let me light upon the solutions of Indian misery. i.e. 'Quality Education' for every ordinary and rare of human race for free.

I have closely observed the magic of Education. Let me explain you how it works.

1. Jagdalpur Chhattisgarh (Naxal Affected Area) 
   NMDC project in Bailadila-Kirandul helped thousands of tribal people to get income source, quality medication and education. A      qualified DPS, KV scholar of Kirandul-Bacheli never get trapped in Salwa Judum or Naxal extremism, he happily earns decent salary in Bangalore, Pune or NCR. 

2. UP/Biahr English Medium CBSE Schools 
    Students schooled from Mission and English medium school in UP/Bihar are not running for BED, Govt. Teachers jobs, they hone up to fight with their global competitors. They work in metro cities with equal grace and confidence like of their global counterparts.

3. Central India: Employed Middle Class
    Son/Daughter's of Employees are well educated in central India as compared to the small business owners and the current third generation of India after liberation is observing more number of entrepreneurs from Service class common house holds of Central India

4.  Entrepreneur spirit of South India 
     South India identified the power of education much before the rest of India. This power ejected south India to a generation ahead then rest of the India. Majority of Indian Scientists, Engineers and Managers of this globe are from south India. Current third generation of South-India after liberation is more prone to Entrepreneurship attitude. They are more inclined towards making mega-corporation to employee millions of human capital globally.

Folks I am not advocating English Medium Education neither I am having any intention to discourage local and national language of India. Even, Indian education system designed by NCERT and UGC are not suitable enough to compete with the global systems. We are making people more literate and less educated. even a distinction class engineering graduate do not understands the way of behaving in Banks or other such professional stations. In a book written by Mr. Pranay Gupte "The God Mother of India : Indira Priyadarshani Nehru Gandhi" he mentioned an statement of Indira Gandhi 'It is tiring to be the Goddess of 0.9 Billion Indian Nadirs' she extended her view while giving her audience to Vir Sanghivi, Editor Chief of Hindustan Times and Pranay Gupte at the balocony of her 10 Downning Street Residence in Delhi from where she was cheering to thousands of poor Indians waiting to have her glimpse for once and eating Cashew Nuts "You know Prany, If you want a dog to remain loyal to you for life... never feed it full belly just keep on tossing a biscuit or two.
This is the damn view points of political policy makers for Indian! Today's Billion Dollar Education Industry of India is one such by product of such mentality of our Indian leaders.

Free Quality Education is not feasible? 
ah how rubbish... the one day collection of Shri Tirupathi Balaji Temple is enough make the total education of every schools of India free pan India. There are 291000 temples in India and remarkable Mosque, Church and Grudwara who can contribute to a uniquely made education system of this country and Africa put together for centuries to come. Yes! How will these trustees will come under this agreement is the point of concern but here is the solution. Those who can manage the money flow must run for political chairs and then turn the pyramid upside down to make it a true democracy. Until and unless we good fellow will not go for politics, it will be miss-used by those goons and school drop out poor citizens in exchange of a quarter of Wine or two.

Take part in Active politics of India... change the game... gamblers will anyway get changed! Jai Hind. 


B. Anup Murthy said…
really interesting but still there are so many aspects isn't it
B. Anup Murthy said…
a really nice thought and great thing to think about but still have some few important aspects missing isn't it
Anonymous said…
Well written brother! The reason behind most of the (if not all)religious melodrama is to divert the minds of masses towards orthodoxy;because if people get good education, more and more people will understand the fact that how few people are living lavish lives by using the name of God & the whole game of charity.Free education is literally possible,as you said, if the charity given by riches is used for the purpose rather than placing a Diamond-studded crown on a deity..
Rahul Patil said…
Well analyzed, clear thoughts Sir. Money was never the problem for this country, but the money handlers. Its really true & nice would be, if people start donating money for education rather than temples, god would be definitely more happy from this. as an optimistic i m seeing/witnessing the change process of India once again after Independence under the new heroes like shri Anna Hazare & nos of anonymous educated youngsters who are really & consistently trying to make this place better & better, it does not mean that we should not do or doing anything for the same cause, instead of this we are a part of this. Cheers!!!

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