Dear Students!

My Dear Students,

Let me share how I feel being a teacher. Please read the narration till the end or if not than better don’t read it at all,

A while ago, I was listening to Nathu Vinayakram Ghodse on his stand about the assassination of Mr. Gandhi by him. I do not at all comply with Mr. Ghodse’s approach towards non-violence and his Idea of killing national father but I really admire his courage to remain standing at the site till police took him into the custody. He could have shot himself or eloped but he did neither and very bravely he spoke in judicial court about his deed without slightest remorse and repent.
I am sad that such courage and ideology has been evaporated from India since last two generations. Young brigade of this country have lost their power of being truthful and abide by their values. Though, there is a lot blame to this second generation of India for this to happen as they never taught those lessons what they had seen their fathers used to practice but indeed my young brigade is equally liable to blame as they never learnt things from their books.

Today, I experienced that my students lie bluntly and feel proud for the same. They marked proxy attendance to a class which was planned for their benefits and was very important and when I forced penalty, they started cowardice excuses. If it all goes consumed by thinking that they are kids above all, than here is another! My loving pals (students) thumbed down my ambitious project of SOEL EFF USA program because it was exceeding three months of their degree sessions. It was a dream project of mine for them but they brutally murdered it. When I was in teens, my cousins used to suggest me that ‘if you do well to someone, you only be the culprit at last (neki kar joote kha)’ and used to reply them ‘the day I will be slapped of shoe, I will stop doing good to people (jis din joote pad jayenge us din se bhalai band kar dunga)’. I was in confidence that I will prove them wrong that this will never happen to me but.... since I joined the profession of a trainer, with a dream of imparting quality knowledge to my young brigade of India! It happened with me thrice!!! I am powerful enough to absorb this much disgrace because I feel that those who slapped me are ignorant to what I was planned for them. But were they Ignorant? Well I doubt at it now!

My agony doesn’t ends here! In the evening, I got a call from one of my dear student who is one of the culprits of levying proxies. She insisted me to delist her from the punishment by all her means! I thumbed her down skilfully but with a disappointment of being a character... perceived so light to tolerate such a conversation from my dear student.

Yesterday I read a book of Osho the Rajneesh titled ‘Revolt from Education’. In his book he was talking about the possibility of revolution if young brigade managed to get the right education from us. His imagination to visualise such a rebellion act was so strong in his book that he said, we are purposely not imparting quality education to our beloved daughters and sons fearing of anarchy in the future. I was so much in agreement with him that I almost carried away with his future vision in conjunction with mine. He said the kind of rotten education we are providing to our kids is pathetic than what they would have been if remain ignorant.  He gave an example that every parent’s want their ward to be the toppers of the class! As every one of us can imagine, it is impossible that everyone can top the group they belong to. A quest of competition, a thirst of achievement and a curse of comparison is increasing the crowed of graduates and post-graduates but only bearing actually it is piling act of empty bottles of education.

In this era of revolution, I commit I will bring the best education for this generation! Post 1945, this world has waited too long for any big change to happen... time has come for another revolution. The revolution has arrived! Gen X of independent India will witness another big change in the history of humanity!!! By developing the best education system excessive to every common and rare of Human race.

Faithfully Yours’


Deepak said...

Its very tough to comment on this as I was also your student and I will be a student for you always but Sir fir bhi jo main kehna chahta hu wo sirf ye ki "chodo kal ki baatein kal ki baat purani, Naye daur me likhenge hum milke nayi kahani". Jai Hind

Rahul Patil said...

Very true sir... i believe degradation in ethos and values is the main reason behind it, This all defines national character at last. If it improved all major problems like Corruption, Poverty, terrorism would be vanished from our motherland!!!

kpatel said...

this time.......sorry no comment , let me see if i can absorb something .:)

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